Hunger, or Freud counter-attacks!

An Errati...duh, sorry! -- Erotic thriller

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It all started when I saw an advert.

No. Wrong start. Polite demon must introduce itself, first. So let me introduce myself. My name is Kaysa, and I am an unicubus. Some of you may be interested who in hell this unicubus is; those who may not, can skip next few sentences.

Explanation: unicubus is an unisexual demon of lust. On the Earth, two of our species are well known: succubae, female demons, and incubi, male ones. Each of species feeds on accordingly male and female sexual energy. But we, unicubi, are different -- we are the brand new product of the civilization. Even Hell must follow fashions and tendencies on Earth -- hence there evolved we, unicubi, and also such kinds as homocubi, cybercubi and freakycubi.

Unicubus means that I'm unisexual. Not that I prefer sex with my own self, mind you! I can be both incubus and succubus, depending on the situation. It is easier to gather food, when you are less specialized, though you lose on quality. But nobody's perfect. So, now we know each other. Then it's time to tell you about my ordeals on Earth.

As I already mentioned, it started from the simple advert, which said:

"Needed! Are you strong and handsome? Do you like fighting and don't mind living underwater? Then this position is for *YOU!* No recommendations! No anti-recommendations!" And above, in a very tiny script: "No payment, either. Sorry."

Well, I think then, and why not? I'm too lazy to hunt for my food constantly, and I always liked it when food was easy to get. Payment? Heh, I don't need money. I get paid in a different way. And this thing about 'no money' means the competition will be miserable, because humans love money, and the bigger the amount, the deeper the love. So why don't hazard a try?

It takes quite a time for me to find the address; I mistake it for Atlanta at first, but somehow I manage to get to the place.

Well, first thing I see there is a guy sitting behind a desk. Quite tasty looking specimen, full of energy. Bingo, I think, it seems I really want this job.

"Ahem," I say.

The guy looks at me.

"Er," I proceed. "Is it you who offers the job?"

And see how the guy's eyes widen.

"Who the hell are you?!" he growls at me.

And I notice I arrived in my original form. One day this absent-mindedness of mine will kill me.

Ach, what can I loose, I think. And continue:

"Name's Kaysa. I'm, er, a demon. I want to work here."

The guy looks at me thoughtfully.

"Can you fight?" he asks.

I scan his mind. That's one of features my species is good at. It's principal for the survival.

"Certainly," I assure him, and that's is not a complete lie.

The conversation is easy when you know which answers are expected from you. And so finally he says: "You're in."

Phew. At last.

"I'll write you in as Lymnades Marina," he proceeds. "Welcome in the squad, Kaysa. My name is Kanon, I am Sea Dragon Marina. You will be my direct subordinate, you will do all I command, your task is... etc, etc, etc..." A sergeantal speech follows, which I skip.

Sea Dragon, eh? This guy with a photocopier's name is certainly as much a dragon as I am a daisy. But maybe there's a custom to wear pompous names. I have nothing against it, anyway.

Yet I manage to fish from his brain that my Big Boss is called Poseidon, and he's kind of a God. I can't say I like Gods too much, they can see my real self. But we seem to be from different pantheons, and this is my advantage.

Suddenly I feel a female presence. How nice, my full set of abilities seems to be needed.

S.D. Kanon grins at the girl. I do the same thing; she looks at me, disgusted. "Just you wait!" I promise in my thoughts.

"This is Mermaid Tethys."

The girl bows. She's a real cutie, blonde, and all body parts seem to be where they have to be.

"She will show you the place and give you the uniform. See you later at the meeting, Kaysa."

"Follow me," the girl says in a 'bugger off' sound of voice and strides towards the big, huge house.

I do as I am told, scanning the cute blondie's mind on my way. Very comfy mind, I must say, plenty of thoughts on men. But the thinking on some Sorrento firmly dominates.

Tethys heads me into a room where I see a spiky, ugly something.

"This is the Lymnades Cloth." I read it in her mind before she says it.

How am I supposed to wear this?!

