The Fire and the Ice

© 2001 par Seiiruika

You are the fire,
You are the ice.
In your blue eyes
Flames there are no trace.

O, Spirited Horse, against your enemies
You get two fatal weapons,
And they only deserve the icy Heaven
Or the Hell and its eternal flames.

But for the one who had distracted
The flame of Frea's love from her sister,
From you and for you, no mercy,
Only ice prevails your heart.

For this white swan
Who lived in the frozen steppes
Only fire can be his punishment,
To the burning Hells you condemned him.

For you Sovereign you are more than faithful
You pound away your heart and destroy your love.
Your soul is tormented and your heart suffers
But it is your duty, there is no place for love.

You are the ice and the fire
Two opposite elements which always
Fight in your blue eyes
As in your heart duty and love do.

For Torquemada. Thank you for your friendship and your kindness, Torque.

Version Française

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