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Bronze Viruses

1. Seiya virus: Does not allow the computer to shut down, constantly restarting it.

2. Shiryu virus: Your display periodically goes black.

3. Hyoga virus: Constantly deletes "My favorites" directory.

4. Shun virus: Causes short circuit in the computer and launches some chemical reactions with water as one of final products.

5. Ikki virus: Activates when the user tries to fix the consequences of Shun virus and tries to scorch the user.

Gold Viruses

1. Mu virus: Your computer suddenly claims your hardware is all outdated and demands the full update. If refused, it formats hard disk.

2. Aldebaran virus: This virus corrupts antiviral programs on the computer: antiviral program does not detect and clean viruses whom Aldebaran grants permission.

3. Saga virus: The computer starts randomly switching between OS'es installed (Win to Linux, Dos to Win, etc). All unsaved data is lost. If there is only one OS on the computer, it formats the hard disk.

4. Deathmask virus: As first step it changes your desktop icons into ugly faces, then starts deleting .sys, .com and .exe files, after each deletion creating analogical ugly face on the desktop. If Shiryu is on the computer, it formats the hard disk.

5. Aiolia virus: Creates a voltage on the keyboard. If Saga is on the computer, it causes a major short circuit, leaving the computer's inside totally beyond the repair.

6. Shaka virus: Damages adapters of display, sound card and mouse, locks the keyboard and finally corrupts the BIOS generally.

7. Dohko virus: Does absolutely nothing, but does not allow any process run on the computer either.

8. Milo virus: Randomly damages 14 system components. If not spotted and cured in time, it always chooses the system registry as 15th target.

9. Aiolos virus: Like Aldebaran, it corrupts antiviral programs, but only in a way that it does not allow to delete viruses less than 13K.

10. Shura virus: Your Internet browser opens only

11. Camus virus: Your system freezes. Restart does not help.

12. Aphrodite virus: As first step it installs a screensaver which persuades the user to lose concentration. If this failed, then it begin to create bad clusters on the hard disk in big quantities. If scandisk is launched, it formats all hard disks.

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