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A/N: This was caused by several people talking about the Camus/Milo pairing down in the chat. I don't like them as a romantic couple, but I do approve of them in a brotherly relationship. So, this popped into my head.

Milo tried to listen to Shion as he lectured all the trainees, he really did. But it was late, and he wasn't really interested in the constellations anyway and wanted to sleep... He probably would have drifted off already if Shura, who was sitting near him, hadn't keep prodding him awake. After a few rounds of this, Milo began to get annoyed and bored. So, he pretended to pay attention until Shura stopped keeping an eye on him, then he quietly slipped away. If it had been one of the full Saints, Aiolos or Saga, Milo knew he wouldn't' have gotten away. But Shura was still a trainee, even if the older boy was almost ready to take the test for the Capricorn Cloth.

Milo was so busy giggling quietly about his escape that he almost didn't hear the quiet sound the caught his attention. Stopping, he went quiet wondering if he had really heard anything. Just when he had decided it had only been a bug or something the sound came again. This time Milo was sure of what it had been. Someone was crying.

Poking his head around a rock, he saw someone curled up on the ground. Whoever it was looked to be around his age, and had long hair the obscured their face. At first he thought it was one of the female Saints, but then he kicked small rock and the person looked up in surprise, tears streaming down his face.

"Camus?" Milo said in disbelief. He had never seen the other boy with anything less then an aloof look on his face before. To see him like this.

"Milo?" Camus whispered in a equally shocked voice. Then he quickly rubbed the back of his hand across his eyes and in seconds had on his usually impassive face. "What are you doing here?" Camus said much more harshly. "You're suppose to be with Shion-sama!"

"So are you," Milo pointed out as he made his way over the other trainee, "what are you doing out here?"

"Nothing!" The other boy rubbed at his eyes again.

"You were crying," the Scorpio trainee couldn't help saying as he reached Camus.

"Was not!"

"Were too!" Milo looked at the other boy and wondered what could have caused the oh-so-mature Aquarius trainee to break down like that.

"Was not!" Camus more or less snarled. It was the first time Milo had seen so much expression on the other boys face and he wondered what could have caused him to be this upset. Suddenly a memory from earlier in the day when they had started sharing stories of where they had come from. Camus had been ignoring them and had snapped that it was useless to remember the past when they had asked him a question. Then he had though it was just because Camus was being mean but now Milo wondered...

"Are you homesick?" The words caused Camus to freeze and he quickly looked away.

"No!" Was the half-shouted reply. Milo looked at the other trainee for a second, then flopped down next to him. Camus turned to glare at him.

"What are you doing!?"

"Sitting," Milo said. Camus glared at him some more.

"Sit somewhere else!"

"Don't want to," Milo answered as he dug around in his pocket. He turned and held out the last piece of candy he had from his trip to Athens. He had been going to eat himself but... Camus turned his glare on the innocent piece of candy.

"It's dirty," the Aquarius Saint grumbled, but after a moment took the piece of candy. Milo leaned back against he rock there were sitting in front of . "Are you going to leave?" Camus asked

"Nope," Milo answered and turned to look up at the stars. He heard the soft crinkle of foil as Camus unwrapped the treat. There was silence for a while.

"Why are you here?" Camus said at last.

"Dunno. I just want to be," Milo didn't take his eyes off the stars over head. Camus didn't say anything else, just turned his own eyes upwards.

An hour later Shura scanned the rocks around the area the lesson had been taking place in.

"I only took my eyes off for a second!" He said to Saga. The Gemini Saint was helping him search for the two missing trainees.

"With Milo a second was all it would take," the Gold Saint said. "He doesn't have much patience. Camus though..." Saga shook his head, determined to ask the French trainee what had gotten into him. After a bit of searching Shura paused and waved him over. There, curled in the shadow of a large rock, were the missing trainees, both of them sound asleep.

"Should we take them back to the Pope now?" Shura asked as he started forward to wake them. Saga grabbed the younger boy's arm and shook his head.

"Let them sleep," he ordered and draped his own cape over the two of them.

"Are you sure?" Shura looked at him curiously.

"A night outside won't kill them," Saga whispered, smiling. They looked so peaceful that way. He would let them remain children for tonight. Soon enough, they would learn what being a Saint was really about.

The End

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