The answer comes immediately (and uninvited, I must add). The ugly spikey whatever suddenly unfolds and lands on me. Tethys looks at me disapprovingly, and I feel glad that I don't have a mirror in my vicinity.

"You have to be introduced to the Marinas. Come."

At last I shall see my meals.

We arrive at a big hall. There I see 8 guys, one of them sits on some kind of a throne -- this must be the Big Boss -- the others locate simply on the floor. Kanon managed to arrive already.

"Marinas, meet our final member -- Lymnades Kaysa!"

I am greeted by an erratic "Hello".

So I managed to grab the last position? Lucky me!

Big Boss starts the speech about our tasks, jobs and other stuff. I don't listen; if the info were needed, I would get it later directly from his brain. So why bother now?

Instead, I'm busy with mind scanning of my co-workers.

Sorrento, the same guy who takes the major share of Tethys' mind, has the Siren cloth. Later I realize why it is called like this: the noise he produces on his flute will make a police car in a hurry green with envy. Himself, he looks delicious and sweet; definitely worthy of some attention.

Kanon I already know, but it is better not to hit on him for a while, the same goes for Big Boss. Big Bosses are dangerous prey, especially these divine ones.

The others are simple guys, most of them have Tethys on their minds. Not too surprising, for she is the only female around. I make a special note on Crysaor Krishna; he definitely has a very inventive mind and interesting way of imagination. Well, being from India -- the Kamasutra's country of origin -- he must have some skills, too. I always had an A+ on Kamasutra in the school, so we will probably get along.

* * *

The meeting takes loads of time, and because of its boringness it seems even longer. But finally it ends, and the Marinas start leaving, in groups and alone. With hidden joy I notice that Tethys leaves alone, not forgetting to shoot a few sensual glances towards Sorrento who does not even notice. Is he blind or what? Tethys sighs in disappointment and runs downstairs.

Well, Sorrento, even if you have got the sensitivity of a teapot, you shall be thankful to me, for I am going to raise your reputation a bit.

I look around and confirm that nobody pays attention to my person; then I start to follow Tethys. When we finally are far enough from the headquarters, I take the shape of Sorrento.

"Pssst? Little Mermaid?"

Tethys turns around, and her eyes flare. I'm a bit sad that such a passion is not exactly meant for my person.

"Ento? What are you doing here? Did you follow me?" she asks, her voice full of hope.

Ento? That's how she calls Siren? My, these women seem to have some generator of silly nicknames which they consider cute for some reason.

"Yes, Tethys, I did... I am sorry, but I cannot help it." I shall fulfill her hopes, it's for good.


"Because you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! From the first day I saw you, I couldn't stop thinking about you! I see your face everywhere I go, I dream of you every night! I am so obsessed, I cannot either eat or work, and so finally I decided to confide in you -- do whatever you want, Tethys, but I am all under your power and I cannot take it anymore!"

Do you think I created all this nonsense speech myself? Wrong! I've found it already prepared in the mind of Tethys. Why should I worry with the words, when everything is perfectly ready and waiting to be taken?

For some reason, humans never suspect anyone who quotes their own thoughts letter by letter. Moreover, they begin to like such people strongly.

"Ah, Ento... my dear..." Tethys leans to me.



The necessary first stage follows. Usually women like to stretch this stage into an eternity, and I prepare for such a scenario, but Tethys appears to be full of constructive determination and gets straight to the point.

But in the early beginning of "the point" I start to suspect that there's something weird happening.

Because I'm getting more hungry.

Save me, Astaroth, this girl is a human of succubae type!

And it means I am knee deep in being processed as human's food, because we were warned at school about such human types, who have evolved demonic qualities, and instead of feeding you, they drain you dry. Very rare specimen and speciwomen, and extremely dangerous. And now I got into such a mortally dangerous situation, that I could end up not just being deadly hungry, but even turned immaterial.

"Tethys...Tethys? Tethys, wait! Stop it, please!" But I doubt she hears me. Too busy. I wonder if she is sensitive to tickling?

She is, and there's my chance.

