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A/N: For Kuri, because she had to endure the horror that is the book Twilight.

Asterion and Algol stared at that statue in front of them.

"Okay, the whole fight was kind of weird. He was almost as fast and strong as a Saint and the mind reading nearly got me too.." Asterion rubbed his head, looking at the statue.

"What about the sparkling? That was just plain creepy!" Algol stepped forward and tapped the object in front of him. "This is too, kind of. I've never had this happen before."

"Is he... diamond?" Asterion poked at the inert form of what had been Edward Cullen.

"Yeah... which is why it's freaky. What kind of person turns to diamond?" Algol glanced down at the shield on his arm.

"Him apparently," Asterion muttered. " So what do we do with him now?"

Both Silver Saints looked at each other and were silent for a time.

"We could give him to Athena?" Algol suggest half-heartedly. "As a kind of tribute." Asterion shook his head.

"You really want to give her something this creepy?"

"No..." Algol looked at the statue again.

"Why don't we just finish the mission and pretend this whole thing never happened?" Asterion said after a while. Algol nodded eagerly.

"Good idea," Both Saints looked back at the diamond vampire, shuddered then walked away.

The End

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