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The Truth Behind the Greatest Eclipse

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A/N: And um... another Twilight inspired drabble. Because Bella keeps comparing Edward to a Greek God, and I had a mental image of Edward looking like Hades once...

Hades loomed menacingly over the Bronze Saints, sword raised. This time he would succeeded in creating the greatest eclipse and plunging the earth into darkness for eternity! It would become an extension of him his realm…and that was the one and only reason he was doing this. To expand his realm. The only reason he was trying to block out the sun.

"Ahahahaha...!" Hades twitched. Well, he would do that as soon as Pegasus stopped laughing long enough to actually finish the fight. He knew it had been a mistake to step out into the sunlight, he just knew this would happen, it always did...! "H...he..." Pegasus wheezed, "he sparkles!"

Hades pretended to ignore that. But he had to admit that having your skin sparkle like diamond when you stepped out into natural sunlight was unbefitting of a god. How was anyone suppose to take him seriously as the God of the Underworld like this? It didn't look very... godly at all! There was a reason he didn't come up to the living world much.

"Quiet Pegasus!" He growled to the boy. "This time things will not end like before! I am going to destroy you!"

"That doesn't sound nearly as menacing when it looks like you've been rolling around in glitter." Another of the Saints, Phoenix, snickered Hades turned to glare at him which caused his former vessel to try and shush his brother.

"Cease this useless talk!" He snapped at last. "This time Athena, we will defeat you!"

"We?" That was Phoenix again. Hades paused and turned around.

"What are you two doing over there!?" He snapped at Hypnos and Thanatos who were suppose have been standing next to him but where hovering in the shade of a building instead.

"We assumed you would be able to handle these insects by yourself my Lord," Thanatos said. Hades didn't believe him.

"Get over here," he ordered. The twin gods looked at each other.

"Must we?" Hypnos sighed.


Both gods sighed and stepped out into the sun... and there was a fresh wave of laughter from the Saints as they to started to sparkle as well. He could even swore he heard his niece giggling over it. He twitched again. Yes, this has nothing to do with him why he wanted to blot out the sun. Nope, not connected to it at all.

The End

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