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This shrine is dedicated to the cool Bronze Saint Cygnus Hyoga of Saint Seiya who belongs to the protectors of the reincarnated Goddess Athena.

Of course I will first show you a nice pic of the Cygnus Saint so that you can see why I chose to include him here:

Cygnus Hyoga - the icy warrior

Hyoga: Didn't you have a better pic of me?

Stayka: Well, I think this picture captures you perfectly - the icy warrior from the high North.

Hyoga (slightly poutily): I'm not *that* icy!

Stayka: Well, your fighting techniques are mostly concerned with ice and cold, and you usually show a pretty cold demeanor, too.

Hyoga: As the Crystal Saint and Aquarius Camus taught me my fighting techniques, you can't exactly expect me to hurl around fire and flames.

Stayka: That's true. Okay, let me put this straight for the audience - in the anime your teacher was the Crystal Saint, while in the manga Camus taught you directly?

Hyoga: That's the way it is. I wonder why they had to change this, but then, the Crystal Saint was supposed to be the favourite disciple of Camus, so what the heck...

Stayka: But in the end you killed both of them...

Hyoga: Don't remind me of that! The Crystal Saint was brainwashed by Ares and he wanted to kill me, so I had to defend myself. I had no choice...

Cygnus Hyoga praying after he had to kill
the Crystal Saint

Hyoga: And you can believe me, I would have preferred not to have killed Camus either - but unfortunately he attacked me with his supreme attack, Aurora Execution, to test me, and I managed to surpass him when I tried to use the Aurora Execution myself...

Stayka: Actually you were both frozen solid, if I remember correctly...

Aquarius Camus Cygnus Hyoga

Hyoga: That's true. But when Athena went to her final challenge with Ares/Gemini Saga, she revived me along with Dragon Shiryu and Andromeda Shun who had fallen to Capricorn Shura's and Pisces Aphrodite's attacks, respectively.

Stayka (thinks): And I still think, Athena should have revived Aquarius Camus, too...

Hyoga: Don't you have any other questions? I'm not very comfortable about the fact that I had to kill those two men who meant quite a lot to me!

Stayka: I sympathize with you... But as we just reached the subject of men who meant a lot to you - what's about those rumours that you and Shun...

Hyoga (sighs exasperatedly): Not you, too!

Stayka: Hm?

Hyoga: You see, some people got this scene wrong when Shun used up almost all of his Cosmo energy to revive me after Aquarius Camus had put me in this ice crystal for the first time and left me in the Libra Temple for the others to find...

Andromeda Shun trying to thaw Cygnus

Stayka: And the scene of you carrying around Shun didn't help either, it seems.

Hyoga (sighs): You say something! But there are two obvious reasons against any romantic relationship of me and Shun: 1.) Shun is only perfect little brother material - all of the others agree with me on this, and 2.) I'm a ladies man!

Hyoga digs around in a photo album and pulls out two pics.

Cygnus Hyoga carrying Eri/Ellie Freya of Asgard and Cygnus Hyoga
Hyoga and Eri/Ellie Freya of Asgard and Hyoga

Hyoga: See! Although I must admit I still don't know which of those two I should choose... Hm. Freya of Asgard may be a tad cuter than Eri...

Stayka: Well, they are both blondes...

Hyoga: On the other hand, maybe I don't need to choose after all - you see, Eri lives in Tokyo and Freya in Asgard...

Stayka: Shame on you!

Cygnus Hyoga

Hyoga: Ah well, we will see what the future has in store for me...

Stayka: Indeed. By the way, have you finally gotten over this obsession with your mother?

Hyoga: Well, after Camus sank the ship even deeper under the surface of the ocean, I couldn't visit her anymore... But I will not forget her! Never!!

Stayka: Okay, okay, calm down... No one wants you to forget her, but somehow your obsession is a bit ...pathological, won't you say?

Cygnus Hyoga

Hyoga: Pah!

Stayka: Okay, I won't mention it again... There's something else I wanted to ask you for a while now - how can you run around in Siberia with only a short-sleeved shirt?

Hyoga: I'm ice-proof. - But why don't you ask the Sailor Senshi how they can run around at the North Pole with their scanty Sailor fuku?

Stayka: Hm, you have a point.

Hyoga (thoughtfully): Which reminds me - this Venus-girl looks cute... She's just my type.

Stayka (grins): Why am I not in the least surprised by this?

Hyoga: Ah well, I have this faible for blondes...

Stayka: On the other hand you are a pretty cute blonde, too :)))

Cygnus Hyoga - a cute blonde himself

Hyoga: Well, I told you I'm a ladies' man...

Stayka (still grinning): I can't say I'm not tempted... Now let's get to the last part - how many drooldrops shall I give the icy Russian Saint?

Drooldrops: Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop Sweatdrop 3/4

Hyoga: Not bad... But 5 would have been better!

Stayka: Well, we'll see in a year or two when you have grown up a bit :)))

Cygnus Hyoga

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