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This marvellous shrine/interview is courtesy of Scorpio Milo, who decided to give it to me to publish it even though he has a cool website of his own at http://perso.club-internet.fr/baldric.

Sanctuary, 10:00 p.m.

In Leo Temple, Aiolia is pacing restlessly. Half an hour passes. Then another.

The proud Leo Gold Saint Aiolia

Aiolia: What the hell is she doing ?

Then, suddenly, Scorpio Milo arrives running, completely out of breath.

Aiolia (surprised): Milo? What are you doing here?

Milo: What do you... pff... pff... What do you mean? It is I who should ask you what you are doing here. I've been waiting for you at the bar for at last two hours and then I had to climb back all these stupid stairs to finally find you!

Aiolia: But I'm sure I told you I am to be interviewed this evening!

Milo: I know you are to be interviewed this evening! I am the one who's interviewing you!

Aiolia (suspicious): What do you mean, you're the one who's interviewing me? Where is the usual girl? Stayka?

Milo: She's... err... ill.

Leo Aiolia

Aiolia (more and more suspicious): Ill? Then why didn't she warn me about it?

Milo (trying to look innocent): No idea...

Aiolia: You know, somehow, I'm sure you're responsible for this. Stayka didn't truly intend to interview me, did she? It was you all along!

Milo (muttering): Why can't you always act stupid, Aiolia? It would be much easier. (Louder) All right, I admit it: it was me all along. But that shouldn't be a problem. After all, you want to be interviewed, don't you?

Aiolia: Yes... Yes, of course. But it would have been much more pleasant to be interviewed by a girl, I'm sure.

Milo (leaning close): Oh, but I can act seductively, too, if you desire so...

Scorpio Milo

Aiolia (backing off quickly): You... Don't touch me!

Milo: You know, Aiolia, you truly have no sense of humor. So, do we begin this interview?

Aiolia: Well, okay...

Milo: Hmm, I've never done an interview before in my life, so I suppose we should begin at the start. How did you become a Gold Saint?

Aiolia (very proud): Well, as you know, my brother was Sagittarius Gold Saint Aiolos...

Milo: And he pulled strings with the Pope so you, too, could have a Gold Cloth?

Aiolia (angry): No, he didn't! Anyway, when I received my Cloth, Saga was the Pope, even if nobody knew it, and everybody thought my brother was a traitor.

Milo: Including you.

Aiolia (with a sad voice): Well, yes, including me. But it wasn't my fault. You cannot understand that, you never were in the same situation. One day, I was the brother of one of the most respected Gold Saints of Sanctuary. The day after, I was brother to the betrayer of Sanctuary, who had made an attempt to kill Athena. Even Shura said he was a traitor, and he was Aiolos' best friend before that! I suffered greatly after that. I was left all alone, without anybody to help me or teach me and... snif... snif... (crying)

Leo Aiolia

Milo: Excellent! How moving! I'm sure that will look very good in the interview. People are easily touched by a tragic childhood. Especially girls. This is gonna be even better than I thought at first, ha ha!

Aiolia (still sniffling): Milo?

Milo: Yes, Aiolia?

Aiolia: Remind me to kill you horribly when I'll have some free time, will you?

Milo: Whatever you say. Now, let's pursue the interview. Next question... err... oh, yes, who exactly is your girl-friend? Shaina or Marin?

Aiolia (furious): You already asked that before!

Milo: Yes, but your answer was... not very conclusive.

Aiolia: Why in hell do you want to know that, anyway? That is none of your concern!

Leo Aiolia

Milo: Hey, this is an interview! I'm sure there's a lot of girls who're truly eager to know the truth.

Aiolia (looking surprised): Are you sure of that?

Milo: Well... err... no. But that's a possibility. So, do you agree to answer to the question?

Aiolia: No!

Milo: Why? Anyway, I lied: I'm sure no one will care.

Aiolia (indignant): No one?! Learn that I have had, and still have, a lot of girl-friends, be it in Sanctuary or outside! More girl-friends than you'll ever have!

Milo: Ah! You don't know what you're talking about!

Aiolia: Oh yeah! Well, I'll just show you when this interview is over!

Milo: Yeah, sure. Next question: why do you think you're the most qualified to be Kitten Gold Saint?

Aiolia: Kitten Gold Saint?!! Why, you insect...

Milo (tired tone): A scorpion is not an insect, but I suppose nobody ever told you that.

Aiolia: No! And anyway, I don't give a damn about what scorpions are!

Milo: Don't become vulgar, please. This is an interview. Now, could you answer the question? Why do you think you're the most qualified to be... Leo Gold Saint?

Aiolia (surprised): Well, that's obvious! I have discovered my Seventh Sense and I am Leo, so...

Milo: No, no, no, I meant: what qualities do you have that make you worthy of being Leo Saint?

Aiolia: Oh, that! Well, I have all the qualities of a Leo, obviously. I'm honest, brave, trustworthy, honorable, charismatic...

Leo Aiolia

Milo (grumbling): And modest...

Aiolia: ...and, unlike some other Gold Saints, I am absolutelly not arrogant, nor vain, nor cruel...

Milo (interrupting): Yeah, yeah, I know, you're perfect. I didn't intend you to make a speech on how much better than us you are!

Aiolia: Well, as a matter of fact, you asked me that question.

Milo: Maybe I'd better stop this interview here or I think I'll go nuts.

Aiolia: As you wish. I'm curious to know how many drooldrops you'll give me.

Milo (grinning): Drooldrops? Me? To you? Stop dreaming, boy! I suppose I could ask Stayka about it, but, since you're not one of her favourite Saints, you'll probably end up with half a drooldrop, at best.

Aiolia (eyes narrowing): You evil... You tricked me! You tricked me all along! I'm going to kill you now!

Milo (whispering softly): Oh, you're so sexy when you say that, Aiolia...

Aiolia (disgusted): Oh, stop it, for the love of Athena!

Milo: Don't tell me you seduced her, too! I wouldn't believe you.

Aiolia: Oh yes? I can seduce anyone, do you hear me? Anyone!

Milo: Then, I suggest something. Why don't we ask all the female Saints and novices of Sanctuary to give you your amount of drooldrops? We could make them vote.

Aiolia: Okay, let's go.

They both leave Leo Temple. It is now very late.

Scorpio Milo and Leo Aiolia in the Saint
Seiya Manga

One hour later, they're back.

Milo (incensed): I don't believe it! They all said the same! How could you... How did you...

Aiolia (looking smug): Well, I had warned you.

Milo: Yes, but... I mean, some of the girls we asked have been my girl-friends!

Aiolia (with an evil grin): Looks like I am more of a Casanova than you, Milo.

Milo: Five drooldrops! I still don't believe it.

Aiolia: Now, you know for sure who is the greatest seducer of Sanctuary.

Milo (angry): I'm sure you tricked me somehow. Everybody knows I am the greatest seducer of Sanctuary.

Aiolia: Don't make me laugh! Anyway, you just have to ask about any girl to know that I am much better-looking than you.

Milo: No, you're not!

Scorpio Milo Leo Aiolia

Aiolia: Yes, I am!

Milo: Are not!

Aiolia: Am!

Milo: Are not!

Aiolia: Am!





Stayka: Well, I couldn't believe it, but the girls of Sanctuary voted and decided on 5 (!) drooldrops for Leo Aiolia. Well, to be honest, I would have given him only three - but the majority counts...

Drooldrops: Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop

The proud Leo Gold Saint Aiolia

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