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A/N: Not really sure where this came from, aside from thinking about the differences between the Gold Saints in Saint Seiya and Lost Canvas.

Saga could see it during the few moments of clarity the thing controlling him gave him. Like glimpses meant to mock him, he could see the way the darkness that had taken over him was driving the Gold Saints apart. No longer were the Gold Saints connected as comrades. Aiolos death had shattered them, driving them from each other and the darkness that held them encouraged that, telling them to remain apart from each other instead of banding together like they should. They didn't function as a unit anymore, instead they had just become scattered parts that didn't connect. There were gaps, missing Saints that the rest of them felt and the darkness fed on that.

Some friendships survived amongst the Gold Saints, but for the most part they seemed to distrust or dislike each other. All Saga could do was watch as the Gold Saints drew apart, the darkness laughed because of it and because it knew Saga blamed himself.

The End

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