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If you wish to see some of your FanFics on this site, please read the FanFic Submission Guidelines first!

By the way, I have to apologize that I can't proofread any of the French or Italian stories - I can understand them without grave problems (French better than Italian ^_^), but I would never dare correct anything in either French or Italian. 8^)

FanFics and Poems by Anne-Laure ChibiMu


The Poems

FanFics by Ariadne


Homepage: Labrys


Genre: Serious

This is a story about Camus. Milo plays a huge part in it, but it's not yaoi.

Shaina and Milo

Genre: Serious

This story deals with the relationship between Shaina and Milo.

FunStuff by Arythar McShido


Saint Seiya Big Brother!

Genre: Parody

Arythar found a Big Brother event generator and ran it with some Saint Seiya characters. The result is 30 days of Saint Seiya BB. For those who don't know Big Brother - it's a reality game show that's currently very popular in several European countries. Basically it's about a group of some people who have to stay in a hermetically closed living container (which is outfitted by some dozen cameras so that the TV public won't miss anything happening inside) for a certain amount of days, and every week one of the candidates is chosen to leave the container. The last remaining candidate is the winner and gets a certain amount of money.

FanFics by Aurea Freniere

Homepages: Opimekiya! / Aurea at DeviantArt


Genre: Serious Fanfic; "After Hades"

This fanfic was the gift for Torquemada at the Saint Seiya SeSa 2008. When we talked about it, Torque told me she really loved it and I replied that I definitely had to ask the author for permission to upload it to my website. I was surprised and delighted to learn that it was Aurea who wrote this gripping tale of a murder at Sanctuary and Kanon's quest to resolve the issue.

FanFics by AuroraExecution


Homepages: Aurora Execution at DeviantArt / Kiki's Nonexistent Space / Yahoo! 360 Blog / HP at


Genre: Humorous Fanfic; "After Hades"

Aurora Execution has a great sense of humour. Read how the Saints deal with modern technology, computers and the internet!

Twelve Months Is A Year

Genre: Humorous Fanfic; "After Hades"

After I had drawn my fanart with DeathMask and Shaina as cute couple, I got curious and checked at if there were stories about the two. When I read this story, I liked it so much that I just had to ask AuroraExecution for the permission to publish it on my website: Due to a bet with Aprodite, DeathMask starts to date Shaina, but somehow this turns out to be a pretty explosive relationship. Will they really survive the time to win the bet?

FanFics by DaHaloChick


Precious Metals

Genre: Romance, Drama, Humor; "After Hades"

This fanfic was created as answer to a challenge to figure out if one might find a woman for Milo who might make him settle down at last and abdicate his womanizing ways. It is set more or less in the same universe that is described in Aftermath and thus it references some of the events there.

DeathMask's Odd Behavior! Shaina's Rage!

Genre: Romance, Drama, Humor; "After Hades"

This fanfic is DHC's part of an art trade with me. While I'm drawing a romantic fanart of the pairing Pisces Aphrodite and Chameleon June for her, her part of the trade was a romantic fanfic of the pairing DeathMask and Shaina. The fic is also set in the same universe as Aftermath and it takes place a while after the events described there.

FanFics by Els 'Cygny' Rombaut


Homepage: Hyoga's Defenders Club Page

The White Swan Beats His Wings

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

Cygny is a big fan of Cygnus Hyoga, and during our email contact ideas went back and fro, and this is the result: A cycle of short stories all centering on our favourite duckling :) Okay, we start with the first story here, but others certainly will follow.


Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Asgard)

In this story, Cygny follows the God Warrior Alberich as he grows up and learns to use his powers.

How it should have been!

Genre: Serious FanFic; Asgard

Cygny loves the God Warriors of Asgard. In this story she puts the focus on the ill-fated twins Syd and Bud.

The Curse of the Gods

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Asgard)

This story tells the tale of Tor, the Giant among the God Warriors. Read how he became as we met him in the Asgard Chapter!

