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A/N: It's done. This is the last chapter. Hurray! This is the first multi-chaptered fic I have ever finished.

Thanks to everyone who commented on this. It meant alot to me. And thanks to everyone in the chat who helped me out with ideas. I hope all of you enjoy the end to this.

Christmas day had barely dawned when Mu was awakened by someone shaking him.

"Master Mu, Master Mu," Kiki's voice said. The Aries Saint opened one eye.

"Kiki, what in the world are you doing?" he muttered half into his pillow.

"Don't we have to go to the party?" the boy said. Mu sighed and closed his eyes.

"That's not for hours, Kiki. Go back to sleep." The Aries Saint rolled over, determined to get at least another hour of sleep.

"Are you sure?" Kiki said disappointed.

"Yes!" Mu said more sharply than he meant to, "now go back to bed!"

"Yes, Master Mu," a crestfallen Kiki said quietly. Mu felt his student climb off the bed and shuffle away. Immediately the Aries Saint felt guilty. He hadn't meant to snap like that, he had just been tired. Mu tried to get back to sleep, but he couldn't stop feeling bad about how harsh he had been. At last the Aries Saint gave up on sleep and got out of bed. He took a brightly colored package from under his bed. Kiki was sitting on his bed in his small room when Mu opened the door.

"Sorry for waking you up," the Aries-trainee muttered, looking down. Mu just smiled and set the present down in front of his student.

"Merry Christmas, Kiki," the Aries Saint said. Kiki stared at the present startled, then smiled. He reached forward eagerly and began to tear the wrapping paper off. Mu laughed softly and sat down on the end of the bed. Kiki's eyes widened as he tore off the wrapping paper.

"Thank you, Master Mu!" the boy cried joyfully as his teacher smiled.

* * *

A few hours later, in the main temple there was a small pile of brightly wrapped gifts under the tree, and most of the Saint were already there.

"...seriously, Kanon you had better not try anything!" Saga was saying as he walked in with his twin.

"I know, I know, you've said that already," Kanon replied annoyed. "And I told you I'm not going to do anything!"

"Not going to do what?" The soft voice of Lady Athena caused both of the Gemini to look over at her.

"I'm making sure Kanon doesn't cause any trouble," Saga said sternly.

"I'm sure he won't do anything," Athena said smiling.

"See, Lady Athena believes me," Kanon said, "why can't you?"

"She's a goddess, I'm not," Saga replied. Then the twins split up as Kanon saw Milo and went over to talk to the Scorpio Saint. The elder Gemini gazed around at the gathering. Aside from the Gold Saints, there was Marin, who was here with Aioria, and Shaina, to Saga's surprise, and all the Bronze Saints were there as well. Not just Athena's five, but Unicorn and the others too. The Gemini tried to remember the names of the other five but they eluded him. Ah well, it was unlikely he would have to talk to them anyway.

"Who are we waiting for?" he asked Athena.

"Only Shaka," the goddess said uncertainly.

"Don't worry, he'll be here," Saga assured her. A few minutes after that, the Virgo Saint did come in, and muttered an apology for being late. Athena beamed, then thanked all of them for coming. After a few words she told them to exchange gifts.

Silence filled the hall. All the Saints looked at each other, unsure of what to do next. No one wanted to be the first one to make a move. At last Shion sighed and headed over to the pile of presents.

"Aphrodite?" he said, picking up a present and holding it out toward the Pisces Saint. Aphrodite jumped a little when he heard his name, then took a step forward to take his gift. He tried to ignore the stares of the other Saints as he ripped open the present. Then he forgot about the other Saints when he saw what Shion had gotten him.

"It's beautiful!" the Pisces Saint said in a pleased tone and ran his hand lovingly over the hand mirror's glass. Shion was just glad he had been able to fix the crack in it. Aphrodite smiled as he turned it over and ran a delicate finger over the carvings on the back. "I love it! Thank you, Pope Shion!" Shion smiled.

"You're welcome, Aphrodite, I'm glad you like it. Now it's your turn," Shion said as he stepped back towards his place by Athena's side. The Pisces Saint had been going to melt back into the crowd, but he stopped now.

"My turn?"

"Yes," Shion gestured toward the tree. "Now you have to give your present to whoever you drew."

"Ah, alright." The Pisces Saint went around the tree and found his own elaborately wrapped package. "Here, Dohko, this is for you."

"Me, huh?." The Libra Saint stepped forward and gently took the beribboned present from the Pisces Saint. After a tense moment Dohko managed to find a way to pull the ribbons off. He opened the box that was underneath them, and let the two halves drop as he held up the hooded sweatshirt that was inside. "Umm...thanks, Aphrodite," the Libra Saint said as he held up the sweatshirt and examined the tiger on it. "...It's really nice."

