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A/N: Written because I have writers block on Second Chance. Evil Brainwashed Aioria hates me.

"Mu-sama?" The soft voice of his pupil caused Mu to look up from the shattered cloth he had been repairing.

"Kiki, what are you doing up?" according to the Aries Saint's internal time sense it was well past midnight.

"I couldn't sleep," the child said as he padded across the room to stand by his master. "Do you need any help, Mu-sama?"

"No on this," Mu said firmly, "and you should be asleep. Go back to bed, Kiki."

"Can't I stay up a little longer?" the boy looked at him pleadingly. Mu was about to tell his student no, when he remembered, as a child, sneaking down to see his Master after a nightmare. He knew all to well how brief the life of Saint was. Even after Shion had passed on, his death still remained one of the nightmares Mu himself struggled under.

"Only for a while," the Aries Saint said at last, "but you have to be quite and let me work, alright?" Kiki nodded eagerly. Mu turned back to his work, but was distracted by a soft snore.

He looked up, not really surprised to find Kiki curled up asleep on the floor, his mouth open. Shaking his head and smiling, the Aries Saint stood and started to look for something to cover his student with. Putting Kiki back in bed would have been an option, but Mu, although he wouldn't ever admit it, was grateful for the company.

The End

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