The Man and the Wolves

© 2001 par Seiiruika

Betrayed by your own kinds, the humans,
You found refuge with wolves.
You chose another way and fate,
You fought for not being submissive.

The world, the country you lived in
Were harsh and the wolves were your only family.
All those humans, curse on them!
But in your heart the love you have for the wolves shone.

Like them you liked running,
In the frozen and huge plains.
Like them, only for eating
You killed but also for forgetting your past.

However for the Princess Hilda
For satisfying your desire for vengeance
You helped her to fight Athena
And you displayed your power and strength.

Facing the frozen torrent
You fought against the Dragon Saint
Whom you tried to kill
With your companions' help.

However this icy water
Is only a grave for you, now.
Your companions bayed at the moon,
Until their death, they had been loyal.

For Toffee. My little sis I love and who always supports me. Thanks a lot, Toffee-chan.

Version Française

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