While Tethys is squirming and giggling happily, obviously taking my desperate act of self-defense for an additional sensation, I break free. The expression on Tethys's face changes, when she sees me busying myself with my buttons and zippers.

"Ento, what are you doing?"

"Sorry, dear, I suddenly remembered that I have some very urgent tasks to perform. Some, er,, practice to do on my flute. Yes. Exactly. Some priority exercises in music. S.D. gave me a big thick book of notes and told me that I have to learn all of it for tomorrow. Silly me, I completely forgot about it, and just now remembered, bye, darling, busy, busy me..." I blurt out all this crap, and while Tethys seems to be stricken dumb and motionless by my words, I start running away.

When Tethys finally regains her ability to speak, or rather scream, and move, I am fortunately too far away to hear what she is screaming and I have a big advantage in the distance. I manage to reach my quarters unnoticed, thanks to the autopilot. I remember reaching my bed somehow, digging under the blankets -- and in the next minute I'm already asleep like an exhausted corpse.

I sleep all night like a bear in the wintertime -- being so tired that I have almost forgotten my hunger. When I wake up, the sea is bright already. I decide to go to the headquarters -- maybe I'll hunt up some breakfast there.

What a luck -- I manage to arrive at the same time with Sorrento. His hair is all messed up, he is grim and sombre, and he drastically tries not to turn the left side of his face to me. Of course, such secretiveness wakes a very natural curiosity in me -- and when I finally manage to take a peek, I see that he has got a nice blue colored bruise under his left eye. It perfectly matches the color of his magenta eyes.

"Good morning, Sorrento. What's that with your eye?" I ask in the most polite manner.

"Fell off the stairs," he mumbles under his nose, and speeds his steps, obviously avoiding further conversation.

Well, I'm not going to make him talk. The man may keep his secrets to himself.

At the entrance, there stands Scylla Io and smokes a cigarette. The view is terrible -- tender, delicate and thin Scylla with a cigarette, which looks just obscene in his mouth.

"You are late to the meeting," Io says reproachfully and coughs on the smoke, when we reach him. "And what happened to your face, Sorrento?"

"Bugger off!" Sorrento decides against visiting the headquarters and rushes downstairs.

"He fell off the stairs," I explain to Io's astonished look.

"I always said it would happen sooner or later. The architect probably was nuts, putting them steps all over the place." Io nods solemnly and inhales the smoke, looking extremely disgusted. "Anyway, S.D. was mad as hell, because most of you guys were absent, and he put off the meeting till this afternoon. And we all must be present -- it's a compulsory order, he said very clearly.

"Important news? What kind of, Io?" we hear Baian shouting from downstairs. "Hello, Sorrento... My, who decorated your weeper like that?"

"&^%$#@ $%%##%, )*&^^$ and (*&#%&*, you ^%$## !!!"

"No need to be rude -- I was only asking..." Baian looks at the back of running Sorrento, shrugs and climbs towards us. "What news?"

"Dunno. S.D. said nothing, just pointed out very sharply that we all must be present." Io almost doubles over coughing. "I hate these cigarettes!"

Baian and me exchange glances over his head.

"Look, Io," Baian says. "I can't understand why you are smoking then? You don't like it -- you don't smoke it. At least I understand it like this."

"Body language," Io explains, straightening up.

"What?" I utter together with Baian, he honestly clueless, and I'm interested -- never miss a chance to add to your skills, I always say.

"Well," Io explains, "it's for picking up girls. If one just approaches a girl and starts making saucy suggestions, the girl is offended -- or has to play offended, because these are the rules of the game. But using body language, one can suggest the most obscene things ever and it won't be considered rude. It's called the art of flirting."

"Huh?" Baian obviously understands nothing, but I'm quite interested.

"Show me, please?" I address Io. Io shows... it would be much better if he hadn't. The all-time famous trick with a banana as training appliance looks innocent like a baby unicorn compared to it.

"I'm going to be sick," Baian moans. And I find this situation a good excuse for me to get away, for there is a plan evolving in my head.

"Right, guys, see you at the meeting, then." I wave goodbye to them and go downstairs.

