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This is an overview over the characters I invented for Dancing the Shadows. (Unfortunately Shavana decided not to continue to write this story with me, so I have to do so on my own *snif*. She said she didn't feel so comfortable with all of the extra characters as in fact *I* created them all and assigned them their traits and I also set up the whole story outline etc...)


Name Armour Colour Sign Hair Eyes
Persephoneia Hematite Silver Virgo Pink, long Orange
Hermes -:- -:- Gemini Dark green, short curls Yellow
Iris -:- -:- Libra Golden, long curls Silver
Demeter -:- -:- Taurus Green, long+wavy Brown

Shadow Knights

Name Armour Colour Sign Hair Eyes
Hekate Onyx Black Capricorn Scarlet, long Turquoise
Typhoeus Pyrite Gold Aries Turquoise, long+straight Greenish yellow
Prometheus Heliodor Yellow Leo Brown, short curls Brown
Medeia Garnet Red Scorpio Black, medium length, straight Yellowish green
Kirke Beryl White Cancer Blonde, long curls Blue
Nemesis Fluorite Rainbow Pisces Silver, knee-length, straight Violet
AchilleosTourmaline Green Sagittarius Violet, short curls Ultramarine
Anchises Amethyst Violet Gemini Light blue, long+wavy Light blue
Sarpedon Sapphire Blue Libra Red, long+wavy Dark green

Vacant Crystal Armours

Short Character Profiles:

Pic of Persephoneia

Persephoneia is a really spoiled brat - first she was thoroughly pampered by her mother Demeter, and after Hades abducted her, he did virtually everything for her to make her understand that he really loved her. In time she fell indeed for him and now she is his truly devoted wife who is pretty peeved at her mother who insists that she still has to spend two thirds of the year at the Olympos. When she returned from there last time, she discovered that her beloved husband was imprisoned by Athena and her Saints. No wonder she is pretty mad right now and tries to take revenge on Athena, no matter the cost. While Hades had the Specters as his warriors, Persephoneia has the Shadow Knights as her personal bodyguards and fighters, and she decides to take on Athena and her Saints with them.

Persephoneia's Zodiac Sign is Virgo, just like Hades' and Athena's, and she chose the Hematite Crystal Armour (silver).

Pic of Hekate

Hekate is Persephoneia's closest advisor. Fortunately for her, Persephoneia doesn't know that she was actually sent by Demeter to watch her daughter during the time she had to spend in the Hades. She is pretty dry and sometimes cynical - and most of the time she would love to give Persephoneia a sound spanking. Hekate has quite some magickal powers.

Hekate's Zodiac Sign is Capricorn, and she was given the Onyx Crystal Armour (black).

Pic of Typhoeus

Typhoeus is the volcano and storm god, and as such he's fiery and brash. He doesn't think much either and has a lot of fun wreaking havoc. Actually he has a grudge against Zeus for throwing him into the Tartaros some time ago, but as Zeus isn't available for revenge he decides to take on Zeus' favourite daughter Athena.

Typhoeus' Zodiac Sign is Aries, and he was given the Pyrite Crystal Armour (golden).

Pic of Prometheus

Prometheus also has a score to settle with Zeus, and so he followed Persephoneia's call to fight against Athena. He wants to use Athena to get at Zeus eventually to take his revenge for the tortures he had to endure. Prometheus is a thorough thinker and he prefers to outthink his enemies. If he's forced to, he can be a tough fighter, too.

Prometheus' Zodiac Sign is Leo, and he was given the Heliodor Crystal Armour (yellow).

Pic of Medeia

Medeia is a real bitch and no one knows how she managed to get into Elysian to spend her life there with Achilleos in the first place. When Persephoneia looked for some powerful fighters, she chose Medeia, who was known to be a powerful sorceress. At first Medeia didn't want to join the Shadow Knights, but when Persephoneia threatened to throw her into the Tartaros if she didn't comply, Medeia had to give in. Now she vents her frustrations about this at her enemies. She is cruel, ruthless and doesn't mind killing at all - be it warriors, women or children. The only person whom she likes and listens to is Achilleos.

