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"Saga, you are one of the most powerful Gold Saints in Sanctuary. You manage to take over Sanctuary, run it and deceived Hades for a limited time... yet you can't do laundry?" Kanon held up a pink shirt that had gone into the washing machine white.

"It was an accident that happened once," Saga growled, "and you don't have any right to be complaining anyway. Mr.I-controlled-Poseidon-but-I-don't-know-how-to-use-a-washing-machine.

I'm still not sure how you managed to half blow up it when I asked you to do laundry."

"There were too many buttons, how was I suppose to know what all of them did?" Kanon muttered, "you didn't have to dye all my stuff pink in revenge."

"It's not all your stuff, it's only the white things, and I said it was an accident. Just wear them anyway, I doubt anyone will really care."

"I am not walking around looking like Aphrodite!"

"Aphrodite doesn't wear pink, and no one will care. It's just a color, you don't need to over react to it."

Kanon raised and eyebrow. "If it's just a color then why didn't you wear the cape when you went to visit Athena, Mr. Gemini Saint?"

"I...I just didn't want to. There is nothing wrong with that!"


"If you don't stop complaining, I won't do your laundry anymore."

"Then I'll just learn how to do it myself."

"Good, it will save me some trouble. Just don't ask Aiolos to teach you, he's worse than you are with technology. Last time he tried to use a washing machine, he dyed all his clothes purple."

The End

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