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A/N: Random thing about the Steel Saints. I'm fond of them in my own way, but I really don't think they belong in Saint Seiya.

Sho knew that most of the Saints didn't like him or his fellow Steel Saints, not believing that the truly deserved to have the title of 'Saint' or seeing them as being only pretender who shouldn't have the title at all. Most Saints might address them with some respect because Saori-sama had told them to do so, but their tone of voice wouldn't match their words and it had been made very clear when they had visited Sanctuary that no one thought they belonged there. Even the guards saw them as over-stepping their bounds, and refused to associate with them. Sho always told Dachi and Usho to ignore them, but he knew how hard that was.

Even those Saints that liked him or the others as people tended to get a bit...edgy whenever the conversation turned to anything to do with the Steel Cloths. He had heard more than once that the Steel Cloths weren't real cloths. Sho always argued and protested against that, but lately his heart hadn't really been in it. It was hard to deny what he was starting to feel himself.

The Steel Saints, Sho had come to realize, were modern warriors. They didn't mesh well with the Saints because of that. All their armor, and weapons were based on the lasted advances in technology and they had been trained to works a team to maximize their effectiveness. The Saints on the other hand, were still using armor and weapons that had been around for millennia and followed a brutal training regime that focused more on individual strength. They were exact opposites and, when he was being honest, Sho had to admit that he thought the Saints' way was the more effective one.

Take away his Steel Cloth, take away his weapon, and all you were left with was an extremely well trained human. Take away the Cloth of a Saint and he was still a Saint, someone who would still pull off feats that should have been inhuman.

Long ago Sho had been glad he had been choose to stay and participate in the Steel Saint program while his fellow orphans were sent away to Saint training camps. Now, he found himself wishing every now and then, that he had been sent away as well.

The End

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