"Well, try it on!" Aphrodite urged. Dohko froze, then gave an internal sigh when he saw the expectant look on Aphrodite's face and pulled the sweatshirt on over his Chinese clothes. "I knew it would look good on you!" the Pisces Saint said happily. Then he went back to the edge of the room to admire his hand mirror. Dohko shook his head, then went over and picked up the present he had brought.

"Aiolos!" the Libra Saint said and motioned at the Sagittarius Saint. "This is for you." Aiolos walked over from where he had been standing with the Bronze Saints. The younger Saint tore open the paper quickly then examined his present.

"Wow!" Aiolos said delightedly as he looked at the palm sized helicopter. "It actually flies! This is really cool, Dohko! Thanks." Seiya came up behind the Gold Saint and attempted to peer over his shoulder, but Shiryu grabbed the Pegasus Saint by the back of his shirt and hauled him back. Aiolos smirked at the Pegasus Saint, then picked up a present off the ground.

"Mu, here's your present!" Aiolos waved it at the Aries Saint. Dohko dropped back to stand next to Shion, ignoring the amused glances his friend was giving him.

Mu smiled softly as he took the gift and carefully unwrapped the table top fountain. "This is nice." he said to Aiolos. "I like it, thank you." The Sagittarius Saint smiled back, then headed over to the Bronze Saints. Seiya immediately surged forward demanding to know exactly what Aiolos had received. The Aries Saint reached down and picked up a rather plainly wrapped package. "Here, Camus."

The Aquarius Saint sighed in relief when he realized that it was Mu who had been the one to shop for him. It didn't take him long to get the wrapping paper off. Camus just stood for a moment staring at the wine glasses, then very quietly said, "Thank you Mu." The Aries Saint just smiled.

"You're welcome," was all he said before he stepped back. Camus sighed and found the present he had wrapped.

"Aldebaran," the Aquarius Saint said and held out the package. The Taurus Saint stepped forward and took it, smiling broadly.

"Thank you, Camus!" he said after he had unwrapped the cookbook. "It's very thoughtful!" The Taurus Saint smacked the Aquarius Saint on the back affectionately, causing the smaller Saint to stumble a bit with the force of blow. Camus muttered something under his breath and went back to stand beside Milo, who grabbed his friend's present so he could see what it was.

"Saga!" Aldebaran called cheerfully. "This is yours!" He held up a package that looked very small in his huge hands. Saga stepped forward to take it from the big Saint, then carefully unwrapped it. He was startled when he saw the book. How had Aldebaran known he was interested in mythology?

"Thank you," Saga said to the Taurus Saint. Aldebaran beamed and stepped back.

"Umm...Shaka, here's your present." The elder Gemini picked up one of the packages and offered it to the Virgo Saint. Shaka stepped forward and took the present. He hesitated for half a second, then started to unwrap the box. Once it was open, the Virgo Saint actually opened his eyes a slit to look at the box.

"This is sandalwood, isn't it?" he asked Saga. The Gemini Saint nodded. Shaka opened the lid, then seemed to freeze in surprise. "I like most of these teas," the Virgo Saint softly. He shut the lid again. "Thank you very much, Saga. This is a very nice present."

"You're welcome," Saga said then went to stand by his brother, looking relieved. Kanon grinned at his twin and elbowed him.

"See, you have a talent for this!" the younger Gemini whispered.

"Kanon," Shaka's voice said and said Gemini jumped guiltily, then realized that the Virgo Saint was holding out a present towards him.

"'s my turn?" Kanon said and walked over to take the gift from Shaka. He unwrapped it quickly then stared at the metal star in a cage. "Umm..." The younger Gemini tried to search for something to say even though he had no idea what it was.

"It's a puzzle," Shaka said after seeing the confusion on the older Saint's face. "You're suppose to get the star out."

"Oh, I see..." Kanon said, relieved that he didn't have to ask. Saga hissed at him and Kanon sighed. "Thanks, Shaka."

"You're welcome," the Virgo Saint said before he went to stand by one of the pillars. Kanon grinned and picked up a long, thin, present.

"This is for you, Shura," he said. The Capricorn Saint stepped forward and took the package curiously. The wrapping paper was quickly torn off and Shura gasped. He ran his hand over the sword, then pulled it from the scabbard, examining it. "Like it?" Kanon asked.

"Yes," Shura said startled, then smiled. "Thank you, Kanon." The younger Gemini just smiled and went over to join his brother. Shura sighed and dragged the present he had wrapped out.

