Left Behind

© 2000/04/25 by Stayka deyAvemta

I still remember it like yesterday
When you arrived with us to stay
At Five Old Peaks, the ancient training place
I fell in love right when I saw your face

For years I've watched you mercilessly train
Relentlessly in sun and storm and rain
You never let a thing stand in your way
My beautiful, strong dragon, every day

The Old Master taught you a Saint to be
To use powers beyond humanity
And when the holy Dragon Cloth you gained
You changed from merely mortal man to Saint

You were made into the Goddess' tool
Left me behind, a lonely loving fool

Author's Note:

Well, Shunrei is a character many people dislike. I think it's not really justified - actually I pity the poor girl who will always come second after Athena, no matter how much she loves and prays.

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