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I try to move, but yet I can't.
I try to scream, without avail.
I've to obey every command,
I can't resist, I feel so frail.

There is this darkness in my soul
That smothers me, tears me in two.
Athena, please, do make me whole,
I cannot bear to watch him do

These evil things - can that be me?
My soul was pure or so I thought.
But then was he - who set him free?
The dark poured out and I was caught.

Was it my brother who touched me?
Or even Hades, nurturing
A secret fault I could not see
But deep within was festering?

My deeds were good ere they appeared,
No evil thought that stained my soul;
Revered was I, not deeply feared
And helping was my foremost goal.

But suddenly he took the scene
And shoved me in a corner cold.
Since then a captive I have been,
Imprisoned in myself and sold.

Full terror I was forced to watch
The horrors done in my own name.
I couldn't act, did only lodge
In me with him; he liked that game.

Not even death was I allowed
To seek as he was stronger still.
All left to me a wordless shout,
And hope someone would come to kill.

Author's Note:

Saga is not exactly one of my favourite characters, but somehow he wanted me to write about his anguish ^_^

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