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A/N: This was actually caused by a conversation over on DA. And I should not write when I am bored.

"What is the meaning of this!?" Rhadamanthys strained against the bonds of the Cosmic Marionettion holding him in place. Minos smirked from the shadows, giving his thread a twitch to make sure they were firmly in place.

"You know very well what this is about," the griffin Specter said, gazing at Rhadamanthys. "That unibrow of yours is an eyesore!"

"What?" Rhadamanthys looked confused until Aiacos stepped out of the shadows, a pair of tweezers in his hands.

"You've scared half of the inhabitants in the underworld with it. Now it's time for us to end your fun," the Garuda Specter said as he stepped forward. Rhadamanthys watched the other Judge approach in horror.

"No!" he started to struggle wildly against the threads of the Cosmic Marionettion.

"Hold him Minos!" Aiacos said as he approached his fellow Judge cautiously.

"I am!" Minos called back, "just hurry! He's strong!"

Aiacos nodded and stepped forward, tweezers raised...and the door to the room opened rather forcefully.

"Lord Judges!" the guard who had opened it said, "Lady Pandora has requested your...presence..." he trailed off, staring at the strange sight.

"I thought I told you to knock before you opened a door!" the embarrassed Minos yelled. The distraction caused his concentration to slip. It was for less than second, but that was all that it took. Rhadmanthys' cosmo flared and the threads of the Cosmic Marionettion snapped with a twang.

"Oh shi-!"


* * *

In a hallway of the castle, Rune had just woken up. He opened his door, wondering who many cases he would have to try today. Before he could really start to think however, the sight of Minos and Aiacos running down the hall at full speed, dragging a guard behind them.

"Is he catching up!?"

"You want me to slow down to check?"

"What's going on!?"

Just as Rune's brain was beginning to catch up and realizes that yes, the sight had been real, Rhadamanthys went tearing by him.

"For the unibrow!"

Rune watched as they all went out of sight around the bend, then quietly stepped back into his room, closed the door, and decided to go back to bed.

The End

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