Sorrento's already gone, but I have decided to find him -- and I will. He and my plan are very much connected.

After some time of futile searching, all I find is Isaac, whom I decide to ask about my subject.

"He went over there," Isaac points the direction. "Just be careful, he seems to be in some hysterical mood today. I asked only how he hurt his face, and he burst into tears."

"Thank you -- and by the way, S.D. called an extra meeting in a few hours. The presence is compulsory."

"Meeting, shmeeting... how I hate all this employee management stuff," I hear Isaac grumbling, while I rush towards the shown direction.

I spot Sorrento accidentally; he sits, curled together, under some plant, looking very unhappy. Scanning of the environment shows that the place is well hidden -- right what I need. Next thing in the line is to transform into Tethys. After yesterday's little adventure of mine, I still remember her shapes quite well, so that's no problem at all.

"Ento?" I step in front of Sorrento.

Sorrento looks at me horrified, cowers, then jumps up and is all ready to run away. Like it's not a pretty blonde standing in front of him, but S.D. with the meeting's schedule.

"Ento, wait!" I manage to grab his arm, but he struggles madly, trying to free it. Better I think what to say next, while he is not interested yet, why this tiny girl suddenly has got so much strength.

"Ento, please, let me explain! I am so sorry for, er, this," I nod guiltily at his left eye and at the same time I launch a pheromone attack.

I hate chemical warfare. This method is low and unsporty. But now I cannot allow myself to be picky, in this situation.

The pheromones start to work immediately -- Sorrento stops struggling and scowls at me, poutily.

"You shouldn't have done this initially, Tethys. And I still cannot understand why!"

Ah, the enigma of deadly stairs is solved. I feel a tiny bit guilty that I was responsible for this. Alright, now my duty is to redeem my fault by giving him the best quality service. We, cubi, not just take energy from people, mind you. In exchange, we give them some organic processes they claim to need.

"Oh Ento, please, please forgive my impulsiveness! I just got mad because I like you so much and you never paid attention to me, and kept failing to notice my feelings. You should know, Ento, that a woman feels hurt when her feelings go unnoticed and unanswered... ah, but I'm really so ashamed. Let me fix what I have done, please, Ento?" I touch his cheek with my fingertips, very tenderly.

Sorrento jerks his head, but at the close distance my pheromones are irresistible. The look in his eyes changes, and he starts to breathe in higher frequency.

"You really like me?" Still he resists to believe.

"Yes..." Now I lean to him, body to body, while my pheromones happily continue the attack.

"You should have said that earlier!" Sorrento puts his arms around me.

"That's what I am doing now." I stand on tiptoe, trying to keep my lips in the same line as his and in a few millimeters distance. This is one of the '100% probability' methods. It never failed before, it doesn't now.

And on this, the preparation is accomplished. Now, it is just a matter of skills.

A frantic tumbling, a button here, there and over here. "Rrrrip!" -- Sorrento's getting impatient, that's nice. Good that we are not in our armors. In the next moment, Sorrento throws me onto the ground. If I were a real woman, these stones under my bottom would be a real pain in the ass, forgive me this rude pun. Now all I have to do is to readjust matter a bit.

The final step is on and ready. I prepare to enjoy it -- finally, I'll get something for the breakfast... but Sorrento already stands up, adjusting his clothes and guiltily looking around.

Whaaaaat? 19 sec? Nineteen seconds? I, metaphorically speaking, haven't managed to unfold my fork and knife, and he is done already?

"And that is all?" I ask silently, still refusing to believe.

"Er, but I think this is what you wanted, no? What do you want -- more?"

I know what I want for this moment -- to fix this annoying asymmetry of colors on his face. By adding another blue spot.

He definitely reads this in my eyes, for he hurriedly turns away and starts to run like hell. The only reason I am not chasing him is that it is impossible to run with your pants down at knee level.

"You are baaaad!" I hear his fading yell.

No, I'm not. I'm just very hungry, and if I don't manage to find something edible quickly, I will end consuming fish.

