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A/N: And now for another drabble. This one was inspired by a combination of this Sim2 screenshot and Kuri. This is the first time I've tried to make someone sound drunk, so I'm not sure how well it comes across.

"Yoush know who ish really cool?" Rune muttered drunkenly as he waved around his glass, not caring that the liquid inside was sloshing everywhere. "Ninjas!"

"Ninjas...?" Minos muttered, wondering if he really wanted to know where Rune was going with this and why he had offered his subordinate alcohol in the first place. Rune, meanwhile was nodding.

"Yesh, Ninjas. They're quitesh, see? Quitesh like...making no noise!" Rune grinned drunkenly, "I likesh Ninjas!"

"That's nice..." Minos said, cursing himself for not remembering that the Balrog Specter had such a low alcohol tolerance.

"Piratesh now, I hatesh pirates," Rune muttered darkly as he stared into his glass, "They're sho loud with their yohohoing and arrrring. It'sh annoying! Don't you thinksh sho too, Minosh-sama?"

"Of course..." The Judge wondered if he should stop his subordinate from drinking anymore, but then he shrugged. It wasn't like it mattered, this wasn't his stash they were drinking through.

Although Rhadamanthys would be mad at him in the morning.

The End

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