Medeia's Zodiac Sign is Scorpio, and she was given the Garnet Crystal Armour (deep red).

Pic of Kirke

Kirke is a blonde and attracts all men she encounters. She's a powerful sorceress like Medeia and continually wants to prove that she's better than her. Kirke is very fond of little pigs and there's one that she often carries around with her. If she doesn't manage to get what she wants, she throws tantrums and can easily drown everything around her in tears. She hates to fight openly and uses poison whenever possible.

Kirke's Zodiac Sign is Cancer, and she was given the Beryl Crystal Armour (white).

Pic of Nemesis

Nemesis loves to hear her voice - a fact that her opponents soon get to know, too, when she accuses them lengthily of their misdeeds and what they have to expect to make up for this. She's very sensitive and really doesn't like it when her sermons are interupted. Her main attack is to throw back the enemies' attacks at them. Her greatest weakness is the fact that she loves to drink wine or other spirits.

Nemesis' Zodiac Sign is Pisces, and she was given the Fluorite Crystal Armour (rainbow coloured).

Pic of Achilleos

Achilleos knows that he's the best fighter of the world. Unfortunately this means that there are no true challenges left for him, and so he wanted to settle down in Elysian to follow a new career path as painter and writer. Unfortunately, Persephoneia knew of his reputation and made him another of her Shadow Knights. Now Achilleos has to fight unworthy opponents again, or he would have to spend the rest of eternity in the Tartaros.

Achilleos' Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius, and he was given the Tourmaline Crystal Armour (deep green).

Pic of Sarpedon

Sarpedon is totally fed up to be called "Minos' and Rhadamanthys' little brother". Thus he isn't 100 percent sure whether he likes the fact that Persephoneia named him as judge of the dead and one of her Shadow Knights - after all, he only got the job as second choice after his big brothers weren't available. But then, maybe this is finally his chance to prove his worth?

Sarpedon's Zodiac Sign is Libra, and he was given the Sapphire Crystal Armour (deep blue).

Pic of Anchises

still has to be written

Anchises' Zodiac Sign is Gemini, and he was given the Amethyst Crystal Armour (violet).

Full List of the Cloths

This list is the ranking of the Cloths as we use it in our stories. The characters that are currently alive in our stories are written in gold.

There are originally 12 Gold Cloths, 24 Silver Cloths, 48 Bronze Cloths and 4 Cloths of unspecified rank (although in the fanfics there are two more Gold Cloths later on). As there are several constellations more than were used in manga/anime, we decided to distribute the Cloths as we saw fit. All constellations marked with asterisks (*) are not given in either anime or manga, the ones with crosses (+) are only mentioned in TV series or Movies, but there were no rankings given. The ones with (#) are new in Lost Canvas and Next Dimension. I wrote the canon characters in bold letters; Movie, LC and ND chars are considered canon here, too.

Some problems: The Cloths that are represented by the Steel Saints are still marked vacant, as the Steel Cloths are no "real" Cloths. The constellation Cerberos doesn't exist in modern times, so adding that produces a problem concerning the fact there should be 88 Saints representing the 88 current constellations, the same goes for the TV invention of the Lotus Silver Cloth.

Gold Cloths

  1. Aries: Phrixos (=Kiki) (formerly: Mu, Shion)
  2. Taurus: Aldebaran (LC: Hasgard/Aldebaran)
  3. Gemini: Saga and Kanon (Athena decided to introduce a second Gemini Cloth)
  4. Cancer: DeathMask (formerly: Artemis / LC: Sage, Manigoldo)
  5. Leo: Aiolia
  6. Virgo: Shaka (LC: Asmita)
  7. Libra: Dohko
  8. Scorpio: Milo (LC: Cardia)
  9. Sagittarius: Aiolos (LC: Sisyphos)
  10. Capricorn: Shura (LC: El Cid)
  11. Aquarius: Camus (formerly: Hyperion / LC: Dégel)
  12. Pisces: Aphrodite (formerly: Alresha / LC: Albafica)
  13. Ophiuchus: Shaina (formerly a Silver Cloth; later elevated to Gold Rank)