But at first that bloody meeting, which I remember only now, and for which I am late, too. Arriving, I find the headquarters totally empty. Well, it could be worse; I could have found S.D., meaningfully looking at his watch.

Now I should try to find Io, he probably won't refuse to explain what was discussed during the meeting. I immediately depart to search him, putting on my armor first. Just in case; besides, I need to cover the torn shirt.

* * *

While heading towards Io's workplace, I notice some apparition and barely manage to hide behind a column to prevent myself from being seen. It is always better to explore the possible prey while it doesn't know about you yet.

The guy is a stranger to me. He is young, blond and looks tasty in a delicate way. The only thing that spoils his nice looks is the duck on his head. Not a real one, of course. It's a hat in the form of a silly grinning duck. One of its eyes is blue, another's red. Jolly hat, I must admit. Anyway, the lost look and silly hat can possibly mean only one thing: in front of me there stands a tourist.

The "Manual for freshly graduated cubi" says very clearly that tourists are an easy snack. There's even a category called 'sex tourists' -- and now I am going to find out whether Duckman is one or not.

The first necessary thing is to get into his mind. I do so, and immediately get absolutely and hopelessly lost. This is not a mind but a bloody maze! How does he know how to operate it?

Let's see. there's a woman, a mature one, nice and sweet... no, rejected -- it's his mother. I should search for another, but how to do this in his spaghetti plate shaped mind?

Meantime, Duckman, wandering around, reaches the place I'm hiding and he gets dangerously close. I must hurry, for he will see me soon.

I grab on another image, which seems important to him, initially checking if it is not his granny or suchlike -- and manage my transformation just in time, for in the next moment Duckman notices me. And freezes into the place. His eyes become so big that I can see my image in them like in two mirrors.

And my mistake, too. In my hurry and mess I performed the relativity check, but forgot about the gender one. My chosen apparition is a man. And homosexual relationships were only an elective course for me in the school.

"Ca... Sensei?" My Duckman finally regains his gift of the speech. "But, but, how? I mean, I thought you are dead!"

So to all that, I'm his dead teacher. Very touchy. But what's done that's done, and I must work in the conditions I created myself in my stupid head.

Trying to remember all I have studied on homosexual relationship lectures, I approach my Ducky tourist, on the way discovering that his name is Hyoga.

"But I'm not, Hyoga. And I'm so glad to see you..." I go towards him, he backs off, trips on a stone and falls onto his back, still looking at me as at the Phantom of the Opera. Here's my chance.

I bend over him, then squat down, took him by his shoulders and tenderly but firmly pull him closer, despite his stiff resistance.

"I missed you, Hyoga..." My teachers would be proud of my whisper.

The ducky tourist suddenly relaxes in my arms. I would be surprised if he hadn't, because my whisper is one of the things I can do best.

"Ah Sensei, you can't even imagine how happy I am to see you alive! Somewhere deep in my heart I always believed you were not dead!" Ducky tourist chirps in such an amiable and nice voice. I'm impressed -- I like beautiful things in people. Maybe homosexual relationships are not too tricky, I should think better about them. I start stroking his hair in the "1st Step of Classical Intro" way. The tourist stops short.

"Sensei, what are you doing?!"

"Hyoga, I probably never told you, but I always liked you so much... You were my favorite pupil, and it was so hard for me to keep my feelings hidden. And now that I met you this sudden, I'm shocked, I can't hold it anymore..." I coo into his ear, using my most skilled tone of voice and basic effectual words, even though their meaning is not really important. It's the voice that does the trick; also do I decide to move over to the "2nd Step of Classical Intro" and begin 'accidentally' touching his ear and one particular spot on the neck, while stroking his hair.

For a moment, the ducky tourist seems to be highly confused, but then he reaches some decision (I can't see what exactly, for I have no wish to enter his mazemind again) and pulls me closer.

"Whatever you wish to do, Sensei... everything what is good for you is good for me. Please do to me whatever you want -- I will obey willingly."

I wonder... Where did this submissive attitude come from? Do I wear a spiky collar or got a whip stuck in the top of my boot, or what? I surreptitiously examine my looks -- well, nothing like a BDSM practiser.

