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Double Trouble

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A/N: I decided to writw one chapter for both the Gemini Saints, since I wanted them to go shopping together.

Kanon grinned when he heard Athena's plan. He thought it sounded like fun. If nothing else, watching Saints like Deathmask react was worth having to go out and a buy a gift. It would be money well spent, if it meant seeing what happened at Athena's Christmas party. To his left Saga noticed his brother's grin and sighed, knowing that nothing good would come of this. He had known something was up when Athena had asked both of them to come. Normally it would have been sufficient for just one of the Gemini Saints to be present. Now it made sense why she had wanted both of them. At least he could take comfort in the fact that everyone was being forced to do this, so he took his slip of paper without saying anything...although Deathmask's reaction more than made up for his silence.

When they exited the main temple, Kanon hurried ahead of his resigned looking twin. He reached Scorpio just as Milo was checking his piece of paper.

"Who'd you get?" The younger Gemini said, popping up beside his friend. Milo jumped and swore, then glared at him.

"Would you stop doing that?" the Scorpio Saint snapped. Kanon just grinned and tried to get a look at the piece of paper in Milo's hand.

"So who has the misfortune of having you shopping for them?"

"Here." Milo handed him the piece of paper. Kanon took one look at it and burst out laughing.

"Better you than me," the older Saint said and slapped Milo on the back. "I'll pray that you don't get killed on Christmas."

"Thank you so much," Milo said acidly, then looked back at the piece of paper. "But you know... I could have a lot of fun with this."

"If you have a death wish, go ahead," Kanon said and started to walk away.

"Hey!" Milo grabbed his friend's arm. "Who did you get? It's only fair if you tell me."

"Ummm..." Kanon checked his piece of paper quickly, praying that he hadn't drawn Milo...and then sighed in relief. "Shura."

"You have it easy then," Milo said releasing him. "Saga knows him, right?"

"They did know each other," Kanon corrected. "They haven't exactly talked lately because of that..."

"Oh yeah..."

"I should still ask my brother, though," the older Saint said. "They were friends, no matter what happened."

"Good idea," Milo agreed and Kanon headed down toward Gemini temple.

* * *

Saga had seen Kanon heading over to Milo, but he had just walked on. Normally the sight of them together made him worry since they were always planning something, but today he couldn't bring himself to. Once he reached his temple, he decided to get things over with and opened his piece of paper. He dropped his head onto his hand with a groan when he saw the name on it.

"Of course," he muttered into his hand. No chance that he would have drawn someone easy, like his brother. He had to pick one of the hardest Saints to shop for. Then he straightened up and sighed. "Kanon, I know you're behind me," he said aloud.

"I thought I had you that time," his twin said walking out from behind a pillar.

"No, I know you. You always try stuff like this, so I was expecting it." Saga sighed.

"What's got you so down?" In answer Saga handed his twin the little piece of paper. "...You got Shaka?" Kanon stared at him. "So what do you get the man closest to god?"

"That's what I have to figure out." Saga sighed. "But first I'm going to go finish training for today."

"You're not very excited about this, are you?"

"Whatever gave you that idea?" Saga said as he left the temple. Kanon stayed in the temple for a few minutes, then went into his room to take a nap. Not like there was much else to do right now anyway.

Saga was returning to his temple, when he ran into Camus going down. Milo was behind him, sniggering. Seeing the Aquarius Saint in casual clothes was unusual. When the Gemini Saint gave the other two Gold Saints a curious look, Milo opened his mouth to say something, but was stopped by Camus stepping backwards to his friend's foot.

"I don't want this Secret Santa thing hanging over my head," the Aquarius Saint explained. "I'm going to get it over with now." Saga nodded in understanding.

"Good luck," he said to the younger Saint. Camus nodded his thanks and continued down, Milo complaining about having his foot stepped on.

Inside the temple, Saga headed toward the rooms he shared with his brother. He peered into the kitchen and frowned when he saw it empty. Searching for his brother's Cosmo lead him back toward the bedrooms. Frowning he shook his brother to wake him.

"Kanon! It's your turn to make dinner!"

"Gimme a minute," the younger Gemini muttered.

"If I make dinner, I'm only making it for myself;" Saga threatened. Kanon came fully awake at that.

"You mean you'd just let your little brother starve?"

"You are not a child, Kanon." Saga sighed. "Now go make dinner."

