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(Quotes that had place in "Saint Seiya" but were censored due to various reasons and later presented to us by an anonymous benefactor)

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Part I: Sanctuary, or Running Up That Stairs.

We have created the invincible team!
(Saga/Ares, The Evil Pope)

+ + +

Saga, or the Gemini Saint, or Ares.

He was the first discovered case of mental disease schizophrenia in Sanctuary.
Vain, cruel, boastful. Also: modest, mild, shy.
Can be recognized by: Ability to change appearance (depending on personality in charge).
Weak spot: brain.
Favorite quote: "It's not my fault!"
Marital status: single.
Personality: split.

(Sanctuary's Encyclopaedia for Young Saints)

+ + +

Ares?! Then who am I ?!
(G. Saga)

And I expected to get finally rid of that tattoo...
(D. Shiryu, "How It All Began")

(P. Ikki)

Thank you for your small and absolutely voluntary blood donation. And, of course, my repairment services are totally free.

If I ever catch the bugger who nicked the bells of my cowherd...
(Unknown Cowboy)

I was told: "Never ever eat an unknown mushroom"...
(P. Seiya, "Tales from the Abyss")

"Hate me" is not the same as "Kill me".
(Ikki's Sensei, "Famous Last Words")

What idiot left the naked power cable on the ground?!
(A. Shun, "Vacation on the Spirit Island")

My house's on fire and no water available? Somebody please upset Shun, and make it quick!
(S. Kido)

You again?!
(P. Seiya, "Shaina and me")

What a big huge piece of a pyramid, Crystal! So you want to be buried as pharaoh, eh?
(P. Seiya)

What are you looking at? Never saw a naked man?
(L.Misty, "Famous Last Words")

She's a man? Damn, I better kill him, for if anyone realizes...
(P. Seiya, "Mistakes of My Life")

Not you again...
(P. Seiya, "Shaina and me")

Mysterious disappearance of stone statues from Sanctuary's garden!!!
("Sanctuary Times" tabloid)

The battle with Corvus was almost as bad as our good ol' times in orphanage pillow battles.
(P. Seiya, "Tales from the Abyss")

Let me guess -- you again?
(P. Seiya, "Shaina and me")

Yesterday, all my troubles were so far away...
(G. Saga, "Sanctuary's Spa Songs)

Saga?! Then who am I?!
(Ares, the God)

What an unexpected visit -- you again.
(P. Seiya, "Shaina and me")

Lewd young people of these days... One minute you don't know you've got kids, next minute "Hello, Grandpa!"
(M. Kido, "Greece Notes")

I need volunteers to accompany me to conquer Sanctuary. Who didn't manage to hide, blame only yourselves.
(S. Kido)

Is Athena's support team collected yet? If not, I'm still in Algeria.
(U. Jabu)

We should depart immediately, for bad omens started to appear: yesterday I saw Seiya paying his cards debts.
(P. Ikki)

Two tasks on the line: 1. Destroy Ares; 2. Get into his Spa without the invitation.
(Excerpt from Graude Foundation's board meeting's Agenda)

Am I your Pope or what?!

Who are you calling a beefsteak, you, winged pony?
(T. Aldebaran)

No, guys, I'm not running away! I'm Yes, of course lost.
(P. Seiya, at Gemini's temple)

And then my chain returns with pieces of jewelry on it, and I think "Wow, it's cool! I wonder if it works for banks and jewelry shops, too" - but this was just honest curiosity, officer, I swear!
(A.Shun, from explanations in Police dept.)

+ + +

Deathmask, or the Cancer Saint.

Established the first Museum of Alternative Art in the Sanctuary.
Mean, bad, cruel. Also: mean, bad, cruel.
Can be recognized by: annoying laughter.
Weak spot: Shunrei.
Favorite quote: "Moooo-hahaha-whee-yaaahaah-brhaaahahaaaaaaa!"
Marital status: single.
Personality: nasty.

(Sanctuary's Encyclopaedia for Young Saints)

+ + +

The timer in "Cure the Vision Potion" -- that was a great joke!
(A. Mu, "Book of Pranks")

Seiya? Seiya who? Must I remember all folks I quaff with?
(L. Aiolia)

+ + +

Shaka, or the Virgo Saint.

