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Character Sheet: Astrios

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This character belongs to a fan fiction project by Scorpio Milo and me (Stayka). Astrios is Milo's creation.

Name: Astrios
Position: Silver Triangulum Australe Saint, Bursar of Sanctuary
Country of Origin: Greece
Sister: Astreya
Birthdate: September 9th, 1950
Astrological sign: Sun Virgo, Moon Leo, Asc Virgo (Check Astrios' radix horoscope)
Height: 1.68m
Weight: 60kg
Hair: black
Eyes: black
Occupation: Student of economy
Likes: Chess, reading, mathematics (!), classical music (especially opera)
Dislikes: His sister's cooking, nearly any team sport, unnecessary physical effort (a fine saint he's gonna be...), comments on his height
Physical description: Astrios is a rather short guy, with black hair and dark eyes. While he is far from being brawny, he's still robust and broad-shouldered.
Other comments: Astrios is truly a serious, hard-working guy, who hates not to understand something. He is quite knowledgeable in a lot of various topics but doesn't believe in anything supernatural. His mind is very rational and he will always try to explain something logically even if the evidences are against it (a bit like Scully in X-Files). Always full of goodwill, Astrios is not easily discouraged and he's excessively persistent (he will need it in this story, I think). Astrios never let go of anything once he decided to put his mind to it (was nicknamed UltraGlue at school).
Astrios does have a sense of humor, but not in every situation. He can be very nasty when the conversation is about something like "What if the Martians truly existed?"
You certainly understood it: Astrios is a rather serious guy. He allows himself few distractions. He likes chess (and that's no luck, since I'm sure most of the Saints prefer poker). His only true entertainment his sleight-of-hand (and, surprisingly enough, he's very good at it).


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