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A/N: Why do random characters like to come up and start angsting at me? I was just thinking about how June had lost her Master, her home and in alot of ways, one of her best friends. Yet nothing is ever said about that...

June stared at the few shattered silver fragments that were all that remained of her mask. Shun had brought them along when he had taken her to the hospital. It was so like him to do something like that, he had known how precious her mask had been to her. But now, like the rest of her life, it was in pieces.

Only three months ago she had been content with her life. Being a Saint was never easy, but she had her Master, her friend Shun that she wanted to be more than friends with, a home and her duty. It was all she needed. She hadn't wanted it to change, hadn't really thought it would.

When Shun had taken the test she had been afraid for him, but also terrified of what would happen if he earned the Cloth. She had known without a doubt that everything would change once he became the Andromeda Saint.

Things had unraveled fast after Shun had earned the Cloth. He left, leaving her without her closest friend. When the rumors reached them that Shun was traitor, she had denied them. Leda and Spica had seemed take great joy in tormenting her about them, but those two had never liked Shun so she expected it from them. The shunning from the other trainee's though...that had been a blow. Then the Gold Saint had came and everything had shattered. Her Master and half of those she had known dead, her home destroyed...and rumors that had Shun heading toward Sanctuary itself.

The only thing she could think about was stopping Shun, saving at least one person from her life. But he had changed too, there was a conviction and purpose in her friends eyes that hadn't been there before. It scared her, she felt as if she was being left behind.

After everything was over, after Saga's deception was revealed...she knew that everything had changed. Shun wasn't just her friend anymore, he was the Andromeda Saint, one of Athena's chosen. When she had heard that she had felt jealous of the goddess she was sworn to serve, then immediately felt ashamed of herself. She should be proud of Shun for everything he had done. It was hard though, when he didn't say anything to her and had found a place where he belong while she was left with nothing.

As if the gods themselves were trying to show her that her old life was gone, Athena had today announced to all the that female Saint would no longer have to wear a mask, and all the old rules attached to that tradition were revoked. She was sure Athena had looked at her once while the goddess was speaking and she had flushed remembering that several men, including all of Athena's chosen ones, had seen her face. But her mask had still been a constant, a tradition that she knew she could depend on. Now without was as if a rug had been yanked out from under her feet. She didn't know what to do any more.

A tear fell on the piece of her mask. June rubbed the rest of the tears out of her eyes, furious with herself.

"You're Chameleon June!" she said firmly to herself. Gathering the silver pieces she stood and walked toward the edge of the cliff she was standing on. With a sweeping gesture she hurled the pieces into the sea. Her world had changed and would continued to change around her. Now it was time for her to act like her namesake and change as well.

The End

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