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Chapter 1

Those eyes of divine beauty! Just don't drown in them, Seiya.


"His eyes... what eyes..." Seiya thought for probably the hundredth time. The God of the Underworld, who was gloomily striding forward, outdistancing Seiya by few steps, suddenly stopped short and turned to him, dark fire sparkling in his eyes. Seiya felt himself melting like butter in the sun.

"That is just enough. For once, spill out what's so special about my eyes and let's close the subject. As if the situation wasn't bad enough, and then I have to listen to these constant remarks!"

To say Seiya was shocked was like saying nothing. After an undefined time of silence, the God had spoken! And spoken first.

"I mean, they are so unexpectedly beautiful for a God of Darkness..." Seiya gulped, thinking how the God of Death had to be addressed. Your Deathness? Your Deathship?

"Just call me Hades, alright?" Hades said wearily and sighed. "Your Deathship... yeppers! I wonder what those human will create for me next - a Deathcar, maybe?"

"But how..." Seiya was absolutely sure he hadn't said anything, and then the realization struck him. "You can read my thoughts, can't you?"

"Of course I can. I am a God, after all." Hades kept looking, Seiya kept melting. "And about that eyes thing... nothing difficult in that. Like any God, I am free to choose any design of any body part. You probably expected me to have something yellow with snakelike pupils?" Hades demonstrated the new design; Seiya shuddered. "Nevertheless, I prefer my eyes like they are. Are you satisfied with my answer?"

Seiya nodded.

"Good. Then keep going." Hades turned and returned to his previous occupation, i.e. grimly walking forward.

"Where are we going anyway?" Seiya caught up with Hades. He didn't want to loose the chance to communicate with him just after he got it.

"Someplace where I find a spot I can recognize and get away of this boring landscape."

"Wait, wait... you mean we are not dead?" Hades stopped again and looked at Seiya as if he just said, 'Are you sure the Earth is a sphere?'

"Me, the God of Death? Dead? Child, I can never die! If I ever died, that would cause a major paradox and lead to the fall of the whole Universe!"

Seiya was horrified.

"Or other Death Gods would occupy my territories," proceeded Hades, unwillingly. "And there would be a little bit more undead on Earth. But I won't let them fiends to claim on my place, I grant you that! All I have to do is to find the way back, and then I'll show them... and to think it's all your fault!" Hades looked at Seiya reproachfully, but without real anger.

"Sorry... I thought I would die, taking you with me, and that's all... I didn't mean any harm, really!"

"All that you achieved was to damage my Sapuri and my precious sword." Hades looked sorrowfully at the sad remains on his belt. "And do you know how much Hephaestos charges for the repairs?"

"I can imagine." Seiya said, remembering some certain events in his own life. Hades looked interested.

"Who's that Mu?"

"Nobody you would want to let repair your things." But Hades already looked at Seiya with understanding and inoffensive sympathy. Encouraged by such attitude, Seiya dared, "Could you please stop reading my mind? I feel slightly uneasy, you see... we humans are not used to that."

"Sure, if it bothers you." Hades shrugged. "Anyway, your mind is as interesting as a telephone book, save that riddle about my eyes and some insights on girls." Seiya blushed. "Only I will get bored again, losing this small attraction."

"Well, and if we try to talk instead?" Seiya ventured.

"Good idea. Very good indeed." Now, Hades looked at Seiya with approval and even some respect. "Why I haven't thought about that earlier? Ah, whatever... let's go, Seiya. It is not that we could not waste our time, but to stand here is of no use at all."

Seiya followed the Death God, his mind working intensely on something.

"So what you are saying is that we do not have any time limits?"

"Not a single one. All time - if it exists here - is ours."

"And there is no quest we must perform to a certain tight hour?"

"Well, it would be nice to find an exit, but that's no quest, I suppose."

"And not a single sign of steps around anywhere..."

"Seiya, are you feeling well? Where could steps appear from, in this Chaos?"

"You know, Hades - it seems I like this place."

* * *

Meanwhile, in some other totally undefined place...

Twelve bodies were occupying various positions on the ground. They lay like that for some unclear time; and finally one, or to be precise, two of them (one upon the other) moved slightly. From the body which was below escaped a strangled moan.

Saga - that was him - woke up first due to the great pressure on him, which appeared to be the body of Aldebaran (it is one of the General Principles of Universe: the bulkiest and heaviest thing *always* lands upon something delicate and fragile). But Saga somehow managed to crawl out.

"Er? What? Whazzup?" Aldebaran, triggered by Saga's struggles, regained consciousness, too.

One by one, the Twelve came back to life.

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