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The Grill

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It was a beautiful day, so beautiful in fact, that a very bored Milo had decided to organize a barbeque to celebrate it. He had managed to rope about half of his fellow Gold Saints into helping with it. Everyone else had come around when Athena had heard about it, and decided that she would and her bronze Saints would come to join them when everything was ready.

Although Camus had given him a strange look when he had dragged the grill out of his temple, his friend hadn't said anything, and had instead gone inside. Once had made sure everything was going smoothly with the grilling, he had headed inside his temple to see how everything else was progressing.

Shura and Aldebaran had taken over his kitchen and were making potato salads. Aphrodite and Deathmask had been sent to get supplies of non-alcoholic drinks from somewhere, while Mu had organized almost everyone else into setting up tables and carrying dishes. Camus however, was complaining about being made into a glorified ice maker.

"Having fun?" Milo inquired innocently. Camus leveled an icy glare at him.

"Shouldn't you be outside with the grill?" The Aquarius Saint asked. Milo waved the question away.

"It's fine. Aiolos said he would watch it for a few minuets," a crash caused both of the Gold Saints to look up. Aioria stood over the mess of silverware he had dropped, the blood draining from his face.

"You left my brother alone with it?" Aioria whispered.

"Yeah, so?" Milo frowned. An explosion from outside the temple answered his question. All the Gold Saints exchanged startled glances, then raced toward the source of the noise. Outside, a sooty Aiolos was sitting on the ground a few feet away from a blackened patch of stone.

"Uhhh...," the Sagittarius Saint said when he saw the others. Behind him, the charred and blackened remains of the grill fell out of the sky and hit the steps leading up to the ninth temple. "Sorry?"

The End

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