Fanfics by Ghaidin


Nothing New Under the Sun

Genre: Serious Fanfic; Prequel

This fanfic about Camus' training and how he obtained his Cloth is written from the perspective of Camus's Master, the former Aquarius Saint, and it gives some unique and probably even surprising insights into the Ice Saints.

Fanfics and Poems by Graziana


The Poems

Graziana translated one of her poems to English. Here it is!

FanFics by Karl 'krimson tide' Rim


BGC: Samurai Saint Soldier Sayyah

Genre: Whacked out Parody; Parallel (Sanctuary, Movie 1)

I wanted to upload this story to my site for a long time. In fact, it was the first Saint Seiya fan fiction I ever encountered, and I still love it like on the day I discovered it. So why did it take so long? Well, I finally managed to find out the author! He gave me permission to upload the story, but to my great sorry he told me that is so busy nowadays that he doesn't find the time to continue his fanfic works. It is a real loss for the readers' community, if you ask me. As the story was plain text formerly, I had to HTML it completely. I hope you like the result!

FunStuff and Poems by Keitalina Shinra


The Saint's Handbook

Genre: Listing of Fun Stuff

The Poems

This is the first poem Keitalina sent me.

FanFics by Kuriboh


Mine for Yours

Genre: Serious FanFic; Lost Canvas

This story is the first Lost Canvas fanfic on my website and it features my favourite LC Gold Saint Cancer Manigoldo and his Master, Pope Sage, as they share a very touching short moment before the Holy War against Hades.

FanFics by Millerna


Homepage: Saga's Secret Sanctuary Spies

A Meeting in Time

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

Hey, cool! I got a story about DeathMask, who belongs to my favorite Goldies! :)) There are just too few good tales about him. This story begins when DeathMask is still a trainee and gives you an interesting glimpse into the lives of the common people living under the power of Sanctuary.

Saint Wars

Genre: Parody; Crossover (Star Wars)

This is an outrageously funny parody by Millerna: a totally whacked out Star Wars / Saint Seiya crossover. Don't eat or drink while reading it - you might choke yourself :)))

The Maiden's Choice

Genre: Serious Fanfic; Alternative

Millerna proves that she can write indepth serious stories, too. This is about Saori's thoughts when she witnesses Seiya's wedding to Shaina. Very nice character study!

The Awesome Tales of Sir Sigfried and his Asgardian Ice Sculptures! Sigfried: Excellent!

Genre: Parody; Asgard

For once the Asgardians got a totally whacked out parody by Millerna, too. Read about the great deeds of Sigfried the Hero...

Elements of Hope

Genre: Mostly Serious Fanfic; "After Hades"

This story is the beginning of a new fanfic that is set after Hades. I'm not 100% sure in which direction Millerna wants to take it, but I'm definitely curious!

Fanfics by Miro



Genre: Serious/Humorous; "After Hades"

This fanfic is written mostly from Milo's point of view and it deals with his relationship towards Camus after the fateful events in the Hades Chapter. Nonetheless it has a lot of very nice humorous moments, and you get some new insights about Kanon, too.

Poems and Fanfics by Niara


Homepage: Ikki Defenders Club Page

The Walhalla Chronicles - Fried Chicken Records

Genre: Parody

Niara shows that she can write prose, too. And this piece is utterly hilarious! Read and enjoy!

The Poems

Fanfics by Plantress


Homepage: Plantress at DeviantArt

Second Chance

Genre: Serious Fanfic; Alternate Reality

Plantress wondered how things might have turned out if Aiolos hadn't died after giving baby Athena over to Kido Mitsumasa, and so she wrote an alternate universe where Aiolos continues to watch over Athena and trains the young Saints-to-be in Japan.

Athena's Idea! Gold Saint Secret Santa

Genre: Humor

This fanfic was conceived and written just before Christmas. Athena has the idea to celebrate Christmas in Sanctuary and she wants the Gold Saints to play Secret Santa. But not all of them are enthusiastic about the idea...