"Okay, okay..." The younger twin climbed out of his bed and headed toward the kitchen. After dinner, which was good, Saga had to give his brother credit for that, the elder twin found one of his books and started to read while Kanon headed toward the training grounds. While he was gone, Camus and Milo returned. Milo looked fine but Camus... Camus looked as exhausted as if he had been training hard.

"I hate shopping," was the only explanation the Aquarius Saint gave him and Saga didn't press him for details.

* * *

As was usual, the next morning Saga woke before his twin. When the temples had been rebuilt after Hades, Athena had electricity brought in. Because of that Saga now enjoyed coffee in the morning, a taste Kanon shared. Although with his twin it was more a matter of needing it to wake up than actually taste.

Kanon came stumbling in and downed the cup of coffee Saga put in front of him without comment, then sat there blinking trying to wake up. Saga always made breakfast, mostly because Kanon was near useless in the time it took him to come fully awake. As they were eating, Saga began to think about the secret Santa thing.

"I'm going to go into Athens today," the elder Gemini said. Kanon looked up interested.

"For Athena's Christmas thing?"

"Yes," Saga said. "I want to get it done."

"Mind if I go with you?" Kanon asked grinning.

"No..." Saga said slowly. "But why do you want to go with me?"

"What, you don't believe that I just want to spend time with my one and only twin brother?"

"It's you, Kanon, of course I don't. You just want to watch me struggle to find a present for Shaka, don't you?"


They cleaned up then went and changed into their casual clothes before heading out. They passed through the two other temples before theirs unhindered. They heard Mu talking to Aldebaran as they passed through Taurus, but didn't see either Saint. It didn't take long for them to reach Athens, and then Saga stopped to study the crowds and the shops.

"Festive, isn't it," Kanon remarked staring at the red and green.

"Come on." Saga sighed and started toward the shops. An hour and what felt like hundreds of shops later, Saga was beginning to become annoyed. Nothing he had seen looked like something Shaka would like.

"If your eyes turn red, I'm running," Kanon remarked. Saga glared at him before pushing his way into a shop that proclaimed that it had 'gifts from around the world'. The scent of incense greeted him as he opened the door.

"This actually looks promising," Saga said as they headed deeper into the store. Kanon grinned as they passed a display of small Buddha statues and couldn't help grabbing one.

"Hey, Saga!" he said and held it out to his twin. "Think Shaka would like this?"

"Very funny," Saga grumbled in reply as he looked at the shelves. Kanon grinned mischievously.

"You could buy him a copy of the Kama Sutra. I bet he would find it very...educational." Kanon snickered. Saga gave him a flat look.

"If I thought for even a second that you were serious, I would smack you for being idiotic, Kanon."

"Come on..."

"Unlike you and Milo, Shaka isn't interested in sex," Saga said as he headed for the back of the door.

"And that is what's wrong. We have to get him interested!"

"Would you just drop it already!" Saga snapped as he headed toward the back of the store.


In the back of the store, Saga found a display of sandalwood boxes. One of the small chests had a selection of teas inside.

"Do you think Shaka would like this?" he asked his twin.

"Yeah, I guess..." Kanon said looking at it. "That looks like the kind of stuff he likes."

"That's good enough for me." Saga picked up the chest and went to pay for it. Once the were outside in the fresh air, Saga felt much more relaxed.
"Well, I'm done. What are you going to do?" Kanon grinned.

"I already figured out what I'm going to get Shura. Come on, it's back here." His twin started back the way they had come, and Saga followed him curiously. Kanon led them to a tiny little shop. Inside, fancy knives and pocket knives were locked in several glass cases. But the items hanging on the walls behind the counters were Kanon's reason for coming here.

"You're getting Shura a sword?" Saga asked.

"Yeah. Think he'll like it?"

"Yes." Saga looked around at the displays. "He takes a lot of pride in Excalibur and is interested in swords in general because of that." A man came over to them and Kanon talked with him while Saga looked at some of the smaller knives interestedly. At last they came to a decision. Kanon pointed out his purchase to his twin.

"It's supposed to be the same kind that they use in bull fights. I figured it would be more appropriate that way."

"Good job," Saga said. "Let's go home now. I'm beginning to see why Camus was so exhausted."


The two of them headed back toward Sanctuary. Neither was aware that the other had bought a Gemini pendant as a present for his twin on Christmas day.

* * *

Next chapter: Deathmask is forced into buying a present for Aioria.

The End of Chapter 5 -- Continued in Chapter 6

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