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Hi Folks!

As I get about one hundred emails every day by now, I just can't manage to answer all of them anymore. As much as it might sound strange to some of you - I have a life beyond hosting this website and answering questions about Saint Seiya (that is, I work as online editor, freelance author for a computer magazine, translator and teacher of computer courses plus I study English, Japanese and computational linguistics).

So I decided to set up an FAQ in which I give you the answers to some recurring questions where you will not get an answer via email by me anymore. I'm sorry, I really don't have the time anymore!

1. Where can I buy XY?

Go to the Where to Shop Saint Seiya Stuff List! I know that Sebastian Arias doesn't maintain it anymore, but he points you to places where you can find info. I would do just the same, after all, that's where I got my stuff, too.

2. Are there Saint Seiya Videos/Mangas in English?

To my information, you only get Saint Seiya mangas in Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese. So if you want to read them, you'd better learn one of these languages. No English or German, sorry. You have to live with it. And no, I will not translate any of the mangas to either English or German for you.

The animated series is so far only available in Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese. But the great news is - the series has been picked up for release on the US market!! If you wait a little longer, you will be able to buy Saint Seiya on DVD in English language.

3. Are there DVDs of Saint Seiya?

So far you can find a French DVD version with French dub only. There will be a Deluxe version with French and Japanese voices in the near future. The covers of the Deluxe version have been designed by the French artist Jérôme Alquié. For more information sign up to the French language French Saint Seiya ML. There you will likely get the information as soon as it is available.

English language DVDs will be available in the near future as the series finally got pcked up by a US company for release in the United states.

4. Does the Hades Chapter exist as Anime?

The Hades Chapter comprised the mangas #19-#28. Saint Seiya fans all over the world had to wait until 2002 for the producers to finally decide that it might be a good idea to release this famous chapter as anime as well.

From November 2002 on, 13 episodes of Hades are produced as OAV and going to be broadcast on a Japanese Pay-TV channel. Additionally they will be released on DVD in Japan. There will be 7 DVDs, the first with one, the others with two OVA episodes each. A US DVD release has not been scheduled yes.

You can download the official Hades trailer at the Japanese website of Toei animation.

Additionally there is a short story, Do cvidanya on one of the OSTs (Shounen-Ki) that hinted at the time after Hades, and there were rumours about a planned Heaven/Zeus Chapter, but it was never published.

5. Can you copy me the videos of Saint Seiya?

In one word: No.

If you want to obtain the videos, check the stores listed in the Where to Shop Saint Seiya Stuff List and buy them. In France you can obtain the French dub in SECAM format, but there is also a PAL version available in Belgium or Switzerland. I don't know anything about the other language versions.

6. Can you copy me the Music CDs of Saint Seiya?

In one word: No.

Check out or where they often show up in auctions.

7. Can you sell me XY?

In one word: No.

I don't own a shop, I just obtained the Saint Seiya stuff I wanted to have - and that means, I want to keep it, too. You don't need to ask, I will not sell my shitajiki, cels, trading cards etc. I'm glad that I got them, and so I don't want to give them away!

8. I want to publish FanFics/FanArt on your site!

As it happens, I set up a file with FanFic Submission Guidelines. Please read that first and then you know what to do.

9. Can you email me XY from your website?

In one word: No.

Be happy that I uploaded everything to the WWW, so that you can take your time to download the stuff as you please. If you are too lazy to do that, well, that's not my problem.

10. Can you email me the MP3 file I'm looking for?

In one word: No.

The stuff is copyrighted, and I'm not going to get into trouble uploading or sending illegal stuff like that.

11. I want to see XY on your site - why don't you have that?

There are some reasons that might apply...

1.   I just don't have it
2.   I'm not interested in having it
3.   I haven't had the time to edit it

In case 1)   I might put it up when I get it,
in case 2)   it's "Sorry, you lose"; and
in case 3)   you just have to wait.

The day only has 24 hours, and I don't get money for maintaining this site. So you have to excuse me if I do more important things first. If you feel cheated by that as some people accused me (because I wrote somewhere "coming soon" and there is still nothing coming up) well, that's your problem. I maintain this page just for fun and don't get paid for it, so I do not feel obliged to do things where I don't have the time for, or which I just don't feel like doing at the moment.

12. I want more pictures!

Tough luck. I uploaded all have. But why don't you check the other Saint Seiya pages on my link list? There might be the pics you are looking for.

And no, you do not need to send me pictures you took from other pages so that I can upload them to mine. I will only upload scans or screen shots I did myself. I do not see any point to upload stuff that comes from other pages unless it's fanart or fan fiction and the artists themselves request me to publish their stuff.

13. I have a Saint Seiya question!

If you want to know what happened in episode XY, or why character X did Y to character Z, please go into the Saint Seiya Chat and ask there. I really don't have the time to check the stuff just because someone else wants to know. If you are lucky, you will find someone who can answer your question in the chat. If not - well, I'm not omniscient either.

14. I want to be your email pal!

Why? You don't even know me. If you wish to have someone to exchange emails about Saint Seiya, just check out the Saint Seiya Mailing Lists and sign up in one that sounds interesting to you. I have more than enough people I already know with whom I exchange emails, I really can't take any more. If you want to meet me, just look into the Saint Seiya Chat. Expect me when you see me!

15. Who is your favourite character?

It is amazing, but there really seem to be people around who haven't noticed that my absolute fave is Aquarius Camus and write me emails just asking me to find out who is my fave... Well, here, read it: My fave is Aquarius Gold Saint Camus! And for a more detailed listing of my likes and dislikes, I have set up a file called Who is this Stayka person anyway?. And no, asking me about my age will not turn up any definite answer for you. I always answer the same: I'm timeless.

If you have something really important to tell me that isn't covered by this FAQ, then you may mail me at!

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