Silver Cloths

  1. Aquila: Marin
  2. Ara#: vacant (formerly: Lethe / LC: Hakurei)
  3. Auriga: vacant (formerly: Capella)
  4. Canes Venatici: vacant (formerly: Asterion)
  5. Canis Maior: vacant (formerly: Sirius)
  6. Centaurus: vacant (formerly: Babel)
  7. Cepheus: Albiore (In the Manga: Daedalus)
  8. Cetus: vacant (formerly: Moses)
  9. Corvus: vacant (formerly: Jamian)
  10. Crater#: vacant (ND: Suikyou)
  11. Grus#: Silvina (LC: Yuzuriha)
  12. Hercules: vacant (formerly: Algethi)
  13. Lacerta: Misty
  14. Lyra: vacant (formerly: Orphée / Movie1: Orpheus)
  15. Musca: vacant (formerly: Dio)
  16. Pavo+: vacant (formerly: Shiva)
  17. Perseus: vacant (formerly: Algol)
  18. Sagitta: vacant (formerly: Ptolemy / Movie1: Maya)
  19. Cassiopeia*: vacant (formerly: Verdandi, Regina)
  20. Corona Borealis+: vacant
  21. Eridanus*: vacant (formerly: Charon)
  22. Orion+: vacant (formerly: Movie1: Jäger)
  23. Triangulum Australe*: Astrios
  24. Cerberos: vacant (formerly: Dante)
  25. Lotus+: vacant (formerly: Agora)

Bronze Cloths

  1. Andromeda: Shun
  2. Bear: Geki
  3. Chamaeleon: June
  4. Cygnus: Hyoga
  5. Dragon: Shiryu
  6. Hydra: Ichi
  7. Lionet: Ban
  8. Pegasus: Seiya (LC/ND: Tenma)
  9. Unicorn: Jabu (LC: Yato)
  10. Wolf: Nachi
  11. Antlia*: vacant
  12. Apus*: vacant
  13. Boötes*: vacant
  14. Caelum*: vacant
  15. Camelopardalis*: vacant
  16. Canis Minor*: vacant
  17. Carina+: vacant
  18. Circinus*: vacant
  19. Columba*: vacant
  20. Coma Berenices+: vacant
  21. Corona Australis*: vacant
  22. Crux*: vacant (formerly: Movie1: Christo)
  23. Delphinus+: vacant
  24. Dorado+: vacant (Steel Saint Ushio)
  25. Equuleus*: vacant
  26. Hydrus*: vacant
  27. Indus*: vacant
  28. Lepus*: vacant
  29. Lynx*: vacant
  30. Mensa*: vacant
  31. Microscopium*: vacant
  32. Norma*: vacant
  33. Octans*: vacant
  34. Pictor*: vacant
  35. Piscis Austrinus*: vacant
  36. Puppis*: vacant
  37. Pyxis*: vacant
  38. Reticulum*: vacant
  39. Sculptor*: vacant
  40. Scutum+: vacant (formerly: Movie1: Yan)
  41. Serpens*: vacant
  42. Sextans*: vacant
  43. Telescopium*: vacant
  44. Tucana+: vacant (Steel Saint Sho)
  45. Ursa Minor*: vacant
  46. Vela*: vacant (formerly: Helena)
  47. Volans*: vacant
  48. Vulpecula+: vacant (Steel Saint Daichi)

Void Cloths

As the secret of the Void Cloths is not currently known to the Saints in Sanctuary, they are commonly viewed as normal Bronze or Silver Cloths. So Horologium and Triangulum Borealis are known as Silver Cloths, while Phoenix and Fornax are thought to be Bronze Cloths.

  1. Fornax*: vacant
  2. Horologium*: Klio
  3. Phoenix: Ikki
  4. Triangulum* [Borealis]: Astreya (formerly: Alexandros, Klytemnestra, Mothallah)

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