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A/N: Dohko has a short chapter because most of his story was already told in Shion's chapter. I'll reveal what Dohko's present to Shion is in the final chapter. It will fit in better there.

Dohko had never given much thought to Christmas. Up in the mountains of Rozan, there was no reason to think of the holiday at all. It had been just another day in winter. But he didn't mind that Athena had decided they would actually celebrate the day this year. It was a nice change from what he was used to, and the reactions of some of the younger Saints when they heard they would have to shop for each other were just too funny. He calmly took his piece of paper, and headed out with all others.

Inside his temple he checked who he had...and then wondered just what he would buy for Aiolos. He was the youngest of all the Gold Saints, and Dohko hadn't talked to him much. The Sagittarius Saint seemed to prefer the company of the Bronze Saints to that of his fellow Gold Saints. It would be a nice challenge, the Libra Saint decided at last.

He headed up toward the main temple the next morning. Shion was still serving as Pope, but Athena had made it clear that he could leave if he felt like taking a vacation. After over two hundred years of service, no one would even question him doing something like that. Yet he doubted if Shion had ever thought of leaving Sanctuary. That was why Dohko had decided to drag his friend down to Athens to buy an appropriate present for whoever he was playing Secrete Santa for. Taking a break, even a short break would be good for Shion.

Convincing his friend to come with him took less time than the Libra Saint thought it would. Shion seemed almost eager to go, which was a good thing. The world had changed so much in the last two hundred years that there was much for them to discover.

Going down through the temples proved very amusing in and of itself. He had seen Milo carrying that ladder on the way up through Scorpio, but he hadn't paid any attention to it. Dohko wondered how many people would actually fall for the mistletoe that the Scorpio Saint was hanging.

Aioria's reaction almost made him laugh out loud. He was sure, even if Shion wasn't, that the lion had Marin in his rooms. He had used to do the same thing when he was younger. She had been the Cassiopeia Saint of his generation and very, very beautiful. She had died along with all the other Saints from two hundred years ago. He missed her still, but she was in the past now and he had realized long ago that he would have to live for the future.

In Taurus temple, Aldebaran was cooking something. He sniffed the air, he knew that scent but he couldn't remember what it was from.

"What is that?" He asked.

"Gingerbread, I think." Shion said after a moment's pause. "I think it's traditional to have gingerbread at Christmas."

"Oh." Dohko looked in the direction of the Taurus Saint's private rooms. "I didn't know Aldebaran could cook."

"He's supposed to be good at it." Shion replied as they exited the temple.

They ran into Kiki midway down the stairs. The little Aries-in-training was on his way up to 'help' Aldebaran. Apparently he hadn't bothered to tell his master where he was going because they found a worried Mu searching his temple.

"By now he's up at Taurus helping Aldebaran cook." Dohko said when the Aries Saint asked if they had seen his student. Mu looked at him in surprise, then seemed to remember something and shook his head. The Aries Saint muttered something, then headed out of his temple. He and Shion exchanged an amused glanced before they headed down towards the city.

It was very crowded in the shopping district of Athens. Sanctuary had such a small population that you didn't have a problem like that. They were being stared at but it was actually a good feeling once he realized the women who were staring considered them attractive. It had been far too long since he had any of sort of attention like that and he enjoyed it.

Since Shion didn't seem to know which way to go, he lead the way into several shops. None of them had anything that Aiolos was would like. Shion didn't know what he was doing though, and was beginning to get annoyed with him.

"Who are you shopping for anyway, Dohko?" his oldest friend said after a while.

"Aiolos," Dohko admitted. "And I'm in the same boat you are. I just don't know him well."

"You know the Bronze Saints. Get him something one of them would like. He's the same age they are," Shion pointed out.

"That's true," the Libra Saint said as he entered into yet another store. This one was a hobby and game store that he thought looked promising. He headed off to search for something that would appeal to a teenager.

The first thing that stopped him didn't have anything to do with Aiolos. There was a row of picture frames on a shelf. He had been meaning to buy one to finish Shion's present and but he hadn't been able to find one that would be suitable. A simple dark wooden frame that would be perfect was right in front of him, and he took it, pleased.

A few more minutes of searching, and he found a tiny remote controlled helicopter that could fit in the palm of his hand. He decided to buy that for Aiolos. It looked like something the young Gold Saint would enjoy. On the way up to the register, he grabbed a bottle of bubble solution for Kiki. The boy hadn't been included in the Secret Santa celebration and it wouldn't be fair if he didn't receive a present on Christmas Day just because of that.

Shion was already up in front paying for something.

"Did you find something for Aphrodite?" he asked the ex-Aries Saint curiously as he tried to peer into the bag.

"No, just some things for Mu and Kiki." His friend answered and deftly moved the bag out of his line of sight.

As they exited the shop, Dohko couldn't help but smile. He had managed to finish his mission, and could now help Shion complete his. There was that shop he had seen earlier that had reminded him of the Pisces Saint...perhaps they could find something there.

* * *

Next chapter: Milo looks for a present for...Deathmask.

The End of Chapter 9 -- Continued in Chapter 10

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