"Here, Milo," he called to the Scorpio Saint. Milo gave Camus back his present, ignoring the Aquarius Saint hissing at him to be careful with it, and went over to his present. Wrapping paper was quickly discarded, then Milo let loose a delighted yell.

"Yes! Thank you, Shura!" Milo said shining. "This is for my scorpions, right?"

"Y..yes," the Capricorn Saint stammered, a little taken aback by the younger Saint's reaction.

"Now I actually have room for more pets," Milo grinned. Camus muttered something in French. It didn't sound very nice.

"Glad you like it," Shura said and quickly stepped back. Having Camus glaring at him was very uncomfortable. Milo realized that it was his turn and picked up his messily wrapped package.

"Oh, Deathmask," he said sweetly, "this is for you." A sudden tense silence fell over the hall as everyone realized it was Milo who had gone shopping for Deathmask. All were well aware of what that meant. Everyone watched as Deathmask unwrapped his present...

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" the Cancer Saint snarled holding up the crab slippers.

"Slippers," Milo said innocently. "Why are you so mad? Oh, do you already have a pair like that?" Deathmask snarled and threw the offending slippers at Milo, who ducked laughing. The Cancer Saint would have stomped off, but Aphrodite grabbed his arm.

"Your. Turn." the Pisces Saint said sternly. Deathmask growled something incoherent, then grabbed the gift basked, the only unwrapped present, and shoved it in Aioria's general direction.

"Here," he snapped. Aioria had to rush to catch the basket before it fell to the ground.

"Thanks..." the Leo Saint muttered as Deathmask stomped off. Then he turned and realized that it was his turn. He picked up a present out of the tiny pile remaining and walked over to Shion. "Here, Pope Shion," Aioria said nervously. Shion unwrapped his present, then smiled when he saw the mini-herb garden.

"This is very nice, Aioria. Thank you," the Pope said. The Leo Saint relaxed at the words.

"You're welcome," the Leo Saint muttered.

"That's everyone," Dohko said as he watched all the Saints. "Guess we're through."

"Not entirely," Athena said and blushed slightly. "I..I made something for all of you." As the Saints all turned to look at their goddess, she picked up the bag that had been sitting at her feet. As she began to hand her presents out, the Gold Saints realized she had been planning this party for quiet some time. She had hand knitted a scarf for each of the Gold Saints. Well, they assumed that they were supposed to be scarves. Athena wasn't exactly the best knitter in the world. She was embarrassed and apologized about them not being very good, but her Saints assured her that they loved her gift and it was very thoughtful of her. Deathmask would have said something different, but Aldebaran stepped on the Cancer Saints foot and he was preoccupied hopping around and cursing at the Taurus Saint in Italian.

After that the Saints separated themselves, as friends exchanged their gifts.

Over by the tree, Kanon was laughing as he held up Saga's present to him, a Gemini pendant identical to the one he had bought his older brother.

"I know twins are supposed to think alike," Saga said bemusedly, "but this is ridiculous."

"Yeah," Kanon snickered, "but it's still fun." The younger Gemini slipped the pendant around his neck. "Come on Saga, put yours on!"

"Fine," the elder twin said as he, too, grinned and slipped on his Christmas present.

Aioria was smiling as he held up the t-shirt Aiolos had brought him.

"At least it fits," he teased his brother. Aiolos just grinned and held up the model airplane kit Aioria had bought him.

"Could you please tell me why everyone is getting me flying related things?" Aiolos said lightly. He did like Aioria's present but now he had a helicopter and a plane. It was a little odd.

"You have wings," Aioria reminded him grinning.

"Bah, that's just the Cloth," Aiolos said. The sound of plastic tearing caused Aiolos to whirl around. "Seiya! I told you not to open that!" he shouted and raced over to rescue his other present from the Pegasus Saint.

"Here," was all Camus said as he and Milo exchanged gifts. As he unrolled the Aurora poster that Milo had gotten him, Camus allowed himself one of his rare smiles. "Thank you."

"No problem," Milo grinned and held up his book, "but I'm beginning to think that you people actually like my pets. Shura got me a new tank, you got me a book on scorpions..."

"If I knew that Shura had gotten you that tank, I would never have gotten you that book," Camus said irritably and Milo laughed.

"Camus-sensei?" Hyoga's voice interrupted them.

"Hm? What is it, Hyoga?" the Aquarius Saint asked. Hyoga just smiled and held up a small, brightly wrapped gift.

"Merry Christmas, sensei!"

"Umm," Camus took the gift hesitantly, then pulled on the ribbon and unwrapped it. Inside was a small square glass paper weight. In the very center of the cube was etched an image of a snowflake. "Thank you."

