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A Scorpion's Christmas

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A/N: And here's Milo's chapter. This one was fun to write.

To Milo Christmas had only been a vague memory from that hazy time before he had come to Sanctuary. Now though...Athena had actually decided to have a party for the holiday. Even if Christmas wasn't something they were supposed to be celebrating, this was going to be fun! He liked the idea of the Secret Santa thing a lot, too. He couldn't wait to see who he got to buy something for. Not everyone shared his enthusiasm, though, and he just knew Camus was going to hate this. Ah well, it would do him some good to get out of his shell once in a while and have some fun. Besides, wasn't Christmas about love and tolerance and stuff like that?

He hummed slightly as he exited the temple with the other Gold Saints. He was looking forward to this already, although he hoped he hadn't drawn Camus. He was already going to buy a present for his friend, and it wouldn't be any fun to be Secret Santa for someone he knew so well. At last he reached his temple and opened the paper excitedly. He stared at it for a minute, unsure what to think. Deathmask. Well it he would be an interesting person to shop for at least...

"Who'd you get?" A voice said out nowhere and Milo jumped.

"Would you stop doing that?" The Scorpio Saint snapped, recognizing the voice. Kanon just grinned at him and tried to get a look at the piece of paper he was holding.

"So who has the misfortune of having you shopping for them?"

"Here." Milo handed him the piece of paper by way of explanation. Kanon took one look at it and burst out laughing.

"Better you than me," the older Saint said and slapped Milo on the back. "I'll pray that you don't get killed on Christmas."

"Thank you so much." Milo said acidly then looked back at the piece of paper. Athena had said that they had to buy a present, but she hadn't said they had to be serious about it... "But you know...I could have a lot of fun with this."

"If you have a death wish, go ahead," Kanon said and started to walk away.

"Hey!" Milo grabbed his friend's arm. "Who did you get? It's only fair if you tell me."

"Ummm..." Kanon checked his piece of paper. "Shura."

"You have it easy then," Milo said, releasing him. "Saga knows him, right?"

"They did know each other," Kanon corrected. "They haven't exactly talked lately because of that..."

"Oh yeah..."

"I should still ask my brother, though," the older Saint said. "They were friends, no matter what happened."

"Good idea," Milo agreed and watched as Kanon headed down toward Gemini. Then he headed toward his rooms, grinning as he thought about the fun he could have with Deathmask's present. He wasn't fond of the Crab, but then again, Deathmask wasn't exactly fond of him either. This could be his chance to mess with the Cancer Saint without fear of revenge. From Deathmask's reaction earlier it was clear that he wasn't happy about the secret Santa thing. Milo doubted the Cancer Saint would be happy with any present that was bought for him, so he might as well make sure Deathmask at least remembered his present!

He was still deciding what sort of present to get Deathmask when a familiar cold Cosmo entered his temple.

"Hey Camus!" Milo said, going out to meet his friend. Then he stopped. Camus only wore casual clothes when he couldn't help it. "What's going on?"

"I'm getting this secret Santa thing out of the way now," the Aquarius Saint said, looking very annoyed. "I already have to go to a party, I don't need this hanging over my head all week, too."

"You're actually willingly going into town?" Milo inquired amazed. "Did you freeze over hell while you were down there?"

"Oh, very funny," Camus snapped. "Now if you'll let me through..."

"Wait here for a sec, would you?" Milo asked, thinking rapidly. He had to go buy something for Deathmask anyway, and going into town with his best friend would be more fun than going by himself. "I need to go change." So saying, he headed toward his rooms and changed as quickly as he could. He ran back out to where he had left Camus standing, but the Aquarius Saint wasn't there anymore. Milo swore and took off down the stairs, catching up to his friend right as Camus was about to enter Libra temple. "I thought I asked you to wait," Milo panted as he fell into step beside the Aquarius Saint.

"Did you really think I would?"

"No...but I had hoped that you would have decided to be nice to your best friend at Christmas time," Milo sighed.

"I'm a Saint, Milo. I do not celebrate Christmas. The only reason I'm doing this is because the goddess asked it of me."

"But you're still doing it," Milo said grinning. "So who did you get?"

"Why do you want to know? It has nothing to do with you."

"Because I'm curious. And I'll keep bugging you until you tell me." Camus sighed, knowing that it was true.

"I drew Aldebaran," the Aquarius Saint said at last.

