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A Bull in the Shopping District

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A/N: Thanks for all the kind comments so far! Here's Aldebaran's chapter. It's the shortest, but that's just because he's so easy going he had no objections to Athena's idea.

Aldebaran liked the idea of the party the moment that Athena mentioned it. That she choose to add in the Secret Santa part was a good idea, too. It would be fun and draw the Gold Saints together into a group, and perhaps even make some of the more anti-social Saints like Deathmask and Camus come out of their shells.

After the meeting, the Taurus Saint headed straight down to his temple. He checked the piece of paper that he had pulled out of the bowl and grinned when he saw Saga's name. Good, it would be a challenge then! It wouldn't have been fun any other way. He had already finished his training for the day, and since his rooms were mostly in order, the Taurus Saint decided that now was as good as any to get started on his Secret Santa mission. He quickly changed into his casual clothes and headed down towards Athens.

He waved at Mu when he passed through Aries, but didn't stop to chat with his friend. There hadn't been a reason for him to head down to the city at Christmas time before and although he had heard about the decorations, he was looking forward to seeing them himself.

Down in the shopping district he smiled at the colorful red and green decorations that were everywhere. Red and green climbed lamp posts that had wreaths hung on them. Banners and swags of fake evergreen were hung all over the place. Speakers blasted Christmas carols everywhere and he had to smile. As much as he loved Sanctuary, he had to admit the grey color of stone was a bit dull all the time. The atmosphere was so different from what he was used to that he couldn't help but hum under his breath as he waded into the crowd.

Most people opted to move out of his way, but there were a few younger men who bumped into him on purpose or stared at him challengingly. These he just ignored since he was used to this by now. He hoped that they wouldn't try to start a fight with him though. It always made him feel guilty when he beat people who had no idea what Cosmo was. Besides, Athena would be upset if she found out and he didn't want to ruin Christmas for his goddess.

Aldebaran was very careful about what shops he choose to go into. The ones that were small or had small breakable items on the shelves he avoided entirely. People tended to give him nervous looks when he went into places like that, and he was always worried that he would knock something off. (He had mentioned this to Mu once. The Aries Saint had found it amusing, but at least hadn't made any comments about bulls in china shops like Milo once had.)

Although there were several interesting shops that lined the avenue, and he had fun looking through several craft stores that were near each other (the stares didn't bother him at all. Someone of his size always got stared at and he was used to them by now), he couldn't find anything that he thought Saga would like. When he came out of the last of the shops, he noticed that a crowd had gathered around the a bakery nearby and out of curiosity he headed over.

Men inside were setting up an elaborate display of gingerbread houses inside the windows. All were beautifully decorated and the Taurus Saint couldn't help but admire them. He could cook some but he knew better than to think he could create something delicate like that. But who said he had to? His mind began to work. He was supposed to buy a present for Saga but that didn't mean he couldn't do something for all the Gold Saints. Even if he couldn't make beautiful things like the gingerbread houses in the window, he would still be able to make something for them. Christmas was about giving after all, and this would be something all the Gold Saints could enjoy.

He had never tried to make any sort of holiday foods before, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to try! The Taurus Saint headed back down the street toward a bookstore he had noticed before. Inside he headed straight toward the baking section, and quickly found several cookbooks that were centered on holiday baking. After flipping through them, he picked a few that he liked. As he was heading toward the register, he passed by a display that held new books. One of them was a book on myths from around the world. He remembered Mu mentioning that Saga liked books like that. There hadn't been anything else that had seemed like a suitable present for the Gemini Saint, so he grabbed that books as well, then went to pay, feeling pleased that he managed to find the present he had been looking for.

Outside, Aldebaran checked the ingredients and realized that he did not have many of them in his temple. He headed toward the nearest supermarket he could find. He bought as much as he could carry, determined to make something for everyone in Sanctuary. If he didn't use all the ingredients, well he would use them himself. He bought everything he thought he might need, including new a cooking sheet, mixing bowls and other equipment he had hadn't had use for until now.

After paying for everything and ignoring the stares he got for buying so much, he headed back up to Sanctuary, grinning. Kiki was playing in Aries temple when he reached it and ran over to greet him.

"What is all that?" The boy asked, staring at all the bags the Taurus Saint was carrying.

"Supplies," he told the boy cheerfully. "I'm going to make gingerbread men and Christmas cookies." He smiled at Kiki. "I'll even let you help me, if you come by tomorrow!"

"Please don't tell me you bought a present for everyone in Sanctuary," Mu's amused voice said as the Aries Saint walked up to them.

"In a sense, yes." Aldebaran replied smiling. "I'm going to cook something for the party!" He didn't think many of the Gold Saint had tasted gingerbread before and it would be a nice surprise for everyone. The Taurus Saint continued up to his temple, very much looking forward to Christmas day.

* * *

Next chapter: Saga and Kanon go shopping for... Shaka and Shura!

The End of Chapter 4 -- Continued in Chapter 5

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