Granchi e Mele

Aka Crabs and Apples

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It was a perfectly normal morning at Sanctuary. Sage was watching as the Saints-in-training lounged around on their daily break; Hakurei was drinking tea and writing; and Manigoldo was sitting in the apple tree bored out of his mind.

Nothing interesting had really happened since that one incident when Albafica had tried to rub Shion's forehead dots off, thinking they were paint, and gotten slightly Stardust Revolutioned as a result.

"Bo-ring." he snatched an apple and bounced it on his hand, suddenly coming up with a very good idea. And lo! the apple flew... and hit the ground right next to Hakurei's papers. The Ara Saint wasn't even fazed as he continued his writing. Slightly annoyed, Manigoldo took another apple and threw it, missing again. "Merda."

This time he picked up a lapful of apples and began hurling them so fast that he nearly lost count of them. It was his fifteenth that finally hit Hakurei square on the head and caused him to spill his tea onto a paper he was just writing. Manigoldo couldn't see what the older man was doing, but all of a sudden he felt lighter and looked down at his feet.

"What the hell, he's making me float?!" "Put me down, old man!"

"Not yet." was Hakurei's short answer. Now he clearly saw that the older man was pointing his hand towards a very wet, very cold and very uncomfortable-looking pond. He began to squirm in the air, but Hakurei's hold on him didn't even waver. As Manigoldo was straight over the pond, Hakurei turned back to his work... and the very moment he broke eye contact with him, he fell with a huge splash and disappeared under the water. Sage was now looking expectantly at the surface and soon enough Manigoldo's head popped up with a sploosh.

"I... I can't swim, you bastard!" he bellowed at the top of his voice. Hakurei just gave him a calm look and shrugged. "Just kick and fling your arms around. You'll eventually get to shore."

Manigoldo ended up doing as Hakurei had said as no one seemed to be willing to get into the water and help him. He waded his way through the pond as best he could and as he reached the shore, he pulled himself to safe ground and stood up. He shook his arms and legs around to get most of the water out of his clothes and began to walk away with a murderous expression on his face and his hands in his pockets. As something hard hit his head, he glared at the apple at his feet and then at a grinning Hakurei. "We're even now... gamberetti."

"Even and even. He already got even with me. That one was done to piss me off." he continued on his way and kicked the apple next to him, sending it flying. He was feeling very ticked off and he needed something to vent his anger on. "I wish that damn tree would just..."

He was stopped in his tracks as there was a flash and an explosion behind him. He turned around and stared in wide-eyed and open-mouthed shock. There were no apples on the tree anymore. In fact, there was no tree, either. There was just a very charred, smoking stump left and a very sooty Hakurei was sitting next to it, his hair sticking out in all possible directions. "Uh... Did I do that?"

"Manigoldo!!" Hakurei was even more pissed off than a bear with a sore nose, and the Saint-in-training noticed Sage was sporting a malicious grin on his face. Then he knew exactly what to say.

"Looks like we won't be having any apples this year..."

Sage burst into howling laughter as Hakurei just glared at him. Manigoldo found it hard to suppress his grin.

"But look on the bright side; at least it got rid of the maggot problem."

Hakurei sighed exasperatedly and smacked his face into his hand, as Sage just howled louder and eventually fell over in tears of laughter.

The End

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