Hyoga smiled.

"You're welcome, sensei," the Cygnus Saint said, then headed over to join his friends who were gathered around Aiolos.

For a brief second the icy mask Camus normally wore dropped and he had an unguarded, touched, look on his face. Then he was back to normal, and Milo decided now was not the time to tease his friend about his pupil.

A number of benches and chairs had been dragged into the hall for the party. Dohko and Shion had found seats out of the way of everything. The Libra Saint was highly amused by Shion's present to him.

"Are you trying to say something?" he demanded, waving the little figure around. Shion chuckled.

"What are you talking about?" Shion said innocently, then unwrapped the gift Dohko had given him. The words he had been going to say died in his throat. He gripped the simple wooden frame tightly. Behind the glass was paper yellowed with immense age, lines that had started to fade...staring up at him from that piece of paper were ghosts from two hundred fifty years ago. Ghosts that were now nothing more than ink lines. "Dohko...what is this?" he whispered. The drawing of all the Gold Saints from their generation, them included, stared at him silently.

"Don't you remember? Sometimes, in the early morning, if you went up to Pisces, Albafica would be outside sketching," Dohko said softly.

"I had forgotten about that," Shion said remembering. "He would never let anyone see what he was drawing either. Don't tell me that this is one of his! How did you get this?" Dohko stopped smiling, then sighed.

"After the war was over and we were cleaning out the temples of...those who hadn't made it. I found that in Albafica's rooms, along with a bunch of other sketches. But I only took this one. To remember everyone by," the Libra Saint explained.

"I see," Shion whispered. "But how did Albafica manage to draw this? None of us ever posed for him."

"He was just good, I guess. After Hades showed up, he stopped drawing ...and then he never got the chance to start again."

"Why are you giving this to me, Dohko?" Shion said abruptly. "It's not that I don't appreciate it, but this is yours..."

"Not really. I was just keeping it for a while," the Libra Saint said. "I've had it for over two hundred years, and now I think it's your turn to have it. To remember everything by."

"It's a pity Albafica didn't think to draw himself," Shion mused. "But all the same...I love it. Thank you, Dohko."

"You're very welcome, old friend."

"Look out!" Seiya's frantic shout caused the elder Saints to look up...then duck as Aiolos's toy helicopter came flying towards them.

"Gah! Sorry!" Aiolos said to the seated Saints, then turned and grabbed the controller from Seiya's hands. "You said you wouldn't do something like that!"

"Hey, flying that thing is harder than it looks," the Pegasus Saint complained as Aiolos tried to get the helicopter to come back toward them. As much as the Sagittarius Saint hated to admit it, Seiya was right. But he was determined to do better than the Pegasus Saint. By being slow and careful he manage to get the helicopter almost all the way back to him...but coming around the Christmas tree his thumb slipped and the helicopter crashed into the evergreen. It stuck in the branches high up in the tree and Aiolos stared at it, wondering if he should try to fetch it down himself or if he should just ask Kiki to help.

"I'll get it!" Seiya said and ran toward the tree before anyone could stop him. He jumped up and tired to grab the helicopter...but misjudged and slammed into the tree causing it to rock. Aldebaran teleported and grabbed the tree before it could actually fall. Seiya did fall though and hit the ground with a thud.

"Seiya!" Athena said, torn between amusement and exasperation.

"My tree!" Aphrodite yelled and hurry over. Shion and Dohko looked at each other, then burst out laughing as Aphrodite began to scold the Pegasus Saint.

Kiki was having a good Christmas. First there was the small pile of presents that he had been given. Master Mu had given him a balloon animal making kit that morning, then after all the Gold Saints were done with their secret Santa exchange, he had found out that the small pile of presents left over was all for him. There was a stuffed sheep from Pope Shion (Master Mu had gotten one, too, and thought it was funny), a very bouncy super ball from Milo and a thing called a Slinky from Aldebaran. He also had a tiny ginger bread house the Taurus Saint had made him. Kiki had watched Aldebaran make little ginger bread houses for all his fellow Gold Saints and Athena, but hadn't known there would be one for him.

When the goddess had the snacks for the party brought in after the presents were all opened, Aldebaran had retreated to the kitchen. He had come back in with the gingerbread houses and presented them to everyone.

Kiki was wondering how you could hate Christmas if it was like this as he played with his super ball. Unfortunately, he soon learned that trying to bounce it with one hand while you're eating gingerbread with the other didn't work well. It bounced off his foot. The Aries-trainee paled when he saw where the ball was heading.

