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Minos stumble down the corridor surplice almost dragging as he yawned and attempted to get his hair in order. He was half asleep, his hair had a life of his own and he had to somehow get to Lord Hades throne room. He wondered what insanity had made Lord Hades call an early morning meeting as he tried to claw his bangs out of his eyes. Minos barely managed to stifle a yawn as he collided with something.

"Excuse me!" he snapped irritated. "Would you watch where you're...going..." his voice trailed off as he managed to clear his eyes finally and saw he was talking to...a stone column. One of many that lined the corridors of the castle.

Minos felt heat rise to his cheeks and he looked around quickly to make sure no one had seen his mistake. Satisfied that no one was there, he hurried down the corridor, intent on putting the incident behind him.

Once he was gone, one of the guard poked his head out from behind a column farther down the corridor. He snickered, he couldn't wait to tell the other guards what he had just seen. Apparently even the high and mighty Lord Minos could look like a fool once in a while.

The End

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