Ghost Hunt

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

Originally this was planned as a drabble, but the story became longer. It deals with the Gold Saints when they were still children and one of their adventures.


Genre: Serious FanFic; "After Hades"

This story deals with the time after Hades, an unusual meeting between two Goddesses and a reunion no one would have expected after everything that happened.


Genre: Humorous fanfic, Lost Canvas

This fanfic was posted as drabble, but I think it a bit too long for a drabble and merits to be featured on its own. It's about young Manigoldo and Shion when they where still in training.

Drabbles about the minor Bronze Saints

Genre: Misc

These five drabbles feature the 5 minor Bronze Saints Unicorn Jabu, Bear Geki, Lionet Ban, Hydra Ichi, and Wolf Nachi

Lost Canvas Drabbles

Genre: Misc

These are all the drabbles about the Lost Canvas characters that Plantress wrote at so far. I hope there will be more of them eventually :)


Genre: Misc

These are all the drabbles that Plantress wrote at so far. They reach from hilaries to dramatic and sad. Enjoy!

FanFics by Pollux


Homepage: Defenders of Kanon Club Page

Star Hill

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

Pollux, 1. Defender of Kanon, is certainly predestined to enlighten you about the Gemini boys. This dark and intense story tells you about the events leading to Saga's downfall. Highly recommended reading!

As Pollux wasn't sure about the ending of the initial version, she asked Toffee to help her out, and so now there are two versions of the story. In fact, they are identical except for the final sentences.

FanFics by Raiden



Granchi e Mele

Genre: Humor, Lost Canvas

This is a cute fanfic featuring Manigoldo from Lost Canvas. Obviously he was quite a handful to tame for Hakurei and Sage.


Genre: Romance, Drama, Humor; "After Hades"

This fanfic is Raiden's part of an art trade with me. I'm drawing a fanart of the god Dionysos for her, and her part of the trade was a fanfic of the pairing DeathMask and Shaina.

FanFics by Scorpio Milo


The City under the Sea

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

I proudly present the English version of Milo's newest fan fiction on my page :) If you wish to read the original French version, you have to go to his homepage. This story, which features Camus and Milo, is absolutely captivating, as Milo has a great gift to characterize the protagonists nicely.

Honour and Duty

Genre: Serious FanFic

When I read the French version of this fanfic on Milo's page, I immediately fell in love with it and begged Milo to translate it so that people who aren't able to read French could enjoy it. It's easily one of the best Saint Seiya fanfics I've read so far. Now here's the English version!

It was necessary

Genre: Serious FanFic

This is another truly outstanding short story by Milo. You find it in both the original French version and the English translation. This story inspired me to write the poem Doubt about Athena.

FanFics and Poems by Seiiruika



Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

This story is absolutely well thought-out and written and deals with Hyoga's training and what he had to endure as gaijin in Japan. Highly recommended reading!!

A Little Flame Under the Ice

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

This story deals with Camus's childhood and how he was chosen, and Seiiruika proves that she has a really great gift of characterization. I really love this story!!! Thanks to Skögul for lending me a hand with proofreading chapters 1+2 of the English version!

The Poems

FanFics and Poems by Skögul


The Yoke

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

This short story centers on Skögul's absolute favourite character Aries Mu. She wrote a highly interesting story about Mu's "Test of Cloth". I hope I'll come up with something as fascinating when I'll write my version of the test!

The First

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

This is the second German language story I received. Actually, I just got it from Skögul and loved it right away. The First is the English translation of it.

The Phoenix Cloth

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

Skögul has a gift to write very short, yet very emotional stories. This centers on Ikki's thought when he attained his Cloth.

