DeathMask - Elegy I

© 2000 by Skögul

Visible sign for my life is your death as a mask in my temple.
Nothing will harm you again, only my laughter and cries.
Walls are so endless and lacking the grace of a forest in winter.
Empty are both and all dead. Life is a song from the past.
Spring will return to the forest in time and revive gentle nature.
You will remain on my wall, sadly you cry without tears.
I for my part have real tears which I shed to bemourn my illusions.
Lost to hot magma and fire rushing directly from hell.
Now there's an angel before me with wings all in black and in fury.
Fighting is merely a game. All that I want is my death.
Glints in his eyes signal hatred of me and my deeds and my being.
Rage rises high in my chest. No one will beat me like this.
Forces are gathered and energy thrown to destroy my opponent.
Strong is his mind and his will. Cosmo is cast back on me.
Suddenly darkness is rising and reaching for me with its fingers.
Whirling my death takes my breath. Hell opens up and devours -

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