"Huh, Aldebaran's easy to shop for," Milo said. "I drew Deathmask."

"If you drew him, then why are you still smiling?" Milo just grinned wider and Camus shook his head. "Just don't buy him anything that will get you killed."

"You do care about me! I knew it!"

"Milo, can you be quiet for more than five seconds?"

As they went through Gemini temple, Milo saw Saga watching them curiously. The Scorpio Saint grinned mischievously, then opened his mouth to tell Saga that Camus actually wanted to go shopping. But the Aquarius Saint must have sensed what he was about to do because he stepped backward onto the Scorpio Saint's foot. Hard. Milo yelped.

"I don't want this Secret Santa thing hanging over my head," Camus explained while he was distracted. "I'm going to get it over with now." Saga nodded in understanding.

"Good luck," the elder Saint said to them. Camus nodded.

"What was that for?" Milo complained. "That hurt!"


"Now that's just plain mean!"

"Whoever said I had to be nice to you?"

* * *

They had reached Aries temple by now. Mu was standing watching them when they came in. Milo grinned once again. "Hey Mu, guess what!" He called before the Aquarius Saint could stop him "Camus here," he clapped his friend on the back, "is looking forward to the Secret Santa thing!"

"No, I'm not," Camus said irritably as he brushed the offending hand away. "I just want to get this over and done with!"

"Suuuure." Milo grinned.

"Well, have fun," Mu said, also grinning. Camus gave him an icy look, and Milo just laughed as the two Saints headed out.

It was crowded in the Athens shopping district. Milo wove his way through the crowd, enjoying the occasional admiring looks he got and the atmosphere of this place. Camus didn't agree with him and kept glaring at everyone, which made people give both of them a wide berth. Both Saints stopped and looked around at the shops surrounding them. Milo grinned, then started to push Camus toward one particular shop.

"Why don't we try in here, Camus?" the Scorpio Saint said grinning.

"Milo, what are you...?" Then the Aquarius Saint caught sight of a the shop. "Milo...that's a gift shop. A tourist gift shop."

"So?" Milo opened the door and shoved Camus inside before he could protest.

"I am not buying any of this overpriced...junk." The Aquarius Saint looked around the shop...which had a sea theme complete with garish decorations.

"You should learn to relax a little, Camus!" Milo grabbed a Santa hat off a nearby display and dropped it on his friend's head. "Come on, it's Christmas!" The Scorpio Saint headed off to look at some of the displays, catching the Santa hat Camus had thrown back at him and dropping it onto his own head. He paused before a display of holiday shirts. "Think Deathmask will like this?" He said holding up a t-shirt with a smiling, Santa-hat wearing crab over the word 'crabby' on it. Camus gave his friend a look.

Milo put the shirt back and headed deeper into the store. After ignoring Camus's snort when he found a smiling crab plush toy that giggled when you squeezed it, Milo found his way into a small section that contained toys.

"You can't be serious," Camus said flatly.

"Hey, even I'm not that bad." Milo grabbed a superball out of one of the bins and started to bounce it, watching it go higher and higher each time...until it came down on his foot. "OUCH!" Milo cursed as the ball headed toward the center of the store where it would have caused who-knows-what kind of damage, if Camus hadn't snatched it out the air first.

"You should grow up, Milo," the Aquarius Saint said as he threw the ball back.

"What fun would that be?" Milo answered grinning. He didn't put the superball back though. Kiki might like it, too. A few minutes later, the Scorpio Saint held up a pair of goggled-eyed crab slippers triumphantly. "These are perfect!"

"Are you done here?" Camus said, resigned to the fact that Milo rarely ever took anything seriously.


"Then I'm waiting outside." The Aquarius Saint had a headache from the warbling Christmas carols that were being played in the shop. At least the songs outside weren't as loud and there was fresh air.

"Fine." Milo waited until he was sure that Camus was out of the shop, then grabbed the picture of the Aurora Borealis over an artic landscape he had noticed earlier. He had been wondering how he was going to distract his friend long enough for him to actually buy it, but thankfully hadn't had to resort to some of the tactics he had thought of.

Once he was done, he walked outside and smiled at Camus.

"Well, I'm done. Now it's your turn!"

"I know," the Aquarius Saint replied miserably.

* * *

Next Chapter: Aiolos buys his present for Mu.

The End of Chapter 10 -- Continued in Chapter 11

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