DeathMask - Elegy II

© 2000 by Skögul

-me, and I fall without knowing what happens to me or my body.
Hard is the impact and pain crushes my head and I cry.
Shadows are up and surround me with whispers and laughter and hatred.
Fingers are clutching my arm. Others grip tightly my throat.
Raising my eyes I can see that my victims have gathered around me,
Trying to tear me apart. Can a dead man die again?
Slowly I sink into darkness. It's deeper than that of the shadows.
Breathing is hard for me now. Soon I will die from their hands.
Rage is their strength and their memories make them become even stronger.
All of them were on my walls. Vengance is all that they seek.
Clear like a bell for the dead speaks a voice and commands them to free me.
Creature from hell, there you stand! Horns on your head and with wings.
Pointing at me you speak words which I don't understand but I sense that
This is a new chance for me. And it means loss of my oath.
Slowly I nod and accept to become one of your minor minions.
Rushing to me comes my cloth, black shining jewel of death.

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