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This shrine is dedicated to the beautiful warrior Gold Saint Pisces Aphrodite of Saint Seiya.

First I will show you a picture of the Pisces Saint to introduce you to the Guardian of the 12th Temple of the Zodiac and 'most terrible' of the twelve Gold Saints:

Pisces Aphrodite in all of his
overwhelming beauty

Aphrodite: By Zeus! I should tell the Pope not to call me that anymore... "The most terrible of the Gold Saints" - it sounds so ugly, and this to me who is by far the most beautiful of them!

Stayka: Indeed - although I think you could do with a little less make-up...

Aphrodite: What?

Pisces Aphrodite brandishes a red rose.

Aphrodite: I don't need make-up - all my beauty is absolutely genuine! And if you doubt me, you will die faster than you think...

He throws the rose, but Stayka teleports two steps to the left - no one is able to get rid of the Second Principle of the Universe that easily, and furthermore, there is still an interview to complete...

Stayka: Even your beauty spot? There are rumours it's either painted, tattooed or glued on...

Aphrodite: Now you begin to make me really angry! - And what's this scrubbing brush you try to hide behind your back?

Stayka (looks innocent like an angel): Nothing...

Aphrodite: Don't you dare touch my delicate skin with this ...thing!

Pisces Aphrodite

Stayka: I thought Gold Saints are supposed to be tough...

Aphrodite: Tough in combat - yes. But my beauty is a more fragile thing...

Stayka: So that's why you prefer to attack your opponents from behind?

Aphrodite: Do you really want to accuse me of cowardice?

Stayka: Err, well, not exactly... Let's say you employ tactical sneakiness...

Aphrodite (poutily): Hm. I'm not sure this sounds much better.

Stayka: And why did you attack Cepheus Albior from behind when he was engaged in a fair fight with Scorpio Milo?

Aphrodite: Pope said he was a traitor and had to be eliminated. We don't tolerate traitors, you know.

Stayka: Where have I heard that before...? - Ah, never mind. Back to your beauty spot...

Aphrodite: Don't you have more important questions to ask?

Stayka: Hm, let me see... Ah, yes - rumours said you get your roses by Interflora, which is the same service Tuxedo Kamen employs. Is this true?

Aphrodite: Yes. But I get better conditions - while Tuxedo Kamen only gets some inferior red roses, they deliver me the full contingent including the explosive black ones and the even more deadly blood-sucking white ones...

Pisces Aphrodite with one of his black
roses Pisces Aphrodite with one of his white

Stayka: I see. By the way, why are you seen without your helmet far more often than with it?

Aphrodite: Because I hate to ruin my hairstyle! Do you know how long it takes to have every single lock of hair in the right place again?

Stayka: Well, Virgo Shaka told me he uses enough hairspray so that he doesn't have problems...

Aphrodite: Shaka can talk easily - he has straight hair! My beautiful locks need far more care than his simple hairstyle.

Stayka: Well, you have a point...

Aphrodite: And furthermore - I hate the design of this helmet! Why can't I have a tiara like Sagittarius Aiolos or Aquarius Camus? I shall ask Aries Mu to redesign my helmet...

Pisces Aphrodite wearing his helmet for

Stayka: Be happy that you don't have silly horns like Taurus Aldebaran or Capricorn Shura.

Aphrodite: Well, you're right, that would have been even worse.

Stayka: Something else I wanted to know - how do you manage not to prick yourself when you carry those roses of yours between your lips?

Aphrodite: Long years of practice.

Pisces Aphrodite chewing on a rose (err,
sort of :)

Aphrodite: But it looks dramatic, don't you think?

Stayka: Indeed, very nice...

Aphrodite: Now I have a question - why have you designed a a Temple for Camus, a Sanctuary for Shaka - and I only get an Aquarium?!

Stayka (grins): Because you are my favourite goldfish.

Aphrodite: Yikes! And I told Lizzy not to mention this silly nickname to anyone...

Stayka: Lizzy?!

Aphrodite: Ahm, Lacerta Misty aka Lizard Misty...

Stayka: This reminds me, I will design a shrine for him, too...

Aphrodite: And how will you call his?

Stayka: I haven't decided yet... Would you be content if I would call it a 'terrarium'?!

Aphrodite: Okay, I guess this should do...

Stayka: By the way - is there anything true about the rumour that Misty was more than very well liked by several of the other Saints?!

Aphrodite: If you really wish to know this you should ask Canes Venatici Asterion and the others you thought of...

Stayka: I shall keep this in mind...

Aphrodite: Was this all or do you have any more silly questions to ask?

Stayka: Hey, there are no silly questions - only dumb answers!

Aphrodite: Now I'm curious how you will rate me...

Stayka looks him over from head to toe.

Stayka (grins): I have decided...

Drooldrops: Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop 1/2

Aphrodite: WHAT?! You only give me four and a half of those drool drops?!

Pisces Aphrodite looking pretty

Stayka: Well, you are droolworthy, but beauty alone doesn't suffice.

Aphrodite (poutily): What have Camus and Shaka that I don't have?

Stayka: Shaka is far closer to the Gods and Camus is much more humane, even though he looks and acts so cold... But on the other hand, I have a soft spot for the beautiful, mean and sneaky guys, too, which is why you got the amount of drool drops that I gave you...

Aphrodite: Hm. Shall I be flattered by this?!

Stayka: Sure. Be happy that yours was the third of the shrines I designed - this shows that I hold you in pretty high esteem despite everything I wrote...

Aphrodite: Well, then I won't kill you after all.

Stayka: That's nice of you.

Aphrodite: You don't sound afraid?

Stayka: No. I'm the one who has the keyboard in her hands. And now I will allow you to retire to your temple.

Aphrodite (acidly): Great...

He teleports away in a huff.

Pisces Aphrodite

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