There's an armor on me, of similar design like my original one -- it means it's flashy and impractical enough to fit the description of a fetish object. But as my armor serves as a serious uniform, this faked one must have a similar purpose. Now I begin to regret that I was not paying enough attention to the course of freudism in the school. He was always unbearably boring for me, Freud. Besides, he seemed to be ill with some form of bulimia: all he could think of all the time was food, food and even more food. But now his point of view could be handy... ack, but what's the use to cry over the spilled milk? Let's make our day with the resources we possess right now.

I launch "2nd step" with full power. Ducky tourist reacts, naturally, looks more relaxed and even starts to produce some signs of initiative himself.

"How does this thing unzip?" he mutters, trying not to be heard, while his hands run through my armor.

And only now I remember this armor is illusory. I do wear my own armor, but there's only a miserable chance that all the buttons and zippers are in the same places. What to do, what to do?

"Camus? Hyoga?! What the [bleepely-bleepely-beep] are you doing here?!"

Oh boy, it seems that we have company in the person of Isaac who looks at us like he just found a snake in his bed (I know what I am talking about. Played this trick on some dude during Halloween).

I'm even glad to see Isaac here -- it is the perfect chance for me to retreat. I'm not a homocubus, after all.

"Er... excuse me, guys. I suddenly remembered I must be somewhere else. Good bye, take care you two." I softly release myself from ducky tourist's grip, but he doesn't struggle too much -- he is busy staring at Isaac.

"Isaac? I thought you are dead!"

Why does this guy think all around him must be dead? He doesn't look like a goth, but then, who can tell nowadays?

Unnoticed in the noisy fight which begins immediately, I creep away. When I finally dare to peek from behind the column, Hyoga and Isaac bark at each other joyfully: "How dare you!!! It's nobody's business but my own!!!" way. Better to run away, while they are occupied.

I turn and immediately stumble upon another tourist. And I'm in no shape!

It is the major flaw in being any kind of cubi -- when you are spotted naked, you automatically grab on the first shape you are able to reach.

Thus I end as yet another man.

Is it my personal Saturday 14th today or what?

The current tourist has chains attached to his sleeves and because of that looks suspiciously like a runaway jailer.

"Niiiiiiiiiisan!!!" he squeaks at me extremely excitedly and rushes closer.

So I am his brother. Not that bad as to be a dead teacher, but what's the use for me? I won't be satiated on brotherly love. I must get rid of the jailer tourist as soon as possible, for he can be dangerous.

"Shun." It is jailer's name, I have gotten it from his mind. "What a luck that I met you. I need your help, er, elsewhere."

Runaway jailer stops a few meters from me. His lower lip begins to tremble, his eyes begin to glitter -- and in the next moment they are flowing like two Niagaras of tears.

Now what did I say?!

"Niiiiisaaaan!" The runaway jailer weeps. "You say you need my help? Wah, it is you who are always helping me, and now I hear you finally need my help, too! I am so touched, so happy... so..." The words end as sobs.

My oh my, how has he gotten jailed? Flooded some city?

In one step, my jailer overcomes the distance that separates us and buries his face in my chest.

"Cloiiiiiinnnng!!!!" This is the sound of the collision between his head and my armor. But as the broken nose adds to the source of tears, the runaway jailer seems to be just happier with it.

I wonder whether my armor is rustproof? For I don't want to explain the damage to S.D. at all.

While desperately thinking what to do with the runaway jailer (at first, I wanted to send him to Hyoga, because "chains and submission go along well" -- "Manual for freshly graduated Cubi", Appendix D, Chapter 11.3, part c) -- but I remember in time that the ducky tourist is busy with Isaac), I fail to feel someone's presence for a second time this day. One day my absent-mindedness will kill me.

The freshly arrived person looks exactly like me. Or, to be more precise, it's I who look like him. My common sense says it is runaway jailer's big brother, and he looks as if he's not going to play silly buggers.

