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Athena's Idea!

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A/N: An idea that I've had for a while and decided it would be festive to actually start it. Basically Athena has forced her Gold Saints to play Secret Santa to each other. Here we go...


"You heard me." Athena said smiling sweetly as she smiled at the twelve, well fourteen if you counted Kanon and Shion, Gold Saints gathered in front of her. "I want to have a Christmas party."

"But Lady Athena... you're a Greek goddess, and we're your Saints. We aren't Christians, so we don't celebrate Christmas," Shion said.

"I know that. I just want to have a party and celebrate the spirit of the Season with my most loyal Saints." Their goddess smiled down at them all. They all shifted uncomfortably. Put like that it was hard to find a good reason to actually protest the party... Then Athena smiled wider. "Now, in order to make things interesting, I have decided that we should have a Secret Santa gift exchange."

"No way in hell!" Deathmask yelled only to be silenced by Aphrodite elbowing him in the gut. The Pisces Saint knew that some of the other Saints barely tolerated Deathmask. Athena, thankfully, choose to ignore the interruption.

"Each of you are going to draw a piece of paper out of here", she said gesturing toward the gold bowl that was balanced on the arms of the throne. "You aren't to unfold the piece of paper and see who you have to buy a present for until after you are back in your temples. That way you won't be able to give away who you got." Their goddess smiled sweetly. "Shion, you're first."

"Me, my Lady?" The former Aries-Saint said. "But I'm not a Gold Saint anymore..."

"I still want you to be involved in this." Athena gestured to the bowl. "Come on now." Shion sighed as he did as he was told. One by one, in order of their temples. Deathmask actually tried to walk away, but was caught and shoved forward. After seeing the glares of the rest of his fellow Saints, the drew a name, grumbling all the while.

Eventually the bowl was empty. Athena stood and smiled at her Saints.

"I hope you all have fun with this." She said, then turned and walked out. The Gold Saints all looked at each other, all wondering if this would turn out to be a good thing or not.

* * *

Preview for next chapter: Shion looks for a present for... Aphrodite!

The End of Chapter 1 -- Continued in Chapter 2

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