The Poems

These elegies about DeathMask are the first English language poems Skögul submitted. And they read nicely, too :)

FanFics and Poems by Sofía 'Toffee' Francisco


Homepage: Toffee's Lair of the Weird


Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel/Parallel Story (Sanctuary)

Well... The first part of this story manages to break two of my submission guidelines at once. First: it's a lemon (so you shouldn't read it if you object to explicite sex scenes) and second: it pairs up two Goldies other than my preferred yaoi couple Misty and Aphrodite. Why did I put it up anyway? Simple: Because it is truly outstanding both in writing and characterization of the characters, and the explicit scene is necessary to the plot and character development. This story is planned as a five part series, so you should look forward to the other parts!

Flight on Torn Wings

Genre: Serious FanFic; Parallel Story (Sanctuary)

Toffee says: A word of warning: This fic is directly linked to the Unbroken main story, as a matter fact, the prologue takes place only a week after the epilogue, and the 1st chapter will take place even earlier than that. So to understand this fic it is necessary (sorry!) to have read Unbroken, The Final Step, To Choose to Hope, Storms in the Heart and probably the other side-stories too. There will be yaoi content, so be sure you are not actively against it if you read this. With all that said... thank you everyone for the support, and here we go!

Storms in the Heart

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

I'm not sure what makes Toffee think this might not be a fanfic. It is! And a very nice one at that! Set in her Unbroken universe, she wrote a nice scene between the Aquarius and Scorpio Saints.

The Final Step

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel/Parallel Story (Sanctuary)

This story is highly emotional and very tightly connected to Unbroken and you will not understand it when you haven't read the main story. It contains some yaoish allusions, so don't read it if you can't stomach such content. If you liked Unbroken, the story is highly recommended, though.

The Nightingale and the Rose

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

Wow! *breathes deeply after having read the story* This tale deals with Aphrodite's becoming a Saint. It's set in Toffee's Unbroken universe and sheds some light on Aphro's psyche. I really admire Toffee's way of writing deeply emotional, moving stories like this!

The Weaving of a Net

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

Again I have to apologize that I couldn't upload a birthday story on time - it should have been online on Dec 20th, in time for Cygny's birthday, but unfortunately I only got it right on that day. This story deals with the past of a Saint often overlooked: Sagittarius Aiolos!

Soul Carvings

Genre: Very dark, serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

This story features DeathMask's childhood and becoming a Saint. It is also set in Toffee's Unbroken universe and probably the darkest fanfic she wrote so far. Anyway, do not miss it - but be sure you have read The Nightingale and the Rose before!

Beyond Human

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

This time, Toffee wrote about Shaka's past. The story is set in the Unbroken universe and gives an intriguing insight into the mind of the Man Closest to the Gods.

The One Who Knew

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

This story is also set in Toffee's Unbroken universe. It's set before the story and gives a deep insight into Shion's mind.

Mirth and Shadows

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

Like about all of her stories, this also belongs to Toffee's Unbroken universe. Read a truly moving tale about Mu's past and tragedy!

A Prayer of Confidence

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

This story is about Shura's past and deals more or less critically with the belief in God... Of course it's set in the Unbroken universe a well :)

To Chose to Hope

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

This story is Toffee's (slightly belated ^_^) birthday present to me. It's a scene of Hyoga's and Isaac's training in Siberia and of course also belongs into the Unbroken universe. Thanks a lot, Toffee, for this beautiful gift!!!

Under Evil Stars

Genre: Serious FanFic

Toffee's Unbroken universe is fascinating and very mysterious... In this story you will encounter some new Saints you have never met before - and the fate not only of Sanctuary lies on their shoulders...

Lost in Denial

Genre: Serious FanFic

This fanfics belongs to Under Evil Stars and deals with the relationship of Morgana, Blood and Ganymede.

The Day Before

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Asgard)

Toffee sent me this story, which is set in Asgard, but also belongs to her Unbroken universe. It's best if you read this story after you read the others, or you might have problems to understand some vital points.


Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Asgard)

This fanfic for once does not belong to the Unbroken universe. It's a story about Fenrir and how he became what he was during the Asgard Chapter.

Wolves Don't Cry

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Asgard)

First I have to apologize that I couldn't upload this story on Nov 23rd, as it was supposed to - after all, this is Toffee's birthday present to Torquemada. And logically, this story deals with a scene at Asgard. Enjoy!

