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A/N: SuzukaShin, this is all your fault. Stop feeding the plotbunnies! Anyway, this is about a younger version of Misty and Aphrodite, back before Misty got arrogant.

"Lord Aphrodite?" Misty poked his head into the private rooms in the Pices temple. There was no sign of the Gold Saint in the main room, and the eleven year old couldn't sense his cosmo anywhere nearby. He felt a surge of disappointment and decided to go check to make sure he wasn't sleeping or something. Misty had been looking forward to showing Lord Aphrodite the new attack he had perfected. After all, he was the one who had enabled him to get his far.

When he had first arrived in Sanctuary a year ago, he had been completely confused and a bit scared. This was completely different from anything he had ever known and everyone one else was speaking a completely different language that sounded like babbling to his ears. Lord Aphrodite had been the one to find him, take him under his wing and teach him Greek. He had been the one that helped him train new attacks and showed him how to stand up for himself. Misty knew he owed Lord Aphrodite everything. Now he wanted to show him he had made the right choice by helping him.

"Lord Aphrodite?" There was no one in the bedroom when he looked inside, although Misty could catch the tell-tale sent of roses that seemed to linger everywhere in the temple. He knew that he should leave and go wait for Lord Aphrodite outside, or at the foot of the temple, but now he was curious. He had never been this deep into the Pisces Saint's rooms before, and now he was curious. Cautiously, feeling very much as if were doing something wrong, he crept inside the room.

The bedroom was as elegant as Lord Aphrodite himself and very richly appointed. It was much different from his own hut and Misty felt a little jealous. He could catch a glimpse of a rose garden through a closed window, and he wondered if that was the famous rose garden that Lord Aphrodite used to help guard Lady Athena.

As he was wondering that, he caught site of the dressing table near the window. It was covered with many tiny bottles and tubes of things. Curiosity loosing out to caution he went over to investigate it. He knew Lord Aphrodite wore make up, but he hadn't really thought much about it beyond that. Now, looking at everything that actually made up that make up, he was curious. He stared at the tiny bottles for a moment, then reached out for one. Surely it wouldn't be to hard to put on.

A few minutes later, a midst a seat of opened bottles, Misty had come to the conclusion that putting on make up was like everything else Lord Aphrodite did. He made it look effortless but it was really hard once you tried it. Lord Aphrodite looked elegant when he wore makeup. Looking at his reflection Misty through he looked like some sort of demented clown in it. He was so busy frowning at his reflection he didn't hear or sense someone come in.

"Misty? What in Athena's name are you doing in my rooms?" the stern, annoyed voice snapped Misty back to his senses. A glanced in the mirror showed that standing behind him was the one thing he dreaded to see most. Lord Aphrodite, in his Cloth, looking very, very annoyed. He swallowed, suddenly not wanting to turn around. "Misty..." Aphrodite said very soft and neutral tone that was somehow more frightening than him yelling, "you had better have a very, very good explanation about why you snuck into my rooms and thought you had a right to go through my things without my permission."

Knowing full well that he couldn't really say anything in his defense, the younger Saint turned around. "I'm sorry," he began, but stopped when he realized Lord Aphrodite was just staring him. He paused, uncertain of what to do as the Pisces Saint dropped his head into his hand, shoulders shading. It took him a few moments to hear the barely muffled snickers and he flushed with embarrassment. After a minute or so, Lord Aphrodite got himself under control.

"What did you do to yourself?" he said, amused. Misty wasn't sure if this or the annoyance was better. Lord Aphrodite crossed over to him, then leaned around him to pull something out a draw Misty hadn't noticed before. "Here." the older Saint said and preceded to use the cloth he now held to clean off the make up. Misty tried not to squirm, knowing that this was his own fault and Lord Aphrodite had ever right to punish him for it. "There, better," Lord Aphrodite said, putting his rag down, "but you know..."

"Lord Aphrodite?" Misty said in confusion as the Pisces Saint just gazed at him.

"Hold still," Lord Aphrodite commanded suddenly, and Misty froze as the Pisces Saint reached around him, carefully selected something off the table and went to work.

It was on feeling having make up put on you, Misty found. He tried his best to hold absolutely still as Lord Aphrodite worked, although it seemed to take forever until the older Saint stepped back, a satisfied look on hi face.

"There," he said, "now look at your self, Misty." The boy did as he was bid, glancing behind him. Gazing back at the mirror was someone one...else. Someone who looked as if he might be able to be worth of Lord Aphrodite one day.

" it," Misty heard himself say.

"You do carry it well," Lord Aphrodite said in a satisfied tone. "I'll have to show you how to do it yourself one day. Now will you tell me what you were doing here I the first place?"

"Ah, I finished that new attack I was working on!" Misty replied, suddenly remembering his real errand here. "It's done and it works just like I thought it would! Nothing can touch me!"

"Nothing, hmm? Care to show me?" Lord Aphrodite asked and Misty felt himself light up.

"Sure!" he hopped down from the stool in front of the table and headed out, sensing Lord Aphrodite following him. This time he felt confident. He had done something extraordinary, even for a Silver Saint. This time, he would be able to impress Lord Aphrodite.

The End

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