The strongest Gold Saint, he already has reached the 8th sense. Now the only sense for him that left to reach is common one.
Silent, calm, neutral. Also: self-centered, ignorant, overestimates himself.
Can be recognized by: closed eyes.
Weak spot: open eyes.
Favorite quote: "Zzz-zzz-z-z-z..."
Marital status: single.
Personality: absent.

(Sanctuary's Encyclopaedia for Young Saints)

+ + +

"Please don't wake me, no don't shake me, leave me where I am - I'm only sleeping..."
(Cover of "The Beatles" performed by Sanctuary's famous band "Shaka and the Mantramumblers")

Who do you think you are?! Wilhelm Tell?!
(P. Seiya, in Sagittarius Temple)

+ + +

Shura, or the Capricorn Saint.

The first attempt in Sanctuary to set up a modern satellite based communication system.
Loyal, deaf to arguments, stubborn. Also: uncomplicatedly plain, straightforward, easy.
Can be recognized by: The silliest helmet in Sanctuary.
Weak spot: Loyalty.
Favorite quote: "Shut up, I'm not listening anyway!"
Marital status: single.
Personality: undeveloped.

(Sanctuary's Encyclopaedia for Young Saints)

+ + +

My Master used to mention you a lot... in fact, you was his favorite swearword.
(C.Hyoga, "How I met Camus")

He's so generous, so noble and kind... to think he could kill me.
(C.Hyoga, "How I met Camus")

+ + +

Camus, or the Aquarius Saint.

The first (though unfortunately involuntary) case of anabiosis applying in Sanctuary.
Cold, senseless, serious. Also: chilling, reserved, unsociable.
Can be recognized by: small blizzards in surroundings.
Weak spot: Not discovered.
Favorite quote: "It was necessary, sorry that you are dead."
Marital status: single.
Personality: frozen.

(Sanctuary's Encyclopaedia for Young Saints)

+ + +

Aphrodite, or the Pisces Saint.

His scientific achievements in applied botanic are still beyond reach for any of his followers.
Weird, freaky, scary. Also: pretty, stunning, fascinating.
Can be recognized by: rose in the mouth.
Weak spot: under his left eye.
Favorite quote: "I'm ash beautiful ash my roshesh!" (lisp due the aforementioned rose in the mouth).
Marital status: kidding ?!
Personality: smelly.

(Sanctuary's Encyclopaedia for Young Saints)

+ + +

Seiya, wake up. Really, found a perfect time and place to sleep.
(A. Marin)

What's that, Pope -- your face, your mask or just my hangover?...
(P. Seiya)

Part 2: Asgard, or "Melt the iceberg -- save "Titanic!"

"Baby, hit me one more time!"
(P. Seiya, "Sanctuary's Spa Songs)

Glory, she said. Duty, she said. Respect, she said....and now kids throw stones at me. You call this respect? 'Coz I don't!
(P. Thor, "Famous Last Words")

You son of a ....female wolf!
(D.Shiryu, from "Speeches to Fenrir")

So you want my sapphire? And my will with you as the only heir, don't you need it accidentally?

Shun, please stop crying, you already almost extinguished my Cosmo.
(P. Ikki "Advices of an Elder Brother")

Sorry guys, I didn't find your Ping-Pong ball. Maybe this ducky thing could do?
(M. Alberich, "Conversations with My Plants")

Freddy Kruger always was my idol since childhood.
(M. Syd)

Oh the ringy doesn't want to come off, does it? Maybe I can help?
(P. Seiya)

III. chapter: Poseidon, or "I'm only happy when it rains"

I forgot to warn you about our tidal waves...
(P. Hilda)

It's not my brother. It's me.
(S.D. Kanon)

Hey? And how about my 3 wishes?
(S.D. Kanon, after opening Poseidon's jar)

How could I know he's an experienced Dimensional Hitchhiker?
(S.D. Kanon)

To all my troubles, roof's leaking...
(S.D. Kanon)

IV. Chapter -- Collected by Tevia Pertiwi

Your bangs look funny...
(P. Seiya, "Unwise Comments")

Braids, braids, braids, braids...
(D. Shiryu)

She's not my weak spot, okay?
(P.Ikki, "How Esmeralda Changed My Life")

No, let me repeat, your body stays here, while your soul goes to the other side.
(C.Deathmask, "FAQ On Sekishiki Mei Kai Ha")

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