Blatant Disharmony

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Asgard)

This is another birthday present of Toffee's, this time for Romain 'Milo' Baudry. It tells of Mime's past and gives you a little into his world of mind.

Holy Desire

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Asgard)

Once more a story in the great Unbroken universe... This fanfic was written for Aurea who is a big fan of the Asgardian characters and centers on Siegfried and Hilda.

The Poems

This poem conveys Camus's thoughts and feelings during the battle of the Twelve Temples. *Sniff*... My poor Camus-sama!

FanFics and FunStuff by Torquemada


Homepage: Asgard's Crypt of Doom

S.D. Kanon Superstar

Genre: Parody

This amazing piece of work is based on Jesus Christ Superstar and depicts the tragic story of rise and fall of Saga and/or Kanon - well, sort of... Actually you just have to read it yourself as any attempt to summarize this highly tragic story can only be considered blasphemy ^_^

Hunger, or Freud counter-attacks!

Genre: Parody (Poseidon)

The initial reason for the creation of this story began with a mocking discussion of stories where the author inserts herself as perfect heroine (or rarer himself as hero) into the action to tug her favourite right into the next available bed... Torque wanted to write such a story, too, to make fun of said authors, but somehow it didn't actually turn out as GSIF (= Gratuitious self-insertion fanfic), but it became something far better: The real truth about the Marine Shogun Lymnades Kaysa! [If you are a slightly touchy fan of Siren Sorrento, Cygnus Hyoga, Aquarius Camus or Andromeda Shun you might better not read it, though... ^_^]

Warning: You are advised not to consume any edible goods or you might choke due to uncontrollable laughter. I am not responsible for any damage caused if you dare to read this story, and the author considers herself to be totally innocent in that respect, too.

The Zeus Chapter

"XX Century Hoax" proudly presents:
"Hades is not enough", or "Seiya never dies"
(The script of the Zeus Chapter, that is perfect for Toei animators to avoid at any cost).

Genre: Parody; "After Hades"

A surprising development concerning Athena's lifestyle prompts Zeus to go onto a crusade to punish his dear daughter. Just like with the aforementioned story Hunger your are strongly advised to heed the

Warning: Do not consume any edible goods or drink, or you might choke due to uncontrollable laughter attacks. Neither author of this story nor webmistress of this site can be held responsible for any damages to your health, be they mental or physical.

Five Saints

Genre: Parody; Prequel (Sanctuary)

This story is a gift of Torquemada's to SeiYaCHaN, who graciously allowed me to publish the story on my website, too. I absolutely do love Five Saints, and if you know The Three Musketeers, you will certainly appreciate it as much as I do, even if it features mainly the Bronze Boys. :)))

Saints in Tights

Genre: Parody

I almost died laughing when I read this! And of course I couldn't help but proofread it even though it was already late in the night. Or make that early in the morning... After Torquemada's take on the Musceteers, this time Robin Hood was the victim... Read it! Read it!!!

White Swan, Black Raven

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel/Parallel Story (Poseidon)

This amazing story is of the kind "Gosh, why didn't I have that cool idea?!" It retells the fight Hyoga vs. Isaac from Isaac's point of view and gives some very intriguing insights into the secret of the Cygnus Cloth.

Red. The Firespawn

Genre: Serious FanFic, Prequel/Parallel Story (Asgard)

Torquemada, our resident first defender of everything Asgard, wrote another serious tale which this time deals with Hagen's past and development up to his battle against Hyoga. This wonderful story describes his feelings and gives an intriguing background to his fire+ice powers - but not only that, you will also read of the God Warriors' convictions and what made them believe so strongly in Hilda... Gosh, I shouldn't talk so much - just read that story!! You won't regret it! ^_^

Orange. The Mindcrafter.

Genre: Serious FanFic, Prequel/Parallel Story (Asgard)

Mime's story. You might discover that some things were a bit different from how they seemed... Very well written! Read it right away!

