Like Blood on Snow

© 2000 by Sofía 'Toffee' Francisco

Nothing in life was ever simple, child,
I wish you could have understood.
In your eyes winter storms burned wild
yet in your heart only innocence withstood,
as you fought and clung to love and life
though death was a-walking by your door.
Pain and war to cruel a knife
that bled all your dreams into the floor.

Like sliver a ice into my heart
a cold so deep that burned me through;
still knowing that fate would have us part
I basked in the warmth that was you,
'till my dreams were held in your eyes
and all that was and could ever be
like blood on snow, or love wrought cries
was spilled forth so the world could see.

And now I watch you run and fight
torn and pulled by oaths and faiths.
I would have you stop in calm respite
yet your past like ghostly wraiths
pulled you forth, with fire for blood
and dreams of peace and no more pain.
Your smile is all the happiness I've had
yet I'm the one to have you slain.

Yet it's pain and joy you bring me now!
So strong you were, t'was I who fell!
So live please child! I know not how
just walk the roads and do not dwell.
I forfeit my life to make you strong,
it was my heart that chose this way.
Oh fields of snow, it won't be long
until at last I come to stay...

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