Deathmask was busy hating the party. There was no alcohol anywhere to be found. Athena had apparently taken steps to ensure that none of them could get drunk. The Cancer Saint was sure it was some strange form of punishment. But he wasn't allowed to leave. Every time he tried, he was blocked by one of the other Saints. He was drinking cider and plotting his escape when something slammed into the back of his head. Deathmask whirled around cursing to see what had hit him...and something fell into his cup. Slowly he looked down at the small ball floating there, then looked over his shoulder at the pale and shaking Kiki. The Cancer Saint snarled and grabbed the ball. He was going to throw it back at the brat, but he sensed the glares of the two other Aries in the hall. Deathmask was many things, but stupid wasn't one of them. He cursed and threw the little ball off in a random direction instead.

That random direction turned out to be toward one of the pillars. When it bounced off, it went toward a small group of Bronze Saints. The ball hit Jabu in the forehead with enough force to knock the Unicorn Saint out of the chair he was sitting in.

"Ojou-san..." he muttered in a dazed voice. Several other Saints turned to glare at Deathmask, as Shion quietly confiscated the ball before it could do anymore damage.

Deathmask decided that was enough and stormed toward he doors. No one tried to stop him this time. Maybe they were all tired of being civil to him.

"Where are you going?" a female voice demanded. Deathmask turned and glared at the person who had dared to stop him.

"I'm leaving," he snapped at Shaina.

"You can't just leave! This is Lady Athena's party!" the Ophiuchus Saint said as she stepped away from the wall she had leaned against.

"So? Everyone knows that I don't want to be here, and I know that they don't want me here," Deathmask said to her. "Why do you care anyway?"

"Because Lady Athena has been looking forward to this. If you leave you'll upset her!" Shaina said annoyed.

"Again, why do you care? Isn't Athena your rival? Everyone knows she seems to favor Seiya over everyone else.." Deathmask couldn't help but sneer.

"Shut up about that!" Shaina yelled, then quickly dropped her volume when several other people turned to stare at them. "You don't know anything!"

"Everyone in Sanctuary knows that you're chasing Pegasus," the Cancer Saint smirked. "And that he keeps running to Athena."

"Would you just shut up already!" Shaina snapped.

"What, does it hurt?" Deathmask smirked. "Did you get Pegasus a present? Or did you know that he wouldn't care if you did?"

"I said shut up!" Shaina clenched her fists and glared at him. She didn't know if she was mad at him for teasing her or mad at him for being right. At first she had considered not to come at all, even though she had been invited, but Marin had convinced her to come. She had even bought Seiya a present and actually managed to give it to him before the party had started. But Seiya had just taken it with barely a thanks, then gotten distracted by something one of the other Bronze Saints had said. She wasn't sure he had even opened it.

He hadn't said a word to her to since the party had started. Marin was the only person here she knew, and she wasn't sure what to say to the Gold Saints. Leaving would have felt too much like giving up, so she had just stayed in the back for now and watched Seiya. He hadn't acted like he even knew she was there. But he was the one who had broken her mask. Since she couldn't kill him, that meant she had to be in love with him, right?

The Ophiuchus Saint was drawn out of her thoughts when she noticed that Deathmask was still watching her.

"Aren't you leaving?" she snapped.

"I thought you didn't want me to leave?" he smirked. Shaina just growled at him. "Does my being here annoy you somehow?"


"Hmm...then I think I will stay. At least for a little longer." The Cancer Saint settled against a wall. He smiled as Shaina cursed at him. For some reason the party didn't seem that annoying anymore.

* * *

The party was finally winding down. Almost everything had been eaten or drunk and people were being to get bored. That was when Milo started to drag people together.

"Just what are you doing, Milo?" Camus said when his friend tried to get him to stand next to Hyoga.

"Group picture!" the Scorpio Saint chirped and held up a camera. Camus recognized it. Shun had been carrying it around taking random pictures of everyone. "This is the only time all of us have been in one place."

"That's..." Camus began.

"That sounds nice," Athena said. Camus let out a long suffering sigh and swallowed whatever else he had been going to say. After that things went a little quicker. Everyone agreed that Athena should stand in the middle. Everyone arranged themselves around her, and Aphrodite even dragged Deathmask over to participate, although he had to keep a tight hold on the Cancer Saints arm to keep him from running off.

At last everyone was ready and Shun set the timer before hurrying over to join them. The flash went off and everyone separated as they blinked spots from their eyes.

"Thank you all for coming," Athena smiled. "I hope you all had a Merry Christmas."

"Looks like the party's over," Dohko remarked to Shion.

"Finally!" Camus said.

* * *

Merry Christmas everyone!

The End

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