"Would you mind?" he asks politely, pulling the jailer firmly but tenderly to himself.

"No, no, not at all! Thank you," I say with much relief.

The runaway jailer looks at him. Then at me. Then at him again -- and the Niagaras, that seemed to have dried up for the moment, start again with full devastating force.

The big brother rumbles through his pockets. The search produces a big red handkerchief, decorated with jolly dancing chicken.

"Now, now..." He holds the runaway jailer soothingly and mops his tears with the handkerchief. Then he wrings it out and presses it to the jailer's nose.

"Blow," he commands.

Looking at them I begin to feel some strange sympathy for the big brother. He catches my look and obviously read it. "You can't even imagine", his tired eyes say. We feel a strange unity being born between us -- well, that's just enough for me. I decide to leave while the runaway jailer is busy with the handkerchief and the big bother with the runaway jailer.

"Hey!" The steadfast voice of the big brother reaches me. "Who the hell are you?"

"All explanations later!" I yell without turning and start to run. Nobody chases me, and I use this fortunate situation to stop, tear some leaves from a nearby growing plant and wipe my armor breastplate more or less dry.

When I spot another tourist, I'm already hungry as a wolf, but now I act more carefully. I scan the tourist's mind from my hideaway.

Jolly wowsers, who would suspect that this shortie is a womanizer? There are so many girls squeezing in his mind that I wonder how the crowd manages to fit in there. That's a mind I prefer in a man. It's a bit difficult to choose, I must admit, but I decide to stop on some redhead finally.

She seems to be a bit more important than the others are, besides, I always wanted to be a redhead. She wears a mask -- they probably met in a carnival, what is good -- a bit of a romance is never a nuisance.

So I copy-paste the appearance of the redhead, save the face -- faces are the most difficult part to do, and why bother with it when it is under the mask anyway?

This day has taught me several important things, so I examine myself thoroughly before entering the field of vision of this new tourist. No doubt, this time I am a woman.

"Seiya," I call him.

The tourist turns around, notices me and his face lightens up. How nice it is, to get some positive feedback.

"Marin!" He waves at me and starts to come closer. I decide to follow his initiative and go to meet him.

Better I hadn't.

I acquired this Marin's appearance and voice, but there's no way I could copy her skill to walk on the high heels.

My unsteady, stumbling gait naturally wakes a suspicion in the tourist (probably this Marin is able to run marathons and dance rock'n'roll on these damn heels like every female), and he stops.

"You are not Marin... are you?" the tourist states.

I rumble through his thoughts. My, his suspicion is high and his intentions promise nothing good for me. Now I must fight not for my lunch but for my health, or even my life. And there's only one chance to be left unharmed, and yet again it is connected with Freud. This day is probably Freud's revenge on me for playing cards on his course and sleeping in the lectures.

But I have no other choice.

"No, Seiya... I am your sister!" I take the mask off, preliminary doing the face of a girl I once knew. The tourist saw his sister last time when they both were kiddies, and people tend to change while growing up, so he probably will not get suspicious on that.

Again, Freud proves that he was somewhat right in his maniacal conclusions. The tourist drops all suspicions, not gaining any new ones, which of course would occur to a person not obsessed with freudistic thoughts on his sister.

"Seika! I was looking for you everywhere, and finally I found you! I am so happy!" He squeezes me in his arms, and I softly hit him on the one special spot on the neck. I'm good at body locations, if you didn't notice that yet.

The poor tourist limps in my arms like a sack, his eyes radiate such a hurt "Why?" before closing, that I almost feel sorry for him. But I have no time for emotions, and drag the body into some hidden place. I have not killed him, after all, and he will recover soon; I was not hard on him, because killing tourists is bad for business -- and though S.D. is not the best boss on Earth -- he's not that bad that I would ruin his job before leaving.

Yeah, you got me right. I'm leaving this damn place and this damn job.

These two days were enough for me, I'm not that freaky. This job is too crazy for a young and simple unicubus. Better I follow the advice of some succubus I know and try to get a job in some house with a red lantern.

It would be far less dangerous, I am sure.

The End

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