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A/N: For some reason I've been wanting to write about Marin lately. This reminds me of one of my Shion pieces, but I suppose that's because all new Popes have similar worries.

Marin prided herself on not being scared of much. The thought of being in charge of the whole of Sanctuary though, did scare her. She didn't want to be a leader, at least not one that important. Being the first female Pope in the history of Sanctuary... it didn't feel like her. Saying it out loud made the title sound important and powerful. She didn't think she was that important, just another Saint who did what had to be done. To become something like that, to suddenly be second only to Athena herself... How did anyone except her to do something like that?

True she was the most experienced Saint left, a fact that honestly scared and saddened her, but that did mean she had the ability to lead the entire Sanctuary!

But... Athena was sure she could do the job. That had to mean something, didn't it? Athena was the goddess of wisdom after all, she had to know something that no one else did. She did have the respect of the trainees and perhaps some of the remaining Saints too. Maybe she could do this. It still felt like far more than she could handle, but maybe she could hold things together for a while. Besides…this keep her busy, kept her from remembering that none of the Gold Saints would ever be coming back.

The End

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