The Phoenix Cloth

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Suddenly all the lights were gone. Some part of me wondered how this could have happened, but that was only a dim thought dancing on what had turned into a dark mist in my head which seemed to fill all my thinking. Amazing how slow it had moved, a huge bolt of energy, swelling and pulsating, iridescent lights and tiny flashes dancing around it, so incredibly slow. It didn't hit her, it merely sunk into her body, almost caressing, deep down to her core, the distored, demented love of a monster. The link was established outside my conscience.

It was somewhere amidst this whirling of blond hair, each lock bent into a gracious curl, a setting sun, that this tiny spark of birght, blood red fromed up. It seemed to lurk way back in the mists, hiding, yet waiting for the perfect time to pounce at me, sink its teeth in my flesh, rip me apart with its fangs, gathering strength, growing, with any inch she fell. It was her father's child, and I breeded and nutured it like my very own. It gave a harsh thump when she hit the floor.

Last words from her, spoken to be kept in my heart. I didn't understand them. Slowly a red veil fell on the world around me. Her eyes held me. They were not red. They were blue, like the sky when she looked into it, like the sea when she swam in its waves, like my hair, when she touseled my curls. I sank into these eyes, begging to stay, to be saved from what was to happen, from the red that was going to eat me up, from myself... Then she closed her eyes. Rage took over. I had left my defenses down, and my master had entered my mind.

Red fury rushed through my veins. My body heated up in mere instances, my blood boiled, sulfur in the air, and I turned around to face the masked man. I couldn't see his face. I couldn't tell wether he feared me. He simply stood there. Some wreched, strangeled sound came from my throat, and I noticed that I was crying. Then I saw a movement. He was moving. Slightly. Hardly noticable. His shoulders were shaking. He was laughing. My mind snapped.

The world around me fell within a second, all erased to my mind, unimportant, neglectable, flattened, only ground to build my hatred upon. My feet seemed to grow into the ground, roots that reached to the very flames of hell, red and bright, and shooting into my body, rushing through my veins, eating me up and spitting me out, raging and blasting, with no other outlet than the one my master had created, and the Cloth came to me.

The End

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