Golden Arrow

© 2007/04/01 by Stayka deyAvemta

Golden, shimmering and killing
An arrow is piercing my heart
Caught in suspended animation
Lying still while the battles start

Hidden unshed under closed lids
I'm feeling hot tears in my eyes,
This battle I can't see but feel
While motionless this body lies

Five flames of brightly burning Cosmo,
Their souls in multicoloured light
Shining, my young hero warriors
Rushing on into a desperate fight

At first I felt Cygnus Hyoga die
When in Libra Temple he appeared
His life was extinguished by him
Who loved him most dearly and feared

To lose him to another Saint
The pain ran deeper than the arrow
In my pierced heart - not just his death
But also his Master's sorrow

It was the first time I could act
When Shiryu's Cosmo went away
So I sent him a guiding light
To free him from the darkness' sway

A powerful explosion marked
The end of my time of respite
The fall of two great warriors
Burning in a burst of Cosmo bright

Then another moment of relief
When Hyoga returned back to life
First a faint spark, then stronger fast
Again he joined into the strife

While I was condemned to lie still
Like a fallen chessboard piece
I trust in you, my warrior Saints
Who fight for me brave without cease

Another shock of pain makes me
Forget the arrow in my chest
When Dragon and Capricorn race
Into the skies to reach the crest

Two more noble warriors fallen
Burning their lives they disappear
For the cause of this Goddess
who doubts herself while she lies here

I'm chilled to the bone when I see
How the flame of the Fire Clock dies
This hour sees the tragic demise
Of the two Warriors of Ice

What have I done till now, I wonder
Did I deserve their sacrifice?
All of these deaths, all in my name
Though no one knows, this Goddess cries

Now finally it is the time
For gentle Shun to meet his fate
His Cosmo shines a final time
Until he, too, passes death's gate

Now there is only one Saint left
Seiya, my most trusted one
Attuned to Sagittarius
A golden arrow, shining sun

He is the one who perseveres
His trust in me wavers not once
He goes on despite direst odds
I admire his courageous stance

He fights on, more dead than alive
But is victorious at last
With the last rays of the sun
The golden arrow vanishes fast

Authors's Note

This poem was written for the poem contest at The topic was The Battle of the 12 Houses.

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