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Misc Stuff

Price of the Cloth

© 1999/2000 by Stayka deyAvemta

Language: English, Français
Genre: Serious FanFic; Prequel (Sanctuary)
Aquarius Camus - Gorgeous as ever
This is a series of short stories centering on the twelve Gold Saints and how they obtained their Cloths. I started with DeathMask, but the others will follow in due time.
If I have some nice ideas, I will add other Saints, too, by the way... I started this with a story about how the female Saints gain their Masks.

Rota Taro

© 1999 by Stayka deyAvemta

Language: English, Français
Genre: Serious FanFic; "After Hades"

This story combines tarot, astrology and some more Ancient Greek mythology, and I hope you'll like the idea :) It is set after the Hades Chapter and continues the Saint Seiya Saga where it was cut short by The Powers That Be.

Tarot Arcana 0 - The Fool

Dancing the Shadows

© 1999/2007 by Stayka deyAvemta

Language: English
Genre: Serious FanFic (more or less...); "After Hades"

This story is set right after Rota Taro, but it's not necessary to read the former story to understand it (just know that all the Saints that were killed during the Hades Chapter are alive again. How this came about will be told in Rota Taro).
Dancing the Shadows is an epic in ancient tradition that sees the advent of a new powerful adversary who has all reason to take revenge on Zeus's favourite daughter and her Warrior Saints.


Misc Stuff:

Aftermath - Path into the Light

© 2007/2008 by Stayka deyAvemta

Language: English
Genre: Romance, Serious FanFic (more or less...); "After Hades"

This story was originally meant to be the epilogue of Dancing the Shadows, but due to the fact that is not fully PG13 anymore, I decided to put it as sidestory. This fanfic deals with the relationship between Shaina and Deathmask and it's somewhat more explicit than originally intended, but then, I published Toffee's Unbroken, so why not this, too... ^_^
Shaina + DeathMask
  1. Realisation (21K) - added 2007/12/12
  2. Exploration (25K) - added 2007/12/12
  3. Reflexion (25K) - added 2007/12/12
  4. Revelation (23K) - completed 2008/01/02

The S-Files

© 1999/2000 by Shavana Rhea and Stayka deyAvemta

Language: English
Genre: Comedy; Prequel (Sanctuary)

People who know Shavana and me are well aware that our worst deeds usually are done around New Year's Eve. The S-Files were conceived and started right then, and so you should take cover right now and beware of the results!

Makoto + Himiko
This story is set right before the battle of Sanctuary and features Drs.Terada Makoto and Shizukawa Himiko of the Graude Foundation Research Laboratories, who are ordered to research the secrets of the Saints' Cloths.
A Scientific Treatment on Structure and Workings of Athena's Saints (Well, sort of...)
Download The S-Files as ZIP-File (233K)

The S-Files: Next Try

© 2000/2007 by Shavana Rhea and Stayka deyAvemta

Language: English
Genre: Comedy; "After Hades"

Well, as many people seemed to be really sad that Himiko and Makoto had to return to Japan at the end of The S-Files, here's the much-demanded sequel!

After Hades, most of the Saints were dead. Shortly after, all of the Goldies and some of the Silver Saints (only the cute ones, of course - *grin*) plus Seiya of the Bronze Boys were revived by Gaia in Rota Taro. Now Athena wants to know if her revived Saints are truly sound and hale, and so she orders a certain expert team of the Graude Foundation Research Laboratories to do a thorough examination. Unfortunately Sanctuary in Greece is in dire need of repairs, so the Saints have to report to Tokyo for a change.
The New Saint Dossiers
Download The S-Files: Next Try as ZIP-File (195K)

To Serve Sanctuary, However Required

© 1999/2000 by Scorpio Milo and Stayka deyAvemta

Language: English
Genre: Serious Fanfic/Comedy; Prequel (Sanctuary)

Follow the adventures of the Silver Saints Triangulum Borealis Astreya and Triangulum Australe Astrios when they allow you a glimpse into the tedious routine works at Sanctuary...

Triangulum Borealis Silver Saint Astreya This story is set 16 years before the battle of Sanctuary and deals with the recent past of Sanctuary. Meet Saga when he was still good! Learn how the Gold Saints were chosen!
Experience the Everyday Life at Sanctuary!

Character Profiles:

The Poems (by Stayka deyAvemta)

Aquarius Camus:

Cygnus Hyoga:



The poem Doubt was inspired by Milo's short story C'était nécessaire.

Gemini Saga:

Shrines (Interviews)

© 1998/99 by Stayka deyAvemta, Scorpio Milo, Skögul and Millerna

Genre: Parody

Version Française | Español

The first three of the following shrines were originally designed for SKAM! to show the people there what magnificent guys can be found at Saint Seiya. But as SKAM is *Sailormoon's* Kawaii Anime Men club, I thought it's rather unlikely that lots of Saint Seiya fans are in there, and thus I decided to set up the link to the shrines here, too - for even more people to enjoy.

Stayka's Favourite Gold Saints

BTW, by now these shrine/interviews have developed a life of their own as several people volunteered to submit shrines for other characters that don't belong to my favourites. Well, feel free to join the fun! If you like you can even submit a shrine for a character who already has one. Who says there can be only one interview?

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