Aquarius Camus' Temple

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This shrine is a temple dedicated to the really cool Gold Saint Aquarius Camus of Saint Seiya. As he is - IMHO - by far the most gorgeous of them all, I will first show you a nice pic of the Aquarius Saint:

Aquarius Camus in all of his gorgeous

Just look at this figure! *Stayka drools and looks for the can opener again...*

Aquarius Camus steps threateningly in her direction and looks sternly at her.

Camus: So you were the culprit who talked those other girls into chasing me with that ...thing?!

Stayka (blushes): Err... Well... *yes*

Camus: And what was this all about?

Stayka: Well, you see... You always run around in this armour of yours...

Camus: Armour? It's a Holy Cloth, bestowed me by the Goddess Athena!

Stayka: Okay, Holy Cloth whatever - but I'd like to see some more of you!

Camus (closes his marvellous blue eyes and sighs): Dear me, I have more important matters to attend to!

Aquarius Camus

Stayka: Such as?

Camus: I'm the Guardian of the eleventh Temple of the Zodiac, of course! My duties encompass training other Saints and serving the Master of the Sanctuary!

Stayka: Isn't that a bit boring over the time?

Camus: It depends. In my scarce free time I get invited to parties a lot...

Stayka (astonished): Indeed?

Camus: Ah well, you see my command over cold and ice comes in quite handy for cocktails and the like...

Stayka: I see. As far as I remember, you sometimes go a bit overboard with your freezing abilities...

Aquarius Camus looking at the frozen
Cygnus Hyoga

Camus: Well, you mean because I put Hyoga in a block of ice? It wasn't my idea. He didn't concentrate properly when he attacked me, and so I had to give him a lesson what it means to be the Aquarius Saint.

Stayka: Well, on the other hand, Cygnus Hyoga is destined to become the new Aquarius, isn't he?

Camus: He's born on the 23rd of January, yes. But he still has to learn a lot until he can take my place.

Stayka: Well, but let's change the topic back to you - Hyoga has a shrine of his own...

Stayka sighs and looks at the wonderful deep blue eyes of the Gold Saint.

Aquarius Camus' wonderful eyes (and the
cute nose :)

Camus (waves his hand in front of Stayka's eyes): Huhu, come back again!

Stayka: Huh, what?

Camus: What do you want of me?

Stayka (dreamily): Do you really want to know?

Camus: Ahm, if you ask like this - I guess no.

Stayka: What a pity... (plays around with the can opener)

Camus: Put this thing away at once!

Stayka: If you insist... (sighs)

Camus: I do insist!

Stayka: You're a spoilsport. By the way, why do you always look so terribly serious? I can't remember that I ever saw you smile!

Camus: Would you smile if you had sworn an oath of loyalty to a guy who turns out wanting to destroy your Goddess? Or if you had to enter a fight to the death with the disciple of your favourite disciple?

Aquarius Camus

Stayka: Hm. If you put it like this... Well, I guess I should go back to a lighter topic. There's something I want to know for quite a while now - how on Earth do you manage to keep this 'tiara' of yours in your hair?

Camus: Magick. What did you think?

Stayka: Hm. Maybe lots of hairpins?

Camus: Sorry, my buddy Scorpio Milo snatched away all the hairpins for his 'helmet', so I had to find some other means.

Stayka: Although I think you look really nice without this 'tiara', too...

Aquarius Camus (What a guy!)

Camus: Well, thanks...

Stayka: And you really think I can't convince you to get out of the armour - err, Cloth - for once?

Camus: No!!!

Stayka: *Sigh* - Anyway, I thank you for this little interview, Aquarius Camus.

Camus: No problem. If you excuse me - it's late and I want to retire to my rooms...

Aquarius Camus walks away while his long, white cape flows nicely behind him.

Stayka (sighs): Maybe I could try to sneak into his private quarters to take a look... You see, he's the most worthy candidate for the full five drooldrops! (Actually, I might even add some more...)

Drooldrops: Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop

And for those who want to know what became of the noble Gold Saint Aquarius Camus - unfortunately Cygnus Hyoga *did* defeat him in the battle for Sanctuary and turned him into an ice statue.

Aquarius Camus (He even looks gorgeous
when frozen!)

As Athena didn't bring him back to life (she only revived Cygnus Hyoga), Stayka took the opportunity to snatch him away and thaw him - and now she has Camus all for her own :)))

Aquarius Camus - Gorgeous as ever :)

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