Crystal Dreams

© 1998/08/24 by Stayka deyAvemta

Dreaming in crystalline frozen sleep
Wondering if this is how it feels
When one breaks into ice, drowning deep
In the sea, weightless dive, feel the chills

Silently my last thoughts float away
Into night, emptiness - I will dream
Until one breaks the ice, sets me free
Calls me back from this sleep, my thoughts scream

How I wish to break free, move again
But I'm caught in the ice, and I will
Stay asleep, motionless, fight in vain
Nothing's left; so I'll be waiting still

Author's Note

This poem actually wasn't even meant to be for Saint Seiya (I wrote it with Jadeite from Sailormoon in mind), but when I read it again a couple of days ago, I thought it befit Hyoga even better than Jed...

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