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Character Sheet: Astreya

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This character belongs to a fan fiction project by Scorpio Milo and me (Stayka). Astreya is my creation.

Name: Astreya
Position: Silver Triangulum Borealis Saint, Saints' Talent Scout
Fighting Techniques: Triangle Cut (the attack uses the shuriken attached to the Triangulum Cloth)
Country of Origin: Greece
Brother: Astrios
Birthdate: 23rd January 1948
Astrological sign: Sun Aquarius, Moon Gemini, Asc Capricorn (Check Astreya's radix horoscope)
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 60kg
Hair: firy red and very long
Eyes: deep violet
Occupation: Student of archeology
Likes: Cute guys, archeological research, ancient history, mythology, supernatural stuff, traveling, languages, foreign food, personal freedom, comfortable clothing, rock music.
Dislikes: Orders, fights, sports, Greek cooking, chauvinism, conservative people, her brother's lack of belief in anything supernatural, his complaints about her cooking
Physical description: Astreya is 8cm taller than her brother which gives her an unfair edge in their fights when she teases him as her 'truly little brother'. She's rather slim and her fondness of very wide shirts and jeans lets her appear not very feminine. Her long, curly mane looks a bit like Aphrodite's or Misty's hair in an aggressive shade of bright red, and she has a very intimidating look if she so desires (long practised on her little brother).
Other comments: Astreya is a bit of an airhead, especially when it comes to cute guys. When she puts her mind to it, she is a pretty good researcher, though, and she can be very patient (remember, she is/was a student of archeology). In contrast to her brother, she does believe in supernatural stuff, and in fact she is even a medium.
It is not exactly sure why the Triangulum B. Cloth is able to communicate with Astreya, but it seems to be at least partly sentient. It may very well be that the spirit of its former wearer still resides in it, and Astreya's abilities as medium enable her to communicate with him.
Astreya often follows her intuition, and it leads her into the strangest situations. Her knack in finding cute guys is uncanny, but she is severely hampered by the fact that she decided to pose as male Saint as she simply didn't want to wear the face mask female Saints are required to. Now she collects all the cute guys and she can't even try to flirt with them for fear of being discovered. She always fights with her Cloth to convince it to stay in the male version, even though it's pretty uncomfortable...
During her training she discovers that she is able to teleport -- an ability that comes very handy as she has to travel the whole world to find new trainees (and we all know that the financial situation of Sanctuary wouldn't allow her to travel everywhere by airplane).


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