A Silent Farewell

© 1999/06/15 by Stayka deyAvemta

Was it all in vain?

All those years that I trained you
Blown away in one icy blast
You are still standing there
Upright, but already fallen

Just as my life leaves me
Slowly, surely bleeding away
Like snow flakes thawing
In the soft rains of spring

Still your final moment crowned your life
When you achieved true mastership
Calling the power of the absolute
Burning your cosmo like a cold bright star

It hurt so much to realize
That I supported evil unbeknownst
Taking your life was the worst I could do
While you fought to save her whom we should obey

I hope you will find it in your heart
One day to forgive me
You, who were dear to my like the son
That I never was allowed to have

I vow my soul will remain here to guide you
Maybe this will make up for those lost opportunities
Why haven't I ever told you
That I'm proud of you until the end?

Could it be that somewhere deep inside
I always held you responsible for Isaac's death?
Thought that your attachment to your mother
Made you less worthy a Saint?

I hope that someday we may meet again
In another life, in another place
And maybe then I will find it in me
To tell you how dear you became to me
That I loved you.

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