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This shrine is dedicated to the wonderfully evil Gold Saint Saint Cancer DeathMask of Saint Seiya. He should belong to the protectors of the reincarnated Goddess Athena, but as he thinks power is justice, he decided to follow the evil Pope rather than his rightful leader Athena.

Let's start with the usual ritual - I present a nice pic of the Cancer Saint so that you can see why I chose to include him here:

Cancer DeathMask - A cool bad guy

Stayka: Ah, that's a droolworthy guy, too, isn't he? Okay, he doesn't reach Camus' perfection, Shaka's grace or Milo's handsomeness, but somehow he is pretty attractive, too...

DeathMask: Droolworthy?! I'm a bad guy and proud of it!

Stayka: The latter doesn't exclude the first, won't you say?

DeathMask: It does! It ruins my reputation!

Cancer DeathMask trying to look evil

Stayka (giggling): Forget it. You won't frighten me into giving up this interview. Actually I think you look pretty cute when you try to look bad...

DeathMask (sulking): I wonder why I shouldn't kill you and add you to the collection of death masks that adorn my temple...

Stayka: Well, maybe it's because you want to have this interview after all so that you can finally tell your side of the story? I mean, there are not many people who would actually want to talk to you. Actually there are far more who would love to kill you over and over again... Shiryu did it twice, if I remember correctly?

DeathMask: Ha! Shiryu! I had him on his knees!

Cancer DeathMask vs Dragon Shiryu

DeathMask: If this silly twit Shunrei hadn't disturbed my concentration by her stupid prayers I would have thrown him into the deepest depths of Hades!

Cancer DeathMask

Stayka: I see. and what about this rumour that he simply started to tickle you and you let him go because of that?

Cancer DeathMask

DeathMask (slightly shocked): Where did you get this rumour? That's ridiculous! It seems I really have to clarify some things, so I will not add you to my collection yet. I can still reconsider afterwards...

Stayka: Well, let's go on anyway. Why have you become a Saint of Athena in the first place? I mean, you abandoned your Goddess pretty fast...

DeathMask: Just a moment... I didn't become a Saint to be one of Athena's guys. I became a Gold Saint because Gold Saints are really powerful and get respect from all the inferior people. Unfortunately it turned out that the Pope was even stronger than me, so I couldn't take his place. But as he had the power, I chose to serve him to be on the winners' side.

Stayka: And what about the ideals a Saint of Athena should serve? Justice...

DeathMask: I do serve the cause of justice. As I repeatedly tried to explain Shiryu - who obviously didn't understand it till the end - Justice is always seen from the eye of the beholder. Whoever is in charge says what's rightful and just. As long as the Pope leads, he dictates justice. It's as simple as that.

Stayka: But what about the weak...

DeathMask: Pah! Only the strong have the right to survive. The weak end up in my collection.

Cancer DeathMask

Stayka: I think there are quite some people who would argue that point...

DeathMask: Well, as long as I am in charge I am justice.

Stayka: Okay, I guess I'd better change the subject...

DeathMask: Yeah - by the way, wanna see my collection of death masks?

Stayka: You seem to be quite obsessed with them - did someone call you DeathMask because of your collection, or did you choose your name yourself?

DeathMask: I chose it myself, of course.

Stayka: see. And what's your true name then?

DeathMask: I'd rather not say...

Stayka: Why?

DeathMask: DeathMask is such a nice sinister name - I wouldn't want to spoil the impression.

Stayka: Oh puhleaze...!

DeathMask: If you'd know I'd have to kill you!

Stayka: I don't mind. Tell me anyway.

DeathMask seems to fight a little whether he should truly tell, but then he decides that the Pope knows anyway and one could find it in the archives of Sanctuary, too, if one only dug deep enough.

DeathMask (whispers in Stayka's ear): ....!

Stayka (giggling): What? Angelo?!

DeathMask (looks around slightly embarassed): Sssht! Not so loud. I told you it's not as impressive as DeathMask...

Cancer DeathMask

Stayka: Okay, I'll try not to make fun of you because of it.

DeathMask (sarcastically): Thank you very much...

Stayka: Which reminds me, you *have* some redeeming features after all.

DeathMask: Redeeming features? I'm a professional bad guy. It's my calling, my life - and it's fun!

Stayka: But you have very a cute smile. And a likewise cute nose... Okay, you can't beat Camus (except maybe in the 'smiles' category), but still...

Cancer DeathMask Cancer DeathMask

DeathMask (slightly annoyed): Do you have to compare everyone to your Mr.Perfect?

Stayka (grinning): Sure. Be happy that I only compare you to the best...

DeathMask: Pah. I'm better!

Stayka: Only in the 'bad guy' category... By the way, one question occurred to me all the time - how can you fight in this impractical Cloth of yours?

DeathMask: Practice... Although I have to admit that my cape is always pretty much torn when I get into any fights.

Stayka: And what about the rumours that you only get invited to parties so that the other Saints can hang their capes at your Cloth?

DeathMask: Who told you this? Camus? I guess he never told you that he only gets invited to provide the ice for the cocktails?

Stayka: Well...

DeathMask: But I still think it was highly unfair that Shiryu convinced my Cloth to leave me in the end. After all, I earned that Cloth! I went through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered...

Stayka (thinking) Where have I heard that before?

Stayka: Well, at least you make a very nice figure without your Cloth as well...

Cancer DeathMask - verrry nice :)

Stayka: Which reminds me - how do you manage to get your hair into this hairstyle of yours?

DeathMask: I just stick my finger into the socket right after getting up, and I don't have to worry about my hair for the rest of the day.

Stayka: I see. So that's no option for Non-Saints...

DeathMask: Well, they can try. I'm always eager to expand my collection of death masks...

Stayka: That's no surprise... But I guess I should conclude this interview now and assign you the proper amount of drooldrops. Ah yes. Four and a half should do it.

Drooldrops: Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop 1/2

DeathMask I'm surprised, really... You see, I didn't consider myself to be an object of female admiration. I'm just content to be on the winning side...

Stayka: Well, thank you for the interview anyway. I guess I should return to my Camus-sama now...

Stayka (thinking): And when I tell him DeathMask's given name, he might even be tempted to smile again...

Cancer DeathMask - A cool bad guy

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