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A/N: I saw a commercial for one of those bad made-for-TV monster movies. It was called Wyvern and made me imagine interesting things about Rhada terrifying remote Alaskan towns. Then while I was bored on the bus, my brain decided Minos was involved. This was the result.

The terrifying Wyvern flapped it's wings and watched as people scatters out of it's way. It opened it's mouth and roared, pleased by the fright it had caused...

The book Rune was hold hit the ground with a thud as the Balrog Specter worked to keep his jaw from drooping and tried to convince himself that he had not just seen Wyvern Rhadamanthys running down the corridor while flapping his arms and yelling the word 'Roar!' at the top of his lungs. Unfortunately he could still hear the yelling of the Judge and was forced to conclude that no, that had not been hallucination caused by over work. Which meant there was something seriously wrong with Rhadamanthys...and he had a good idea of who would know something about that. He quickly gathered that book he had dropped and headed off to find that person.

It didn't take him long to find the culprit.

"Minos," the Balrog Specter said quietly when he caught sight of his cousin. "Just what did you do to Lord Rhadamanthys?"

"I don't even get a hello?" The Griffin Specter answered. "And what makes you think I 'did' anything to our dear Wyvern?"

"He's running around screaming and waving his arms like a lunatic. You seem to enjoy messing with his head. So I assume that this is either something you did, or you finally cause him to snap," Rune said, raising and eyebrow. "So which is it?"

"Well he hasn't snapped...yet," the Griffin Specter grinned. "I'm doing him a favor really, maybe this will cause him to loosen up!"

"You got him drunk?"

"I suppose you could say that..."

Rune stared at him. "Do I even want to know what you did to him?"

"Probably not."

"Fine then," Rune sighed. "At least tell me why you decided to do it."

"Oh, no reason really," Minos said innocently as he help up an object. Rune stared then rubbed his forehead.

"Why am I even related to you again?"

"Because you got lucky," Minos said, walking by and patting him on the head. Rune glared after him as the Griffin Specter when in search of Rhadamanthys, cheerfully fiddling with the settings on his camera as he walked.

The End

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