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A/N: Thanks for the comments on that previous piece. XD This thing as inspired by my ceramics class. I was watching my teacher demonstrate how to use a wheel, and I thought it as really amazing how you could turn a raw lump of clay into a beautiful vase. Then it occurred to me that 'Dite would like that.

No one knew Aphrodite did pottery, not even Deathmask. He hide his wheel and kilin in a corner of his garden and trusted his roses to keep everyone away. He didn't hide his hobby for fear of what others would think, but because to him it was something private and calming, a momentary escape from being a Saint. He liked shaping the clay from an ugly, formless mass into something beautiful. It remind him a bit of his own transformation from boy to Saint.

Besides, it was nice to make something beautiful once in a while that wouldn't kill anyone. His roses where magnificent, but they were weapons. Making something that served no other purpose than being beautiful was refreshing.

The End

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