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Anyway... I saw this picture over at DA and I couldn't help but get a plot bunny because of it. I've been writing it out. This scene was originally going to be part of a larger fic, but it didn't fit in with the rest of the story. I didn't want to just erase it though, so here it is. Kai and Okeana belong to Alex Joya.

"Kanon, where's Okeana?"

"Hmm?" Kanon looked up from setting up their chairs on the beach. "She's" Kanon paled as he realized this toddler was no longer peacefully playing with the bucket he had given her and was nowhere in sight. "But she was just..."

"You know she wanders off if you're not watching her!" Thetis scolded as she stopped playing in the surf with Kai and headed up to where her husband was standing.

"I only looked away for a second!" Kanon protested as he looked around. "She can't have gone far. She has to be around here somewhere."

" A second is all it takes! The sea can be dangerous, if something happens to her..."

"She'll be fine Thetis, she's your daughter after all," Kanon said soothingly. "Kai, help me look for sister," he added, not wanting his son to wander off and get lost too.

After a few minuet of searching, just when Thetis was beginning to get really worried, she heard Kai shout that he had found Okeana. She gave a relived sigh and rushed over to find Kanon already there, shaking his head as their daughter splashed happily in a shallow pool.

"How did she get all the way over here?" Kanon said, shaking his head. Thetis was about to reply when Okeana paused watching a large crab scuttle by her. She stared at it, then reached over and picked up, laughing. The crab snapped it's pinchers at her.

Thetis wasn't sure if she or Kanon moved first, but he was the first one to reach their daughter, snatching the crab away from her a second before Thetis swept her daughter into her arms. Okeana blinked confused, then spotted her father still holding the crab.

"Ah, ah!" She said and reached toward the crab.

"No!" Both of her parents said at the same time. Thetis took a deep breath.

"No, it's icky," She told her daughter. Icky had become her word for something bad, since Okeana didn't seem to respond to if she used anything else. She was beginning to wonder if it had something to do with Kanon's genes.

"Iky?" Okeana looked up at her. Thetis nodded.

"Icky," She said firmly. Okeana appeared to think about this for a moment. Then she pointed at the crab.

"Iky!" The toddler declared happily.

"Very icky," Kanon grumbled as he threw the crab away as hard as he could. Thetis watched it disappear into the sky over the ocean. "Let's go back."

Thetis nodded.

"Iky!" Okeana laughed causing both of her parents to smile.

The End

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