Yellow. The Impostor.

Genre: Serious FanFic, Prequel/Parallel Story (Asgard)

This story is just as cool as the other Asgard stories by Torque. It deals with Alberich's past -- and the origin of the feared Nibelung Ring. And it reveals that some person has to face a surprising destiny...

Green. The Designated.

Genre: Serious FanFic, Prequel/Parallel Story (Asgard)

This is a love story. Youhave to read it to believe it - and I will tell you no more so that I don't spoil the fun for you!

White, part II. The Undertaker.

Genre: Serious FanFic (Asgard)

This is another Asgardian story, this time about Bud. Very grim setting, very nice characterization!! Do not miss it!

Three Years After We Won A War

Genre: Serious FanFic, Alternative (Asgard)

This stunning story takes place in the Kingdom of Asgard in an alternative Saint Seiya reality. Torque proves that she is not only able to write hilariously funny parodies, but also moving, emotional and serious stories.

How Thor Lost and Found His Axe

Genre: Parody; (Asgard)

This story tells a true tale -- Thor losing one of his axes, but from a Saint Seiya perspective. It's absolutely funny :)))

The Mermaid

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel/Parallel Story (Sanctuary/Poseidon)

Even though I absolutely love her funny stories, I hope that Torquemada won't give up writing serious ones, too. This tale relates the happenings between Kanon's imprisonment at Cape Sunion and Poseidon's return, seen through the eyes of Mermaid Thetys.

Top Secret Files

Genre: Listing of Fun Stuff

Torquemada has a cool sense of humour, as one can also read in the chat logs below. When I got this collection of never before published quotes from Saint Seiya, I almost died laughing!!

Saint Seiya Viruses

Genre: Listing of Fun Stuff

This list was initially created in the Saint Seiya Chat. Torque worked through it and made a little more sense of it :)))

The (not so) Frequently Asked Questions File

© 1999-2008 by Shavana Rhea, Stayka deyAvemta and various other authors

Genre: Listing of Fun Stuff

This experimental text contains some of the thoughts Shavana and I had when watching Saint Seiya - and lots of cool answers other fans came up with... Enjoy!

Saint Seiya Lists of Lists

© 2000 by Natsumi, Stayka deyAvemta and various other authors

Genre: Listing of Fun Stuff

As the (Not so) Frequently Asked Questions was a great success with lots of entries by other fans, Natsumi brought up a cool new idea that begs for participation: the Saint Seiya Lists of Lists!

Chat Logs from the Saint Seiya Chat

© 2000 by Several Chatters

The Saint Seiya Chat was used for roleplaying stuff, too. As soon as there are interesting chats along that line and someone copies them, here are the results :)

FanFics by Zpan Sven


Homepages: ZpanSven at DeviantArt / HP at

The Dove of Sanctuary

Genre: Alternate Universe, Action&Adventure, Drama, Supernatural, Humor

This story is an AU retelling of Saint Seiya, mostly from the view point of the Bronze Saint of Columba, Angie, telling the world from her eyes and showing how much difference a 'minor' character can make.

Zpan Sven's Drabbles

Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)

Zpan Sven's drabbles show short scenes of the time when her OC Columba trainee Angie was still a little girl and had some encounters with the teenage Gold Saints.

Further Recommended Reading

Well... I tried to collect all of my favourite fan fictions on this page and almost succeeded... :) But there are a select few which are published on other pages, and I would like to point your attention to them, too. These are the stories I truly enjoyed and which I regret not having directly in my archive. Unfortunately some of the pages are not available anymore, but maybe you are lucky to find the stories anyway. ;)

...and this completes the number of my current favourite fanfics :)

If you like to read more fanfics, I suggest you check out Kuri-chan's Saint Seiya Fanfics Index and for French stories Pegasus's page (I have to admit that I haven't braved the challenge to read through all of them, as reading French always takes me considerable time. ^_^

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